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February 17, 2018

Winter Olympics Updates; High School Shooting Timeline and Updates; FBI Didn’t Follow Up on Tip; Mueller Indicts 13 Russians for Election Interference; 84 Children Died From Flu This Season, 75% Were Not Vaccinated; Mitt Romney Runs for Utah Senator; Former Playmate Claims Affair with Trump in 2006; False Alarm of Shooting at Washington College

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Friday, February 16. Ready for news? 




Time for updates on the Winter Olympics. 


— Norway is back at the top of the medals race, with 19 total. Germany is in second, Holland in third, with Canada in fourth and USA in fifth. 


— American alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin won a gold medal in the giant slalom (not salmon) two days ago, but failed to win a medal last night in the slalom event, an event she got a gold in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. She threw up before racing and came in fourth place. It was disappointing for her and many of us, as she was hyped to win many gold medals. 


She was supposed to race in the super-G, but pulled out. Another well-known skier, Lindsey Vonn, will race in that one. 


Mikaela has two different events ahead, the downhill and the combined. The skiing schedule was delayed by high winds, forcing events to be pushed together, and she said it’s affected her.




More updates with Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 people at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day: 


— The timeline of the shooting has been released. 


Cruz used an Uber ride to get to the school, arriving at 2:19 pm. He had a backpack and a AR-15 gun in a case in a duffel bag. 


The school has gates that are usually locked during the day, but it was open because it was at the end of the day for parents/students/staff to enter/exit. 


As Cruz was walking on campus, a man inside the school saw him and knew he was a former student with behavioral issues. He radioed a co-worker, but the shooting immediately started. 


Cruz walked in Building 12, got into the staircase, and fired into four different classrooms on the first floor. He went back into two of them to shoot again. 


He then went to the second floor, shooting one more person in a classroom. 


He then went up to the third floor,  apparently tried to shoot out the windows to fire on kids fleeing, but couldn’t break the windows. 


After 3 minutes, he dropped his backpack and rifle in the staircase, and ran downstairs and outside, blending in with students who ran out. 


Cruz killed 17 people and wounded several others in less than six minutes. 


The school had a “Code Red” procedure where all doors are automatically locked. But because Cruz pulled a fire alarm, it override the door locks. 


Cruz ran away from the campus, walked to a Walmart store, into its Subway restaurant, and ordered a drink. He then walked to a McDonald’s restaurant, staying around there for a while, while news was covering the shooting and police was looking for him. 


Cruz left McDonalds and walked to a neighborhood, where he was spotted by police because he matched the description. 


It was previously thought he wore a gas mask while shooting, but the sheriff said he didn’t. 


— Today the FBI said they received a tip about Cruz on January 5 (last month) by a person who was concerned he wanted to kill people. The tip came from someone close to him who saw his social posts and thought he could potentially do a school shooting. 


The FBI said they did not follow protocols — that tip was not forwarded to the Miami field office, there was no investigation. 


FBI Director Wray said they have spoken with the victims and their families, and deeply regret that this will add to their pain. He said he will get to the bottom of what happened and review their processes. 


— News have released more of Cruz’s Instagram posts. It includes pictures of his “gun arsenal,” a box of ammo, a photo of (probably him) wearing MAGA hat with a USA face handkerchief, a photo of a gun scope aiming out of the window, and as mentioned yesterday, posts of him with knives and comments insulting Muslim people. 


Cruz had posted a comment under a news story about shooting at a hospital in New York — saying, “I can do so much better.” I already mentioned he made another YouTube comment saying he would be a professional school shooter.


— This will have an impact on the future of social media — if people post something similar to what Cruz have posted, it will raise red flags. And the FBI will pay more attention now. 


One example is a teen in South Carolina who was arrested on Wednesday for posting a photo on Snapchat with him holding a large rifle, wearing a mask, with a caption saying, “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow.” Someone notified the police, who went to his home. The gun was a pellet gun, but he faces a “disturbing schools” charge. 


— Cruz is now in jail without bond. One of Cruz’s public defenders said Cruz is on suicide watch and the defense team will look at his mental health issues and the possibility of autism or a learning disability.




Special Counsel Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and an internet organization, saying they interfered with elections and political processes in the U.S. 


It is illegal under federal law for foreigners to make financial contributions for political reasons. If they want to engage in political activities, they must first register with the Attorney General. 


The indictment sheet says the 13 Russians posed as U.S. citizens and operated social media pages to attract audiences with various hot political and social issues, with them supporting Donald Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton. 


Some of them, before the election, worked in the U.S. to do research and find out which states were important to target — the “swing states.” They used computers and servers based in the U.S. to avoid detection, using VPNs. They bought ads and set up PayPal accounts using false or stolen identities of Americans.


They set up pages posing as minority groups, encouraging them to vote for a third-party candidate, discouraging them to vote Hillary. They also set up groups acting as Muslims supporting Hillary.


They hosted political rallies supporting Trump, paying U.S. persons to help organize them. They even paid a person to dress like Hillary wearing a prison uniform, and paid another to build a cage on a flatbed truck. The rallies were in Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. 


The organization’s budget was equivalent to millions of U.S. dollars, with various departments and hundreds of employees.


The sheet says some of them worked with people within the Trump presidential campaign. 


When news reports started surfacing that social media pages detected Russians using them to influence elections, people within the organization tried to destroy evidence and cover their tracks. 


This is the first time that Mueller has identified and charged Russians for meddling in the 2016 campaign. The indicted are in Russia and their government likely will not extradite them here for trial. 


Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said there is no allegation in this indictment that a U.S. citizen was involved, and no allegation that this influenced the election. 


President Trump was informed about this indictment before it was released to the public.




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that a total of 84 children have died during this flu season, from October to this month. 


They said 3/4 of those children who died did not get a vaccine. 


Federal officials recommended people to get a flu shot, which is estimated to be 36% effective overall, but 59% effective for children under 9. 


There are two different flu viruses with different strains.




Three news briefs: 


— Mitt Romeny announced he would run for U.S. Senate in Utah. He is 70 years old and lost the 2012 presidential campaign against Obama. 


— Another woman said she had a 9-month affair with Trump in 2006 — former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal. She wrote a 8-page handwritten document about it and gave it to a friend who supplied it to the New Yorker magazine.


So this is another controversy of an affair — Trump is still facing questions about the Stormy Daniels affair and why his personal lawyer gave her $130,000. 


— There was a scare at a college near Seattle, Washington after there were reports of gunfire. The school was locked down and police swarming the campus. But it was determined there was no shooting, there was nobody injured. Police are still checking on the school. 





That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light! 

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