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April 4, 2018


Shooting at YouTube Headquarters; China Will Start “Social Credit” System in May; Monkey Kidnapped and Killed Newborn Baby in India; Water Slide Designer Arrested After Boy Dies; Lawyer Investigated in Mueller Probe Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail; Deaf Sand Artist from 1880 Featured on “Antiques Roadshow”; Deaf Native American Activist Sarah Young Bear Brown and Partner Arrested for Felony Child Neglect; Deaf Brattleboro Man Charged With Child Sexual Assault

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, April 3. Ready for news?





There was a shooting at the YouTube headquarters building in San Bruno, California.


Four people were shot and injured with one person, apparently the shooter, a female, deceased with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


The police chief said they got many 911 calls around 12:46 PST this afternoon.


The four injured people are in local hospitals. One 36 year old man is in critical condition, one 32 year old woman is in serious condition, and one 27 year old woman was in fair condition. It is not known the status of the fourth injured person.  


What an incident.


A person who worked at YouTube said she saw one person was shot at the patio, an outside area where people eat. People and employees then ran scared, trying to get out of the building as fast as they could.


One witness in the area heard at least 10 shots.


There were images and video that showed YouTube employees walking outside with their hands over their heads, being searched by multiple police officers.


The incident is now under investigation. We’ll know more later the identity of the gunwoman and those injured.




I read two articles that said China will begin a new system called social credit system. This system will give each person a score that is based on their behavior.


A few examples of what can give you a bad score:


– if you spread false information about terrorism

– if you smoke on trains

– if you jaywalk

– if you cheat in video games


All of these will lower your score, giving you a bad score. If you have a low score, you will lose access to public transportation like flights, trains. You could also be prevented from applying to universities and could even have your bank accounts frozen.


You can improve your score by doing good things like donating blood, or doing volunteer work. Your score will go up.


China has already started testing this system in different cities since 2004. They have already banned roughly 10 million people with low scores from boarding flights and riding high-speed trains.


In one city, Xiamen, if you call someone with a low score, local authorities will play a recording before you connect. The message says, ‘The person you are calling is dishonest’. You’ll see this warning.


This system is aligned with President Xi’s plan. He has pushed for this system, basing it on the concept, “once untrustworthy, always restricted”.


Over the last few years China has greatly increased it’s surveillance on its citizens. That system is called IJOP, short for Integrated Joint Operations Platform. This system gathers information on people from various databases, including legal documents, social media postings, and bank records to surveil them.




In India, a mother told police that she saw a monkey enter her home and take her 17-day-old baby while he was sleeping. The monkey “kidnapped” it.


The police said that the mother tried to call for help, but the monkey quickly leapt over the roof of the house and disappeared.


After a search, the infant’s body was found in a well behind the family’s home. The baby’s body had no other injuries, such as a bite or scratches. Police confirmed the cause of death was from drowning.


Police said that it is likely the monkey dropped the baby into the well after kidnapping it.


Police said that it is common for monkeys in that area to enter houses and take food or attack and injure people, but this is the first time a baby was taken.


The monkey was identified as a rhesus macaque. In India, these monkey are considered sacred by Hindus and are left alone. They often live close to people.


There has been incidents. Last year a government employee died after injuring his head when a monkey leapt at him from a tree. There have been several women attacked in that area over the last few weeks and recently there was a protest that blocked a road. The protesters were frustrated with the monkey attacks.


The police are still searching for the monkey who took the baby.






Two men who designed and engineered what was the world’s tallest waterslide, the Verruckt, at the Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City, the two men were arrested for second-degree murder in relation to a 10-year old boy who died in August 2016 when he was decapitated while riding on it. His head was cut off.


The water slide is 168 feet tall and has been closed since.


The two men who were arrested -- their names are Jeff Henry (designer) and John Schooley (waterpark co-owner).  


After the boy’s death, investigators said that both were not responsible in making sure the ride and construction was safe, and ignored instances of danger when the raft would go airborne, injuring people when they hit the metal hoops that held netting. They ignored the incidents.


Also indicted was the former director of operations for the waterpark, Tyler Miles, with involuntary manslaughter for destroying statements from witnesses or changing reports from lifeguards who said it was dangerous. He “covered it up.” That is what he is accused of.


I read an article that described emails between the men that showed they prioritized finishing the ride over safety, because they wanted to become famous and be on TV. It showed that they knew there were test dummies who flew off it, but they brushed it aside as they wanted the slide finished.


Two other people and two companies are also indicted with aggravated battery and child endangerment for other people and children’s injuries.


The Schlitterbahn Waterpark said in a statement that Jeff, John, and Tyler (and others) are innocent, that it will be proven in court, that this was a terrible and tragic accident.


The name “Verruckt” means “insane” in German.




Today a lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for lying to Special Counsel Mueller and his team of investigators.


He is the first person to be sentenced by Mueller, and will also have to pay a $20,000 fine.


He admitted/pled guilty in February that he lied about his last contact with Richard Gates, a former Trump campaign aide, and for his last contact with another, unidentified person.


Today in court Zwaan said what he did was wrong, and he apologized for his conduct.


Now another update related to this: yesterday it was reported that the Department of Justice (DOJ), last August, authorized Mueller to investigate Paul Manafort, former Trump presidential campaign chairman, for possible collusion with Russians in relation to the 2016 elections and his work with the Ukrainian government.


This news confirms that the Department of Justice is giving Mueller authority to look at and investigate everything.




The TV show “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS just did a clip that had a sand art bottle made by a deaf person from 1880 in Iowa. The bottle is valued at $30,000 to $50,000.


On the TV show, it had a hearing person who had the bottle who said his father gave it to him several years ago and he didn’t know much about it, only that it was made by a famous deaf sand artist, Andrew Clemens.


The appraiser said it was made by Clemens by looking at a paper label on top, who stated it was done by him. The label’s exact wording was “A. Clemens, Deaf Mute.” That was the label on the top of the bottle.


The appraiser said he said he was a “master of his generation” who used individual grains of sand to construct the art. The sand’s colors were from rock mineral runoffs — he would collect different colors for the bottles.


The bottle was purchased as a gift to the person with the name on the top, Emma C Kaufman, who lived in McGregor, Iowa.  It was sealed with wax.


Wow, nice. If I lived in 1880, I would have reached out to Clemens for an interview on The Daily Moth! But this was a long time ago.


I looked him up online, and there are many articles about him.


Clemens became deaf at 5 and went to the Iowa School for the Deaf in Council Bluffs and started his art skills after graduating at 17, using special tools to arrange them.


The article says he, as a famous person, had a work table with a window where people would watch him as he worked on his sand art.


He died at 37 years old in 1894. It is said he made hundreds of bottles, but only a few exist today.




One person, Sarah Young Bear Brown, who is a Native American activist and her partner, Tubby Mason, was arrested last Tuesday in Council Bluffs, Iowa in a hotel room they were staying in with their two young children.


I read a local newspaper, the Daily Nonpareil, summarized a police report that stated there was someone at the hotel who asked police to check on the family, because s/he was concerned about whether they were okay or not, for their welfare.


When police went to the hotel room, they knocked on the door, but got no answer (no surprise because they are deaf). So they used a “master” key to go inside, and found out they were deaf and used pen and paper.


The officers said they smelled vomit, smelled and saw old food, saw a mess, and one empty bottle of vodka on the floor with a full bottle on the nightstand.


The police said they saw two children sleeping on a bed with no sheets or covers, stained with vomit.


The officers said Sarah told them that they were in town for a conference, was celebrating, that the kids were fine but one of them had the stomach flu.


Both Sarah and Tubby were arrested and charged with two counts of felony child neglect and two counts of child endangerment. Both kids were taken to protective custody.


Sarah and Tubby was taken to jail but are out after posting bond.


I reached out to Sarah for comment, and she has a lawyer who told her it was better for her to not comment as the case makes its way through legal proceedings.




One Deaf man from Brattleboro, Vermont — Tucker Kilburn (27) — was arrested last Tuesday and charged with sexual assault of a victim under 16 and lewd conduct with a child.


I got information from a local news article — the “Brattleboro Reformer.”


It said Tucker pleaded not guilty to the charge last Wednesday. He said he was not guilty.


The article summarized a police report that said Tucker was friends with the victim’s family and frequently went to their home.


The victim reported to the police that the abuse went on for 3 1/2 years, and kept quiet because Tucker threatened to kill the child’s pet rabbit or hurt the child if anything was said.


Tucker has pled not guilty and is out of custody on conditions that he does not contact the child and family, and that he has no contact with any child under 16.,535821

**Correction: Kilburn is from Westminster, not Brattleboro




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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