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March 28, 2018


Updates on Facebook Controversy; 2020 Census Will Ask About Citizenship Status; Midwife Delivers Her Own Baby By C-Section; No Charges Against Louisiana Officers for Alton Sterling Death; Father of Deaf Girl Charged with Child Cruelty for Refusing to Give Hearing Aid; ASL Interpreter from Virginia Jailed 7 Years for Having Sex With Teenager


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, March 27. Ready for news?




Here are some updates on Facebook.


– On Sunday, Zuckerberg paid for ads in three major newspapers in the U.S. and six in England. The ads apologized for the scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Here’s a quote from the ad:


"This was a breach of trust, and I'm sorry we didn't do more at the time… We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can't, we don't deserve it."


–  After the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook’s stocks plummeted 14% – and it recently dropped another 5%.


The recent drop is because the FTC Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into how Facebook collects user data. This drop is equal to Facebook losing $75 billion dollars. This impacts Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, whose net worth dropped $10 billion.


– Last week, one man from New Zealand downloaded his data file from Facebook and when he was looking through it, he found that it had logged two years of phone calls with his partner’s mother. The man’s name is Dylan McKay. You can see his tweet here:


[Tweet] “Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file


Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum”


[Image Description: A data sheet showing columns of dates, times, and durations of calls with “Mereana Gell” listed repeatedly in the column for names.]


Many other users looked through their Facebook data and confirmed that Facebook saves years worth of metadata related to phone calls and messages. This data seems to be specific to older android devices.


This ties into the FTC’s investigation on whether Facebook is collecting this data without user’s permission. A spokesperson from Facebook has stated that they do not collect information without user’s consent.


Some large companies like Mozilla (Firefox), and Pep Boys have withdrawn their ads from Facebook as a result of all of the controversy.


Many politicians have been calling for Zuckerberg to testify before Congress. Today, Facebook announced that Zuckerberg will indeed testify before Congress within the next few weeks. In an interview with CNN last week, Zuckerberg said he was happy to do it, but now it is confirmed.


Britain also asked Zuckerberg to appear before them, but he declined and will send two of his deputies instead.


More updates to come.


Dylan McKay’s Tweet:




The Trump administration wants to ask people if they are U.S. citizens or not in the upcoming 2020 Census. They said it was “common sense” to ask the question.


The last time the citizenship question was on a census was in 1950.


This has brought controversy because many states feel it would cause undocumented people to not fill out the census, with citizen family members also refusing to fill out information.


They say it will result in insufficient information on how many people live in various regions, resulting in not enough federal funding going to those places.


This would also require Census workers to go to homes and collect information, which will increase costs.   


The California Attorney General Becerra said he would sue the Trump administration.


He said this would jeopardize vital services such as healthcare and emergency services, highway resources, disaster preparation, homeland security funds, or classroom sizes.


Who makes the final decision? Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross — he must decide by March 31.


It is estimated there are 44 million immigrants in the U.S., with about half of them here illegally/without documents.




In Kentucky, a nurse midwife, Emily Dial, delivered her own baby by C-section in a hospital.


She has experience with delivering babies, and wanted to deliver her own baby.


She had support from a medical team, who gave her anesthesia to numb the abdomen with a doctor (a co-worker) making the incision.


When the baby was ready, Emily pulled her baby out and looked at her through a protective plastic drape. It was a girl.


The hospital said Emily works at an outside practice that has privileges at the hospital, so she is a regular there. They said this was a special case, because she is a professional, and that this would not be offered to other parents.


But they said parents who wanted to be a part of the C-section delivery could see the baby if they used a plastic protective barrier, to be a part of the birth experience.


1 in 3 births in the U.S. are done via C-section. Some are planned that way, some are because of other medical issues.


Amazing to see her deliver her own baby via C-section.




Today, the Louisiana state’s attorney general announced that the officers involved with the shooting death of Alton Sterling will not be charged.


If you remember, this happened the summer of 2016. There were cell phone videos that captured two police officers struggling with Sterling, pinning him down on a parking lot outside of a store, with officers shooting him at close range after one of the officers shouted, “he’s got a gun!”


The attorney general, Jeff Landry, said that he knows the Sterling family is hurting, and that they may not agree with the decision.


Landry’s office also released a 34 page report that explains more details of the case. Here are three key facts:


-- His autopsy revealed he was shot six times, three times in the chest and three times in the back.


– When an autopsy was done on Mr. Sterling’s body, it was found that there were drugs in his body when he died. The report said he had opioids, cocaine, and other drugs that clearly showed that he was under the influence. Landry said this is what contributed to his continued resistance against the officers.


– The officers went to the store after getting a call from a homeless person who reported that when he approached Sterling, he had flashed his gun at him. This meant the officers believed that he was armed while he was resisting them. After he was shot, one officer found and removed a loaded gun from Sterling’s pocket.


Last year the Justice Department said it would not pursue federal charges against the officers for violating Sterling’s civil rights. Now, the state has announced they will not charge them for criminal charges.


Sterling’s family disagreed with the decision and said that they would continue to press the case through a civil lawsuit filed last year.


Sterling’s aunt told reporters that the system failed them. She said, “He was not a monster… [he] was a family man. A family man.”


Sterling was known for selling CDs and DVDs at the store.


That summer of 2016 was a violent one between people and police officers. The day after Sterling died, a police officer in Minnesota shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop.


Then a short time after, five police officers were gunned down to death in Dallas, with another three police officers killed a few days later in Louisiana.


2016 Article:




In South Carolina, the York County Sheriff's Office charged the father of a 8-year old deaf girl with child cruelty, accusing him and his girlfriend for refusing to give the girl her hearing aid for more than two months.


The father, Jerimahah Martin (29), is still in jail on charges of child deprivation and felony child neglect with a $8,200 bond. He has been in jail since last Tuesday.


His girlfriend, Joy Glenn (28), was charged with child cruelty and was released on Thursday after paying a $465 bond.


Local news say the girl normally uses hearing aids in both ears.


The girl’s biological mother alerted police earlier this month that the father was withholding one hearing aid. The police then talked to his girlfriend, Joy, who agreed to meet them at a store to give them the hearing aid.


But the father Jerimahah allegedly refused to return the hearing aid, so police arrested him.


Police officers said the girl’s speaking, hearing, and awareness would be affected without the second hearing aid.


There is no information from local news on whether the father, girlfriend, or the biological mother is deaf or hearing.


There is also no information on the motive why the hearing aid was withheld, and on if police recovered it. The hearing aid is worth $1,800.


Jerimahah faces up to 10 years if guilty on the child neglect charge.




Two months ago, an ASL interpreter for a public school in Virginia, Amanda Nasser (32) was ordered to prison for 7 years after she was found guilty of having inappropriate sex with a 15-year old male student.


During the investigation, police found text messages between her and the student with nude pictures and arranging to meet up to have sex in her van. She even reached out to the boy’s mother to become friends so she could be closer to the boy.


She was arrested in September 2016 after rumors spread of the relationship. When police questioned her, she denied it, but later admitted to it. She was sentenced on January 10 to 90 years in prison, but the judge suspended it so she would only serve 7 years with supervised probation afterwards.


The prosecutors said the victim/survivor and his family would be forever scarred by Amanda’s actions, and that has also negatively impacted Amanda’s own children, who will be without their mother as she is imprisoned.


They said it was a tragedy that Amanda caused.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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