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February 20, 2018

Five People Shot While Waiting for Table at Texas Roadhouse; UberEats Driver Shoots and Kills Customer; Updates with Florida High School Shooting; House Passes Bill Weakening ADA; Nyle DiMarco’s “Black Panther” Controversy; Deaf Man Michael Fischer Named Assistant GM for WNBA LA Sparks; Deaf Bing: Dog Block CC

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, February 19. Ready for news? 




Last night in San Antonio, Texas — five people, including a 6-year old boy, were shot at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant. 


The five were part of a family sitting on a bench outside, in front of the restaurant, waiting for their table. 


A man fired a handgun at them several times then left the scene. 


Two adults are in critical condition. The boy was shot in the leg but is not seriously injured. 


Police has not caught the gunman — they’ve used a helicopter and police dogs, but he’s still at large. 


The police chief said he doesn’t think it’s random. He couldn’t explain why because of the ongoing investigation. 


Scary, to be shot while waiting to eat. Hopefully the police catches him fast.




On Saturday night in Atlanta, an UberEats driver is accused of shooting and killing a customer who ordered a meal. 


The customer’s name is Ryan Thornton, 30. Witnesses said when he met the driver, the two talked to each other, then shots rang out from the driver’s white Volkswagen. The gunman drove away. 


Ryan had multiple gunshot wounds and was rushed to the hospital, where he died. He graduated from Morehouse College and just started a new job. 


Uber said they are working with the Atlanta Police Department, and that they are shocked and saddened by this. 


The driver has not been publicly identified. 


It is Uber’s policy to prohibit drivers and riders from carrying firearms in a vehicle while using their app.



Updates with the Florida shooting:


There are now four people who are still in the hospital recovering. One of them is Anthony Borges, 15. He was shot 5 times through a door — others say he was a hero who tried to hold the door. Here is a picture of the Broward Sheriff visiting him. 


For those 17 who died, funerals have started for some of them, with more scheduled for the week. 


Last weekend there was a lot of attention to students from the Stoneman Douglas High School — many of them spoke out about how there needs to be better gun laws to stop future mass shootings. 


One of them is Emma Gonzalez, 17. She gave a speech saying it was too easy for people to buy a gun in America, compared it with other countries with strict gun control and their low rates of mass shootings, and said she and other students at her high school would be remembered for leading a change. 


She said the shooter (Nikolas Cruz) would not have harmed that many students with a knife. 


She said if Trump was to meet her, she would ask him how much money he got in donations from the NRA — then said it was $30 million. She said gunshot victims were worthless to him and other politicians getting money from the NRA. 


There was a protest outside of the White House today where 17 local students lied on a road for three minutes to symbolize how fast Cruz killed 17 people with his AR-15 gun.


There is a lot of action by other high school students across the country who have planned two upcoming dates for do a day of protest and walk out of school: March 24, which is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, and on April 20. 


Trump was in Florida last weekend. He and his wife, Melania, visited survivors of the shooting at the hospital. Trump applauded the doctors and first responders. 


Over the weekend, Trump tweeted blaming the FBI for failing to investigate the shooter. Trump said they spent too much time trying to prove the Russian collusion.


Today the White House said President Trump supports the idea of improving the federal background check system for gun purchases. Some possible changes will be a push for states and federal agencies to update criminal information to the database. 


Trump will also discuss school safety with high school students and teachers this week. 


Cruz appeared in court today briefly. 


News have reported some new information — that he bought 7 to 10 firearms within the past year. They also revealed a Florida case file that said he had depression, ADHD, and autism. He had posted a Snapchat picture of him cutting his arms and wrote a racist statement on his backpack. 


Cruz’s mother, who passed away in the fall, had called police to go to their home 39 times since 2011 for various reasons such as throwing objects in the home or punching a hole in the walls. 


There was an investigation in 2016 by the Florida Department of Children and Families for possible family mistreatment, but no evidence was found and the case closed.




On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would weaken the ADA by protecting businesses and entities who are accused of violating the ADA.


Current laws allow disabled people or people making complaints to file a lawsuit if there is an ADA violation. 


But the bill wants to put the burden on the person making the complaint — by requiring them to write a notice to the business/entity. Then there would a 60-day waiting period for them to respond with a plan, with an additional 60 days before they can act. There could easily be more delays in this process. 


Many disability rights organizations, including the National Association of the Deaf, have been very outspoken against the bill. They are concerned that businesses/entities will just make things inaccessible and “wait” until they get a letter. 


But those supporting the bill say it is necessary because there are too many lawsuits by people who want to make fast money from a lawsuit. 


It passed the House 225-192, with all Republicans except for 19 voting for, and all Democrats except for 12 voting against. 


Now it goes to the Senate. The Washington Post said it appears it will have a hard time passing there, because top Democrats and some Republicans are opposed to it.




Nyle DiMarco went through some controversy over the weekend with different members of the Black Deaf community for two different reasons. 


The first was on Friday morning when Nyle tweeted a video of him sitting with Black Deaf actor Lauren Ridloff to “announce” the sign for “Black Panther. They signed it “BLACK-TIGER.” 


On Friday afternoon and over the weekend, various well-known Black Deaf leaders and #DeafTalent said Nyle shouldn’t be the one to lead this — that the sign should come from a consensus within their community, as the movie talks about many black themes. 


There were many different videos and discussions, from Joseph Hill (RIT/NTID faculty), Sheena Lyles (comedian/actor), Jade Bryan (filmmaker), Shaheem (Deaf Dancer), and Ritchie Bryant (Lecturer at RIT/NTID and interpreter) — they shared various ideas for the sign, with the consensus appearing to be “BLACK-PROTECT” or “BLACK-PROTECT-CLAW.” 


Nyle did tweet to recognize a sign by Joseph Hill with “BLACK-PROTECT.” 


The second was when Nyle tweeted a clip of a video interview with Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, in which he talked about his positive experiences of going to Howard University (which is a historically Black university in D.C. near Gallaudet University) — because it allowed him to see a diversity of Black people from all over the world, that it was a “Black utopia.” 


Nyle said he had the same experience at Gallaudet University with its diversity of deaf people from the world, that it was a “Deaf utopia.” 


A Black Gallaudet student, Antonio Heckstall, responded to that saying he felt uneasy about it because it was a white man using a black experience to compare it with his Gallaudet experience. He also said that not all Black Gallaudet students feel “100% at home” due to various experiences of racism. 


Nyle responded to that video in a comment with an apology. He then tweeted a link of the video, saying he was ignorant when he compared. 


Antonio thanked him for his humility and for apologizing. 


So that’s what happened over the weekend with Nyle’s tweets. Links to the videos are below in the transcript so you can see them and the discussion. We can all learn from this. 


Joseph Hill First Video:


Joseph Hill Second Video:


Sheena Lyles:




Ritchie Bryant:


Antonio Heckstall Video:


Nyle Twitter Account:




On Thursday, the WNBA team LA Sparks announced a Deaf man, Michael Fischer, as their new Assistant General Manager to their GM/Vice-President, Penny Toler. The announcement was on LA Sparks’ website. 


Toler said Fischer has extensive knowledge of women’s basketball and is a true example of “team first!” He is in his sixth year with the organization. 


Fischer’s job will be to assist the GM in all aspects with the team, including team travel, housing, WNBA Draft, scouting programs, and day-to-day operations. 


Prior to LA Sparks, Fischer worked for other WNBA teams and for two universities: Gallaudet and U of Minnesota. 


Fischer said he is thankful and blessed to be a part of LA Sparks’ incredible, first-class organization and culture, and is thankful to Toler for trusting his abilities. 


Congratulations to Fischer, that’s a big achievement and he is showing the professional basketball world what Deaf people can do. 


The LA Sparks play home games at the Staples Center. The team is partially owned by famous former NBA player Magic Johnson.


Penny Toler:




Deaf Bing: Dog Block CC




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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