Candidate for Texas Congress Laura Moser Used "Deaf-Mute" Slur in 2014 Article

February 28, 2018

 I received several messages about an inappropriate and audistic remark made by a woman who is now running for Congress in Texas’ 7th District (Houston area) — Laura Moser, a liberal Democrat.


She used the words, “deaf-mute” to describe her neighbor when she lived in Washington, D.C. This was in an article she wrote for “The Washingtonian” magazine. 


A little background: Moser grew up in Houston, then after college worked in various places before living in Washington. D.C. in recent years. Last year she moved back to Houston so she could run for Congress. 


Where did she live in D.C.? On 8th Street NE, a few houses away from Gallaudet University. 


In the article, she talked about how it was normal that D.C. was so expensive. She said she lived next door to a deaf-mute drug addict who openly smokes crack in the back yard and throws her beer cans over the fence and passes her notes saying, “NEED 1$.” 


So you can see that it was a very inappropriate and offensive way to describe deaf people, especially someone who lived right by Gallaudet University. 


How did this article surface? Moser is controversial candidate and is opposed by the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), who works to help Democrats get elected to Congress. 


The DCCC called her an “Washington insider” who would not change Washington. They said she used over $50,000 in campaign funds to pay her husband’s political consulting firm. They said she doesn’t like Texas and only moved there to get elected, and would lose to the Republican candidate in the midterm elections.  


So with that controversy aside, nobody has noticed the “deaf-mute” comment except for those who alerted me of this. 


One person told me that at a disability forum in Houston, someone asked Moser about disability rights. She said, “fund the ADA.” She didn’t show she understood that the ADA was a law, not a program with funding. 


Moser is viewed as a potential winner for one of the two Democratic primary runoff spots during the upcoming March 6 elections. She recently received the support of actress Alyssa Milano and said she’s got a lot of campaign contributions after the DCCC attacks. 


So how do you Deaf/ASL community feel about this? How should this be addressed? 


DCCC Opposition Memo (Links to Washingtonian Article):


DCCC Controversy:






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