Moth LIVE [Monday, March 5]

March 5, 2018

Topics Covered: BIG Announcement tomorrow about The Daily Moth at Noon; Weekend News Update (Nor'easter, Suicide Outside of White House, Trump's Tariffs, DACA); Discussion on Oscars Awards and Deaf Topics; CNN Mentions Moth on Moser Article; Mather Film; DeafBing: Eye Contact When Drinking 

[Summary “Transcript]:


Hello, it is Monday, March 5. Today I’m going to go LIVE on Facebook. There will not be a normal news show today because I’ve been working with the team on a new look and design. I will make a big announcement tomorrow at noon. That’s a part of what I’ve been working on. So look for that announcement! 


I want to cover some news that happened over the weekend. There was the big nor’easter storm that impacted the New England area with flooding, snow, hurricane-force winds. Sadly there were six people who died, five of them by falling trees. I hope everybody over there is okay and recovering. 


One man killed himself outside of the White House fence on Saturday. He used a handgun to fire several rounds in the air before shooting himself in the head. His name has not been released. DC police is leading the investigation. Trump and his wife Melania was in Florida when it happened. 


President Trump announced he wants tariffs on aluminum and steel — for a 10%/25% trade tax. This would be imposed on countries wanting to trade with us. There are differing reactions to this — some are concerned it will raise prices on consumers, while some say it benefits American steel/aluminum makers. Republican lawmakers have been opposed to this. 


Today is March 5, which was an important day for DACA Dreamers. The program was supposed to end today, but federal courts said Trump couldn’t end it — the issue had to be worked out through the courts. So the program is still alive, and it could be a year before the courts make a final determination or with a new law passed by Congress. 


Now, let’s move on the next topic — the Oscars. Big night last night in Hollywood. A lot of attention from the Deaf community went to “A Silent Child,” which stars a Deaf girl, 6-year old Maisie Sly — it won the “Best Live Action Short” award. The director is Chris Overton with screenwriter/actress Rachel Shenton. When Rachel accepted the award, she used British Sign Language to talk about the “silent disability” and how important it was for education in sign language to be available to deaf children. You can watch the film by purchasing it for $1.99 online. 


There was some discussion by people who wished Maisie was onstage so there could be a deaf representative. It might have been past Maisie’s bedtime. She was there on the red carpet, though. So although this award was great for Deaf awareness, it was another example of hearing people speaking on behalf of Deaf people — we are yet to see a Deaf person winning an award for something they created. 


Another big topic in our community is “The Shape of Water.” It won Best Picture and Best Director, and two other awards. It stars a mute woman (which is a problematic term in itself). The actress, Sally Hawkins, learned ASL in four months of coaching from two Deaf coaches — Amanda Richer in Ontario, Canada and Justin Jackerson in California. So although the main role could have been cast by a Deaf person, it’s good to see that there were two Deaf people behind the scenes that will have their resumes upgraded with an Oscar winning film. 


The only authentic Deaf representation was Marlee Matlin when she appeared in an montage before the Best Actress award was given out. She was in her role on “Children of a Lesser God.” 


Another thing I would have loved to see is CJ Jones to represent Baby Driver. The movie won an award in a sound-related category. Overall, it’s evident that Deaf people have not yet broken through that barrier, but we’re getting very close. It will only take a few years, we’ve got to keep on creating and pushing. 


Next topic — CNN mentioned The Daily Moth in an article last night about Laura Moser. It’s very nice to get recognized by CNN as a source. It shows that our community has power, we’ve got to keep on pushing, they’ll pick up on us. I feel honored by this and I thank you all for your support.


Next topic — on Saturday night, I did a LIVE show at the Mather party in Austin, TX. There were two segments — the first is still on Facebook, but the second — I accidentally deleted. The movie was very good, very abstract, high quality, and had plenty of special effects. I recommend you to go and see it. I hope to see the director, Chase Burton, and the producer, Natasha O. go on to get an Oscar someday. That’ll be great. 


That’s all for today. Hey wait, let me give a Deaf Bing. Deaf people tend to, while they are talking and drinking water at the same time, continue to look at the other person’s conversation by looking out of the side of their eyes. While hearing people can just drink and listen. 


That’s all for today. Remember to see the big announcement tomorrow at noon. Have a wonderful Monday. See you tomorrow and… stay with the light! 



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