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February 27, 2018

Supreme Court Won’t Review DACA Case, Allowing Program to Continue For Now; ; Winter Olympics Over, USA Fourth in Medals Count, Ivanka Trump Visits Closing Ceremonies; Trump Says He Would Have Gone Into Florida School Unarmed; Heather Locklear Arrested for Domestic Violence; Nanette Fabray Passes Away at 97; Rapper “Young Thug” Won’t Release New Music Because of Deaf Brother; Hard-of-Hearing Parkland Student Describes Shooting

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, February 26. Ready for news? 




The DACA program will not end on March 5, because today the Supreme Court turned down an appeal from the Trump administration seeking to remove an injunction from a federal judge in California who, in January, said the DACA program must keep on giving renewals because Trump did not have the authority to quickly end the program. 


This means people on DACA can apply for renewals, while the issue makes its way through the courts. A DACA case is still ongoing in the 9th Circuit Court (West Coast) and it could take a year for a decision. 


This will reduce pressure on Congress to pass a bill that addresses DACA, but people will still push them to get a bill done. 


It is a difficult political environment because President Trump has repeatedly said there must be a wall as a part of a deal. At least two recent immigration proposals failed to get enough votes in the Senate.




The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has ended. 


The country with the most medals? Norway - 39 medals total, 14 gold, 14 silver, and 11 bronze. 


Germany is second, Canada is third, and USA is fourth with 23 total medals, 9 golds. 


The highlight of last weekend for the U.S. is the men’s curling team winning their first ever gold medal. They defeated Sweden. 


The Olympic Athletes from Russia won gold medals in two big competitions — women’s figure skating (Alina Zagitova) and the men’s hockey team, defeating Germany. The team wanted the Russian flag to be displayed during the Closing Ceremonies, but they were denied, after two Russian athletes tested positive for doping. 


All in all, it looks like a successful Olympics for South Korea, and it was a showing of “world peace” in an area where there were so many tensions with North Korea’s nuclear program. 


Ivanka Trump was present at the closing ceremonies (she was there earlier to watch a few competitions), in a VIP box, that also had South Korean President Moon Jae-in and an official from North Korea, Kim Jong Chol. Ivanka didn’t talk with Kim, just like during the Opening Ceremonies — when VP Pence didn’t talk with the sister of the North Korean leader.  


But there’s still a chance for diplomatic talks — as North Korea released a statement saying they want to have talks with the U.S.





President Trump said he would have went into the Florida high school to save the students, even if he did not have a gun. He said the armed school guard (who didn’t go in the building) was disgusting, that he choked. 


He also said the other officers who didn’t immediately go inside were a disgrace. (It was reported that three Broward County officers stayed outside of the building during the shooting). 


The school guard, Scot Peterson (who resigned), issued a statement via his attorney that people were too quick to criticize him. He said when the gunfire started, he thought the shots were coming from outside, which is why he took a tactical position. 


The Florida Governor Rick Scott has asked state investigators to look at this. 


Trump has continued to say he wants teachers in schools to be armed — only highly trained people. 


He was challenged by Washington Gov. Inslee (D) who said Trump should tweet less and listen more to teachers who don’t want to do this. 


Trump also repeated his ideas of opening up more mental institutions, banning bump stocks, raising the age for buying rifles to 21, expanding background checks, and allowing police to confiscate guns from “dangerous people.”




Actress Heather Locklear was arrested last night (Sunday) in California on suspicion of felony domestic violence and battery on a police officer. 


Police said when went to her home after getting a call, they saw physical evidence that her boyfriend was injured — battered by Heather. 


Officers said she resisted arrest and tried to fight with them. She was taken to a hospital because she said she was injured before police came. She was then booked in jail and released on a $20,000 bail.




A deaf/hard of hearing actress, Nanette Fabray, has passed away on Thursday, she was 97.


She had a long and successful acting career, winning Tony and Emmy awards. 


She had leading roles in various movies and Broadway productions, danced with the famous actor/dancer Fred Astaire, and is well-known for being the mother of Mary Tyler Moore on her show. 


She grew up struggling in school because she didn’t realize she had hearing loss. She later wore hearing aids and had ear surgery to treat a bone growth. 


She used ASL on the “Carol Burnett Show” in 1967, signing the song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” 


Marlee Matlin tweeted that she was one of the earliest proponents of sign language on TV and advocated for the deaf and hard of hearing. 


Rest in peace, Nanette.




Rapper and musician, Young Thug or SEX, announced he will not release any music this year because he has a deaf brother who can’t hear or talk. He said he wanted to act deaf for a year. 


I looked up on his Wikipedia page — it says he is the tenth of 11 children. I didn’t see the name of his brother mentioned on various articles.


On an article on, they quoted a comment from the NAD where they suggested him to raise awareness for the deaf community by making his music more accessible to the deaf, rather than not releasing it at all — saying deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy music, especially if it is accessible. 


On Twitter, Deaf ASL music performer Matt Maxey of DEAFinitely Dope said he respects his intentions, and wishes for someone to show him DEAFinitely Dope so he can see that his brother can enjoy music. 


We’ll see if Young Thug/SEX will change his mind and decide to either get ASL interpreters or caption his music videos for this year.




Alex: Here are remarks from a survivor of the shooting at the Florida high school. Her name is Olivia Feldman, she is hard-of-hearing and knows ASL. Her mother, Judy Beldon-Feldman, is a CODA and will help to interpret some of her remarks. 


I have to warn that their comments are graphic and intense. 


[Begin Interview]


Olivia: My name is Olivia and I am 16 and I’m hard-of-hearing. My mom will sign for me. 


Judy (interpreting): I’m a sophomore in the 10th grade. During the Stoneman Douglas shooting, I was there in the very building where the shooting happened, on the first floor in math class. I was working on a test when the door opened suddenly, it was not normal. A girl got in the class and leaned against a wall. I saw that her leg was bleeding, I thought it was ketchup. She approached my desk and I saw that her jeans was ripped apart, I could see a hole with her bone and muscle showing. I couldn’t believe it. I remembered two weeks ago that the school said there would be a school shooting drill with “actors” looking like they were hurt. 

But this was real. She sat down on the floor, then two other students and I helped her with tying around a t-shirt around her leg to stop the bleeding. I then heard a fire alarm and we were confused because there was already one this morning. Then I heard a loud noise, a banging, it just kept on. I’ve never heard a gunshot before so I thought it could be a part of the drill, that someone was banging on the door. I never imagined there would be a shooting here in Parkland. 


My friend asked me if the hole was big. When I looked at the hole, it just hit me that this was real, there was a real gun and that this wound was a gunshot wound. I wanted to call for help but I didn’t know where the shooter was. I know know/realize that the shooter only took 8 minutes to kill 17 people. This is horrible. 


After the banging, there was quiet. Then an officer barged in the room and told everybody to get our hands up. I thought he had caught the shooter. But the officer was talking to us, the officer had SWAT gear on. I was so scared. He asked if anybody was hurt, and I told about the injured girl. He immediately picked her up and brought her out to an ambulance. 


We were told to leave our backpacks and exit the building. In the hallway, I saw two dead students. I realized there were many who died. We were told to hurry out, and I ran outside, across the street, and I was safe, still standing up. I couldn’t believe if it was real or not. 


Judy (speaking for herself): I’m Judy Beldon-Feldman. I am Olivia’s mother. She sent me texts at 2:33 pm (I have screenshots). She said there was a shooter, and I was confused — a shooter at the school? 


[Images of texts from Olivia saying there is a shooter, someone got shot. Judy texts if she is serious and where she is. Olivia says she’s inside her class, is shaking so bad, that the person who got shot is inside. Olivia say she saw two dead people. An image of a student with a bloody leg and blood on the floor. Judy texts that she is so worried and watching the news, that she wishes she could be there but that they won’t let anybody close.]


Judy (speaking for herself): I didn’t realize when the shooting occured, that she was in the building. Later on when we looked at the shooter’s movements, we found out that her class was right next to the ones the shooter targeted. The gunman went back instead of moving on to her classroom. We are really lucky, right? 


Alex: Did you know anybody who died? 


Olivia (with Judy interpreting): I know three different people who died. The first was a boy in her anatomy class. He was nice and funny, would always be funny in class. He died. The other is my teacher for the 2nd period class. On that day in class on Feb 14, when I was in class, there was a fire drill (that morning). He was joking. We laughed. When we came back from the drill, we took a test and I thought I’d do well on it. When I left, I forgot to tell him goodbye. I thought I would see him again. But he’s dead, he’s gone. The third one I know is Meadow — she is a senior. I didn’t realize she was in my class until I saw a picture of her — I remembered she was in my class. I am shocked that three people that I know died. 


Alex: What are your thoughts on the intense media attention, President Trump being invovled, any thoughts on that? 


Olivia (with Judy interpreting): The community feels unified and strong. People are nicer. People rally care and ask about each other, about our families, about school. There were people from California who sent in poster with signatures, they are all over the hallways. It is really nice. 


But for the media, I really wish they would go away. They are always here to take pictures, video of the school. Today on Sunday afternoon I went to check out the school and they were there to film it. I want to focus on ourselves without them looking at us. 


Now, on TV, I feel like there are some students who have political statements that might have come from their friends or their parents. I don’t think it is their actual opinions. Some are very against or supportive of gun control. I don’t think they actually have an opinion, I think they are influenced or controlled by other people. For those of us who were inside of that building, we know there was a gun present, we wish the person didn’t have a gun. But now, some think if there is gun control, all the guns will be gone, that this will never happen again. But no, I think it can happen again. We have to think of how to control it in a different way, not like what the media has influenced them. 


Alex: Any final thoughts? 


Olivia: I always thought my school was safe. I never thought a shooting would happen here. 


[End Interview]


Alex: Wow, thank you for sharing. That must have been a very scary experience. I’m happy to see you both are okay. Best of luck to the school and community as you go through the healing process. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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