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February 28, 2018

Moon To Get 4G Mobile Network; UN Suspects North Korea of Giving Syria Supplies For Chemical Weapons; Supreme Court Says Immigrants Can Be Detained Indefinitely When Considered for Deportation; Monica Lewinsky Reflects on Relationship with Bill Clinton, Says It Was Abuse of Power; Trump Says He Will Run for Re-Election in 2020, Names Campaign Manager; Federal Appeals Court Says Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers; Deaf Stockton University Student Petitions For ASL To Be Moved from “Health Sciences” to “Languages” Department; Mather Premiere Party in Austin

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, February 27. Ready for news? 




The moon will have a new 4G mobile network starting next year — which will allow HD streaming from the moon to Earth. 


This is spearheaded by Vodafone and Nokia in partnership with space exploration company PTScientists. 


The plan is to, next year, send a SpaceX rocket with a Nokia mast. There will be two Audi lunar rovers that will use the new network to communicate with each other and transmit data back to Earth. 


The rovers will study the Apollo 17 rover that was used in 1972 by the last team of astronauts to understand more about the site and move forward to possibly building a human habitat. 


So this means if a Deaf person is there, we can FaceTime. “Hi mom! Guess where I am?”




Today there are reports that the United Nations has suspicions that North Korea has been shipping supplies to the Syrian government that could be used to produce chemical weapons. 


The UN said they have seen evidence of North Korea missile technicians working inside of chemical weapons and missile facilities inside of Syria. 


They say there were at least 40 unreported shipments between the two countries since 2012 and the materials include 50 tons of supplies that could have been used to build a chemical weapons factory. The items are acid-resistant tiles, valves and thermometers and ballistic missile parts and materials. 


If this is true, it means that North Korea can have cash and Syria can maintain their chemical weapons and military supplies while being under heavy sanctions. 


We know there has been several reports that accuses the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against their own people, with the most recent one on Sunday in Ghouta, where many have died from recent airstrikes.  


One of the most serious incidents was in 2013 when a sarin gas attack killed 1,400 people, also in Ghouta. Last year Trump ordered airstrikes against a Syrian military air base after a chemical attack killed 70 people. 


The UN report also suspects that Iran is another customer of North Korea.




The Supreme Court today ruled that immigrants who are detained and considered for deportation can be indefinitely by immigration officials — they do not have a right to periodic bond hearings (every six months). 


The court said the U.S. government can detain immigrants/aliens during proceedings on determination if they are in the U.S. lawfully. This applies to those who have permanent legal status (green card) or those who are seeking for asylum. 


This is a win for the Obama/Trump administrations and a loss for immigration rights activists.


This case was sparked by a class-action lawsuit from immigrants who were in custody for a long time, some for more than 3 years. 


The federal 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco supported the immigrants, but the Obama administration appealed, with the case continuing into the Trump administration, who had the same position. 


The Supreme Court vote was 5-3, saying immigration law doesn’t require periodic bond hearings. One justice,  Kagan, recused due to a conflict. 


According to the ACLU, who represented the immigrants in the lawsuit, said there are about 34,000 immigrants detained in the U.S., with 90% of their cases being resolved within six months, but some much longer.




Monica Lewinsky — the former White House intern who became famous for her affair with former President Bill Clinton (D) — recently wrote a column looking back on what happened in the light of the current #MeToo movement. 


She said she is 44 and is starting to realize there was a huge difference in power between the President of the U.S. and a White House intern — calling the relationship a gross abuse of power. 


She said although the relationship was consensual, Clinton was her boss, 27 years older, at the top of his career, while she was in her first job out of high school — so the idea of consent might be rendered moot. 


Monica said she ran into Ken Starr on Christmas Eve and had a brief exchange with him. 


He was the independent counsel who in 1998 said Clinton lied about his affair in court, which was perjury — leading to Clinton’s impeachment by the House. Clinton was later acquitted by the Senate. 


Monica said it was her first time meeting Ken. 


Monica said she remembered when his staff and FBI agents told her she had to cooperate with them or face 27 years in prison. She said he turned her life in a living hell and had PTSD from the media exposure and the scandals. 


Monica said one of the leaders of the #MeToo movement recently told her, “I’m so sorry you were so alone.” She said this was true, that she was very alone throughout the process. She said she does regret what happened. 


She closed her column with saying it is important to support those who speak out.




President Trump has officially announced he will run for re-election in 2020 and has named a campaign manager — Brad Parscale, who helped Trump win in 2016 with social media campaigns. 


Trump has already filed for re-election with the Federal Election Commission after he was inaugurated last year and said several times he would run again, but it is now official. 


This was first reported by Drudge Report. There are still 980 more days before that election — Tuesday, November 3, 2020.




Yesterday (Monday) a federal appeals court in New York said the Civil Rights Act from 1964 protects people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation. 


Title VII of the act states it is illegal for employers to discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 

This case is from a sky-diving instructor, Donald Z. who was fired after he told a customer he was gay. He sued saying he was discriminated and cited the Civil Rights Act, prompting the legal battle. 


The Trump administration was involved in this — they made a statement against him, saying this was not covered under the Civil Rights act. But the federal court sided with him. 


Donald passed away in 2014 from a wing suit accident in Switzerland, but his case still went on. 


This is the third federal appeals court that has made a ruling on this issue — one in Atlanta went the other way, and another in Chicago had the same ruling. 


With the differing perspectives, the Supreme Court might decide to look at this and decide once for all if sex orientation is covered under the Civil Rights act. 


A person who oversees Zarda’s estate said it was a victory for him and that he wishes he was here to see how his case has advanced the movement for LGBTQ equality.




A Deaf student at Stockton University in New Jersey, Jenna Finan, is trying to get the university to change its perspective on ASL having them move ASL classes from the Health Sciences department to the languages department. 


She, with the help of a Deaf professor, has started a petition that is nearing 1,000 signatures. Here are remarks from Jenna.


Jenna: Right now, Stockton offers ASL classes, but only for Health Science majors. Other students from others majors cannot access ASL classes. We want to show that ASL is not a Health Science related problem. That class shows that ASL looks like a communication and audiological problem in a medical/health related perspective. If ASL is transferred to the Language department, ASL will be shown as a language with its own rich history, and cultural diversity. With support from the petition, we are showing the board that it is not only the three Deaf people on the Stockton campus that want ASL to be viewed as language but many people agree with us. Thank you for sharing the petition and I hope the board changes their mind about ASL being involved in the language department. Thank you. 


Alex: Thanks for explaining and for your activism. We can help her out by signing the petition, the link is in the status description or in the transcript. I’ll provide an update when there is one. 






I previously interviewed with a Deaf filmmaker, Chase Burton, who created a short film, “Mather.” The film was shown recently in Los Angeles, and now their next showing will be in Austin. 


[Video by Chase Burton showing the venue and describing the movie. It is this Saturday, March 3 at the Austin Film Society.] 


I will be there to do an one-hour LIVE streaming of the party — it will start at 8 pm CST (9 pm EST, 6 pm PST). 

If you are in the area, you can buy tickets ($35 online, $40 at door) at the link above or in the transcript. If you can’t make it, you can watch my live streaming, but I won’t be showing the movie. Chase has plans to travel to other areas to show the film. 


Buy tickets:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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