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March 23, 2018


Trump Announces $50 Billion in Chinese Tariffs; Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Apologizes for Cambridge Analytica Scandal; Trump’s Top Lawyer for Russia Investigation, John Dowd, Resigns; Maryland School Shooter Used Father’s Gun; Video Released of Moments Before Uber Self-Driving Vehicle Strikes Woman; Sacramento Police Officers Kills Unarmed Male in Family’s Backyard; Man In Prison for 31 Years, Proven Innocent, Awarded $1 Million; Trump and Biden Talk Smack, Exchange Insults

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, March 22. Ready for news? 




President Trump said he wants tariffs on about $50 billion of annual Chinese imports, from shoes and clothing to electronics. 


This is in addition to the previous announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. 


Trump also will penalize China for theft of technology and trade secrets, and restrict future Chinese investments in the U.S. 


His administration will also file formal complaints with the World Trade Organization saying it was inappropriate for China to require U.S. companies to share trade secrets with them if they wanted to sell their products to Chinese consumers. 


Trump ordered the U.S. trade representative to develop a list of things that will have tariffs within 15 days, then get public comments on it, before they take effect. 


A spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry said they don’t want a trade war, but they would be ready to retaliate to defend their (economy) with their own tariffs. 


This will have an impact on American businesses and consumers who buy things that are made in China, which is a lot of things in our everyday life. 


This has caused the DOW Jones to drop 700 points out of fears this would have a negative impact on American businesses. 


This shows the U.S. and China as big competitors in their economies and technology.




Last night the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said he was sorry about the scandal about 50 million Facebook users’ information being handed off to Cambridge Analytica for political research.


He said they made mistakes (in not doing enough to protect people’s data), and had already changed their policies in 2014 so others cannot access the information of Facebook friends of those who download apps. 


They will notify users who had their data passed to Cambridge Analytica and investigate other apps who had access to a lot of information prior to 2014


He said Facebook will, in the next month, have a tool at the top of your feed that shows the apps you’ve used and make it easy for you to revoke their permissions. You can already do this in your privacy settings, but this will make it easier. Facebook also will remove any apps that you haven’t used in 3 months. 


Zuckerberg also said he was willing to be questioned by Congress. Several investors are suing Facebook and there are many who want to delete Facebook. 


Several countries’ governments, from three different continents, are now checking on how Cambridge Analytica was involved in their elections and demanding answers from their CEO and from Facebook.




The lead lawyer who represented President Trump in matters relating to the Mueller Russia investigation, John Dowd, is resigning. He was the top lawyer since last summer. 


He did not explain the reason why he was leaving, just saying he loved Trump and wishes him well. 


On Saturday, Dowd called on the Justice Department to stop the investigation. He said he was speaking for the president, but later changed to say this was his own statement. 


On Monday of this week Trump hired a new lawyer on the team, Joseph diGenova, He is a former U.S. attorney and a outspoken critic of the Mueller investigation, saying the FBI and DOJ were trying to frame Trump of a falsely created crime. 


It is possible the new lawyer addition influenced the dynamics of the legal team. 


His other two lawyers are Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow. 


President Trump has been steadfast in saying there is no collusion and has criticized Mueller in recent days on Twitter, saying his team was biased with Democrats,  that it is a witch hunt, and that there is no collusion. 


But Mueller’s investigation is still going on. Trump today said he would like to sit down to talk with him.




Here is an update on the school shooting in Maryland on Tuesday. 


The student shooter is Austin Rollins (17). He shot at a 16-year old girl, Jaelynn Wiley, and at a 14-year old boy. The gun he used was a Glock handgun that is owned by his father. 


The girl and Austin had been in a relationship that recently ended. She is still in the hospital in critical condition. There is a YouCaring page set up for her that has raised over $60,000. 


The boy, Desmond Barnes, was shot in the leg and was released from the hospital yesterday. He also has a fundraising page with over $18,000 in donations. 


Austin died after being confronted by the school’s resource officer, Blaine Gaskill. He shot at him at the same time Austin shot himself.








Here is an update on the Uber self-driving vehicle that struck and killed a 49-year old woman, Elaine Herzberg as she was crossing the road pushing a bicycle. 


Police has released the video of the vehicle’s exterior view, as well as the interior view of the operator, Rafael Vasquez. 


Note: the video doesn’t show the impact, but it can be graphic.




So that’s what happened. Sad for the woman. You can see that it was dark outside, that the woman was not using a crosswalk, and that the vehicle did not even attempt to brake. 


You also see that the operator was not looking ahead as the vehicle was driving itself. 


Those Uber vehicles (Volvo SUVs) have a special sensor, called lidar, which uses lasers to bounce objects around it to scan the scene. It is supposed to see things even if it’s dark. 


Some analysts say the computer might have been confused by shrubs on the road and at the “picture” of a woman with the bicycle, which had bags on it, and did not recognize it. 


This is viewed as a failure in technology, with some criticism of the operator, who should have been looking ahead and ready to take over in an emergency.


Uber said the video was disturbing and heartbreaking, and has suspended testing while cooperating with investigators.  


No charges have been filed.




In Sacramento, California, police shot at an unarmed man in his family’s backyard over 20 times, killing him. Police thought he had a gun, but it was an iPhone. 


His name was Stephen Alonzo Clark (22). Yesterday police video footage was released. 


Police were called to the neighborhood on Sunday when they got a call that a black male was breaking into at least three vehicles and into a home. 


A police helicopter was dispatched and tracked a male walking through homes’ backyards. The helicopter officer said he saw the male using a toolbar to break through a window at a home.


When officers on foot arrived, they raised their guns with flashlights on it, walked around Stephen’s family’s home, and when they saw him, told him to show his hands, shouted, “gun gun gun,” then fired their weapons. 


Stephen slumped down on the grass. Officers didn’t immediately help him, instead pointing their weapons at him for more than 5 minutes, handcuffing him, and saying they would need CPR. 


His grandmother was inside the home when she heard the gunshots and didn’t realize it was directed at his grandson. She found out later when a detective came to her home and asked her to show pictures of her grandchildren, telling her not to look at the backyard.


She went ahead and looked, and saw Stephen lying down, passed away. His family thinks police killed the wrong person. They said Stephen often goes into the backyard to knock on the window for people inside to open the garage door. 


But police said Stephen was the one who broke in the vehicles. 


There is an investigation now. The city mayor said he watched the videos, said he would not second-guess the officers’ split-second decisions, and would allow the investigation to answer questions. 


Stephen leaves behind a girlfriend and young sons.


We’ll see what more information and additional video comes up during the investigation. The two officers involved are on administrative leave.




In 2009 a man from Tennessee was released from prison after serving 31 years. 


The man, Lawrence McKinney, was accused of rape and burglary. He was found guilty in 1978, but later with new DNA technology he was proven to be innocent. 


After he was released, he still wasn’t exonerated, meaning even though he was innocent, he still had the crimes on his record. He was given $75 upon release. 


McKinney sent a request for exoneration twice but both times the state board of parole denied him. 


However, the board doesn’t make the final decision – it’s really up to the governor. 


Last year, in December, Governor Bill Haslam exonerated him. This was a big deal for McKinney: not only was his record wiped clean, but he was also finally allowed to file a claim against the state for wrongful imprisonment. 


He filed for $ 1 million, the legal maximum. Yesterday he was approved for the claim. He won’t receive all of the money at once, he’ll get it in monthly payments. 


After he left prison, McKinney married a woman that he had been pen pals with. During his time in prison, McKinney found faith in religion. He now volunteers at a church. 


It’s incredible – 31 years of prison, and now he will become a millionaire. But he said he lost his 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Best of luck to him going forward.




This week there has been some smack talk on Twitter between President Trump and former vice president, Joe Biden. 


On Tuesday Biden made a comment about President Trump. He said if they were in high school, he would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. 


Biden was at an anti-sexual assault rally at the University of Miami. He made the comment in reference to a video tape from 2005 that showed Trump talking about grabbing women without their permission.


Today, President Trump responded on Twitter. Take a look:


[Tweet: ] 


Biden made similar comments in 2016 during the election campaign. He has said he is open to running for president in 2020. 


President Trump has shrugged off the idea of Biden running by calling him “Sleepy Joe” and saying he could kick his ass. In 2016 he called him, “Our not very bright Vice President”.


Trump is 71 and Biden is 75.


Images from The Miami Hurricane (Student Newsletter):




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