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March 16, 2018

Pedestrian Bridge Collapses in Miami; Russian Cargo Plane Spills Gold Bars on Runway; Toys R Us Stores Closing All Stores; President Trump Bluffed Canadian PM Trudeau on Trade Deficits; Video Shows Parkland School Deputy Standing Outside of Building During Shooting; Special Counsel Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization For Documents; Treasury Dept. Sanctions Russia for Election Interference; Trump Thinks Russia Behind U.K. Poisoning; Sister of Charleston Shooter Arrested After Snapchat Post Alarmed Staff


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, March 15. Ready for news?





In Miami, Florida — a concrete pedestrian bridge, weighing 950 tons, collapsed on a road, crushing cars and killing several people. At least six people were injured and transported to hospitals.


The bridge was just installed on Saturday and cost $14.2 million. It connected the Florida International University with the city of Sweetwater.


News video showed many police officers, fire department vehicles, first responders trying to reach those under the bridge. There were several cranes in place to lift the concrete.


People at the scene said they helped those who cars were half crushed, but couldn’t go under the bridge because it was too dangerous. There were people who said their family was under, inside of vehicles. Others could hear screams from under.


The company that built the bridge is MCM. They issued a statement saying they are devastated and will do everything they can to help with the investigation.


FIU said they are shocked and saddened, and is working with the first responders. They said the bridge was built using accelerated construction methods. It was built “off-site” and placed across the road.


Terrible to see this. I will post an update on the comment when there’s more information on the victims.





In Russia, a cargo plane with gold and valuable minerals in it had its hatch accidentally open after taking off.


It spilled over three tons (6,000 pounds) of gold bars on the runway. The plane also spilled diamonds and platinum. The total value is around $368 million dollars.


People were able to collect 172 gold bars. Nobody was hurt. There is an investigation.


Imagine if the plane dropped gold in a city… there could be several injuries, but it’d make a lot of people rich.


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Toys R Us, who is bankrupt, said they will have to liquidate — sell or close down all their stores and sell all merchandise. They have around 800 stores in the U.S., including Babies R Us stores.


They have 33,000 employees and Toys R Us will only have enough money to pay them for up to 60 days.


They said sales were bad during the holiday season and they have heavy debt, so they have to do this. Their CEO, Dave Brandon, said he is devastated.


He hopes to keep 200 U.S. stores open if someone will buy their Canadian business in a package deal.


Stores in other countries — Central Europe, and Asia — are also on sale for other buyers.




President Trump, in a fundraising speech last night in Missouri, said when he met with Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau to discuss trade, he told him that the U.S. has a trade deficit with Canada without knowing for sure if it was true.


He said when Trudeau said Canada had no trade deficit, he said he was wrong.


Trump said when he asked for an assistant to look at the numbers with Trudeau’ staff, it showed there was no deficit.


Trump then said in the speech that if you included energy and timber, then we lose $17 billion a year.


But the $17 billion number doesn’t match with the official trade numbers from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.


It shows that the U.S. has a trade surplus — in 2016 we exported $12.5 billion more in goods and services than what was imported.


For 2017, the Commerce Department said we have a $2.77 billion surplus, and that includes oil and timber.


In 2018, if you look at the White House Economic Report, the U.S. has a trade surplus of $2.6 billion with Canada.


But Trump tweeted this morning repeating that Canada has a trade surplus. See this.


Tweet: “We do have a Trade Deficit with Canada, as we do with almost all countries (some of them massive). P.M. Justin Trudeau of Canada, a very good guy, doesn’t like saying that Canada has a Surplus vs. the U.S.(negotiating), but they do...they almost all do...and that’s how I know!”


Some analysts say Trump is lying and misleading people, but others say Trump is right if you analyze trade in a certain way. It can be confusing.


But the main takeaway from this news is that Trump has admitted to making up numbers when talking with other countries’ leaders, and this is front page news for several Canadian newspapers.


Trump plans to negotiate with other countries in the next few weeks on trade and tariffs, and now other leaders might now have facts and figures ready in the meeting room.





Today surveillance video of the Parkland high school, on the day of the shooting, showed the school’s armed deputy sheriff, Scot Peterson, responding to the building while the shooting was going on, but not going inside, instead staying outside behind a wall as students ran outside.


Scot used the police radio to give updates, helping other offices to come to the building and asking for surrounding streets to be blocked.


He was supposed to go in and confront the gunman without waiting for backup.


The Broward County Sheriff Israel said Scot did nothing and that he is sick to his stomach.


Scot was suspended with an investigation, but he resigned/retired. His lawyer said he thought the gunshots were coming from outside.


But Scot said on the radio that the gunshots were coming from inside.


When police officers from another department arrived, they went inside, but the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had already left after killing 17 people.





The New York Times reported that Special Counsel Mueller has recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over all documents related to Russia and other topics he is investigating.


This is the first time Mueller has looked at Trump’s businesses. If this is true, it means the investigation will continue for at least a few more months.


The Trump Organization has previously voluntarily provided documents to Mueller and Congressional investigations, but this subpoena will require everything to be turned in.


This shows the Mueller investigation is going forward despite a recent House panel that said there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.





The Trump administration’s Treasury Department  has levied sanctions against various Russian organizations and people for interfering in 2016 elections and other cyber activity.


The sanctions target the same Russian people and internet organizations that were indicted by the Mueller investigation. Also sanctioned were people from Russia’s spy and military intelligence organizations.


The sanctions also say the Russian government tried to hack into the U.S. energy grid and blames them for a cyberattack called NotPetya, which impacted computer systems in Ukraine and other countries, including the U.S.


In separate news, President Trump this morning said it looks like Russia was responsible for the poisoning of the former Russian spy and his daughter in the U.K.


The U.S., the U.K., Germany, and France released a joint statement saying Russia was responsible for it.




Remember the 2015 church shooting in Charleston, S.C.? The shooter’s younger sister, Morgan Roof, was arrested yesterday for bringing weapons to campus and posting an image on Snapchat that caused alarm.




Roof, 18, said she was disgusted with students participating in the school walkouts. She said she ‘hoped they get shot’ and that all the people protesting will be ‘nothing but black people anyway’.

When her high school staff learned about the post, the called the police, who immediately came and arrested her. They found she had a knife, pepper spray, and marijuana.


Wednesday that night she was charged with carrying weapons on school property. Her bond was set at $5,000. South Carolina governor, Henry McMaster released a statement which said that a ‘potential tragedy’ was avoided. He also asked people to support placing a police officer on each school campus.




"For months, I have called on the General Assembly to join me in placing a trained, certified police officer in every school, in every county, all day, every day… we know what we need to do and we need action now.”


The shooter, Dylan Roof, killed 9 black church members and is sitting on death row in Indiana.




That’s all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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