The Daily Moth Announcement for 2018: Sponsors & New Look

March 6, 2018

[Transcript] Alex: Hello! I have an announcement.


The Daily Moth has been delivering news to the Deaf/ASL community since 2015.


None of this would be possible if not for you and your support. I get positive messages every day. You have responded to requests for donations to hire a part-time editor. Thank you for that.


Now — a very important reason why I’ve been able to keep the light on is the sponsorship relationship I’ve had with Convo, which started last year.


I’m happy to announce that Convo will extend their sponsorship for another year!  Here are comments from their co-founder, Wayne Betts, Jr.


Wayne: Alex approached me to ask if Convo was interested in another year of sponsorship. We (Convo) looked at each other and said, “Yes, of course!” We love it, for the past year, every news delivered by the Daily Moth has been professional, clear, journalism at its best, and neutral.


You also can see how the community brings their perspectives under the comments. That brings people together. The Deaf Business Spotlights was a success. Now there is a new year ahead of us — does it mean it’ll be the same? Surely not, Convo will work with the Daily Moth to rise to the challenge of how we can make this better, what the new look will be, to make it more sign-centric… The Deaf Business Spotlights can be expanded to include individuals who are skilled, schools, organizations — for it to be broadened with double the spotlights. Not only that, there will be a new program coming this year. We are excited and looking forward on what will come for the Daily Moth this year.


Alex: Thank you Wayne and Convo.


You may notice now that the look here is different. This is “Moth 3.0”! All credit goes to Convo for the creative support. They have always been an innovative, Deaf-led, and sign-centric company.


Now… there’s more… I’m happy to announce there is another major sponsor for this year.


It is… Gallaudet University. They will sponsor the show for a year.

Here are remarks from Gallaudet’s SBG President Jehanne and GSA President Jacob.

Jehanne and Jacob: Hello!

Jehanne: Gallaudet University and the Daily Moth are excited to announce we will partner and work together. It is Gallaudet University’s goal and mission to “Connect, Discover, and Influence.” It fits with the Daily Moth’s various goals — it is perfect!

Jacob: Gallaudet students do watch and support Alex. He is an Gallaudet alumni, and we want to say, “welcome back home!”

Jehanne: Yes.

(Both do an ASL illustration of Gallaudet’s Tower Clock building being shined upon by a light. Jacob says for the light to stay on it).

Alex: Thank you, Gallaudet.

I treasure the university and their students, staff, and faculty — they have showed the world what Deaf people are capable of for over 150 years now.

This is important to mention — Convo and Gallaudet do not have an influence in the daily decision making of the content I deliver, as we work independently of each other. But we will collaborate for various special reports or features.

I look forward to the year. I’m grateful to you, to our community, and to the sponsors.

Stay with the light!


Supported by:

Convo []

Gallaudet University: []



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