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April 3, 2018


Trump Shows Frustration About DACA and Migrants in Mexico; Police Say SUV Crash That Killed Family May Have Been Intentional; Public School Teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma Strike; LA Boy Who Fell in Sewer Pipe Rescued After Overnight Search ; Two News Briefs: Winnie Mandela Passes Away At 81, Chinese Space Station Falls to Earth;  China Strikes Back With $3 Billion in Tariffs

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, April 2. Month 4 of 2018! Ready for news? 




President Trump tweeted yesterday morning on Easter that there was no more DACA deal. He showed frustration with news reports of “caravans” of people coming through Mexico. 


Buzzfeed News and Fox News reported that there are around 1,000 immigrants from Central America who have already crossed the Mexican border with a goal of entering the U.S., traveling together for safety and to “overwhelm” border agents. They plan to split off into groups as they make their way north. 


Most of them are from Honduras and are looking for a better life, saying they can’t live with the crime and violence there. 


Trump tweeted that we must build a wall and pass new laws to secure the border, blaming Democrats for weak borders. 


Trump also said he would stop NAFTA, the free trade agreement between Mexico, U.S., and Canada, because they allowed people to flow into their border. 


The Washington Post said in an analysis that the U.S. has funded Mexico with millions of dollars every year to strengthen their borders, with over 300,000 immigrants detained in 2014 and 2015. It said if U.S. funding was to be cut off, Mexico would have less resources to control their border. 


The article also pointed out that the caravan wouldn’t qualify for DACA, as it only applied to people who entered the U.S. illegally as children before 2012. 


What we see is that Trump is clumping all issues with Mexico together — DACA, the border wall, and NAFTA. 

As for the DACA, the program is still “on” because federal judges said it must remain that way as the case makes it way through the courts.




In Northern California, an SUV with two parents and 6 kids had a horrific crash off of a cliff last week.


The county sheriff said that both parents and three children were found dead, and it is likely that the other 3 also died in the SUV but their bodies were washed out to sea.


One of the missing children was famous for a photo of him hugging a police officer during a protest in Ferguson.


A top investigator said that the SUV had software inside it which showed police that the vehicle stopped at a scenic pull-over area and then accelerated to 90 mph before it plummeted over 100 feet into the Pacific Ocean. 

They said it was “pure acceleration all the way”. They believe that the crash was intentional.


The parents, Jennifer and Sara Hart, both 38, were under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) after a neighbor called CPS and said that they were punishing the kids by withholding food. The neighbor, Diana Kekalb, called CPS two weeks before the crash.


CPS did start an investigation into the Hart family on March 23 but said that they had no prior history and had not found any evidence by the time of the crash.


There was no suicide note found at the family’s home in Washington.




Thousands of public school teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma flocked to their respective state capitals to demand an increase in wages and school funding. 


This closed all public schools in Kentucky and many in Oklahoma. They are fed up with having to raise money to pay for basic supplies, increasing classroom sizes, and not having support to get new, updated textbooks or better classroom resources. 


Just last week Oklahoma passed legislation that would raise teachers’ pay of about $6,100 and $50 million for general education funding, but teachers say they need $10,000 raise over the next 3 years and $75 million more in classroom funding. 


The protests follow the same strategy that teachers in West Virginia used to get a 5% pay raise last month — they shut down schools for 9 days. 


It is possible other states will see similar strikes. Reports say Arizona is nearing such action.




in Los Angeles, a 13-year old boy fell into a sewer pipe yesterday and after an overnight search, was found safe today and rescued. 


His name is Jesse Hernandez. He had climbed over fencing around a concrete building that had a hole at the top with a wooden plank on it, jumped on it, where it broke, sending him falling 25 feet down into a 4-feet pipe with low-flow water and sewage that moves at 15 mph.


It is very dangerous there because it is a “maze” of pipes that feeds into the LA River with toxic gases. Crews feared he could be severely injured or deceased, but never gave up hope. 


Several agencies looked at pipes with cameras, some of them on special floating devices. They saw one of the pipes having handprints on them, and heard someone yelling, “help.” 


It was Jesse, and crews lowered a hose, told him to hold on to it, and pulled him up to safety. He immediately called his mom on a cell phone. He was transported to the hospital in serious condition and will be treated for exposure to toxic substances. 


In total, Jesse moved through around 3/4 of a mile in the sewers. Crews were hugging each other and holding back tears.




There is a lot of criticism on Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG), which owns almost 200 local news stations in the U.S., on various channels (including FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC), for requiring their anchors to read from the same script criticizing the spread of biased and fake news, saying it was dangerous to democracy, and that they were committed to reporting facts. 


Online news Deadspin edited together a video that showed anchors from all over the country stating the same lines over and over again, “this is extremely dangerous to a democracy.” 


Ironically, many say what Sinclair is doing is dangerous to democracy, as it shows that they are influencing local-level news stations. 


Sinclair is a company that appears to lean conservative and has been supportive of Republican political candidates in the past. 


President Trump tweeted support for Sinclair today, saying they were better than CNN or NBC. See this: 


Tweet: “So funny to watch Fake News Networks, among the most dishonest groups of people I have ever dealt with, criticize Sinclair Broadcasting for being biased. Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC, which is a total joke.”


So the fight on what is “real news” continues. Trump has also often criticized the New York Time and the Washington Post. 


He has often showed his support for Fox News, but many criticize Fox for being biased and a “propaganda” tool for Trump.  


All this is happening while Sinclair is waiting for federal approval to buy Tribune Media for $3.9 billion dollars, which would add 42 more TV stations. It requires the FCC and Justice Department approvals. 


If you want to know if a Sinclair station is near your home, you can check the link below in the transcript. 


List of Stations:





Two News Briefs: 


1 — Winnie Mandela, who was an activist against the Apartheid system in South Africa and the ex-wife of former South African leader Nelson Mandela, has passed away at 81. 


She was Mandela’s second wife and when he was imprisoned, would “represent” him in speaking out against Apartheid. She was often herself imprisoned and under house arrest. 


She had her own controversy with being found guilty of fraud, kidnapping, assault, and being accused of being involved with murders. She separated from Nelson in 1992 and divorced in 1996. 


Now in her death, she is remembered as an icon and as a symbol of the struggle against apartheid.


2 — A Chinese space station, which has been abandoned and spinning in space for more than 2 years, has broken apart after re-entering Earth’s atmosphere last night, burning up over the South Pacific Sea. 


It was the size of a school bus, its name was Tiangong 1. It was first launched in 2011 as China’s first space station. It had two missions with crew visiting it, with the last in 2013 and contact was cut off in 2016, with it spinning closer and closer to Earth, and now it’s dissolved.


There was some speculation and fears that the station would impact a city and injure people, but fortunately nothing happened.


There is a second Chinese space station — Tiangong 2 — it was launched in 2016.




Recently President Trump announced new tariffs against China and other countries for steel and aluminum, and targeted them with tariffs for other products. 


Today China has responded with their own tariffs on 128 specific products. The products range from pork and fruit to steel pipes. The Chinese tariffs will total about $3 billion.


$3 billion dollars is a tiny part of the hundreds of billions of trade goods flowing between China and the U.S. – but it will hit some industries harder than others.


About a week ago, President Trump announced his plan to add $50 billion in tariffs targeting China. He accused China of stealing intellectual property from U.S. companies. This means specific industries in China like aerospace, technology, and machinery will be impacted.


The $50 billion dollars in tariffs won’t start right away. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said that there will be a 60 day period where the general public can comment on the issue.


One economic researcher, Arthur Krober, predicted that the next round of tariffs from China will focus on agricultural exports from states that were major supporters of Trump in the 2016 election.


There is concern that this all of these escalating steps are leading towards a trade war.


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said the U.S. and China are talking behind the scenes, hoping to prevent this.





That is all for today.  See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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