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February 15, 2018


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, February 14 Happy Valentine’s Day! Ready for news? 




There was a school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale). 


The sheriff said 17 people died with more injured.


The shooter, a male, was arrested at an area near his home after an extended search for him. It seems like he escaped with students after the shooting.


The shooting started outside of the building, then the shooter made his way into the school. 12 out of 17 died inside.


He was a former student — his name is Nicolas Cruz. Police said he used an AR-15 style rifle. 


Students said there was a fire drill right before the shooting. Some students posted on social media videos and pictures of the shooting, it captured sounds of gunshots as students hid under desks. 


News showed footage and pictures of many high school students leaving the building with arms up, guided away by heavily armed police officers. 


News also showed video of police officers arresting the shooter, who was wearing a red t-shirt and black pants. He was placed on a stretcher and transported away. He might have been hurt by police. He is now in custody. 


There was a massive response of ambulances and first responders as they transported multiple injured people. Parents were at the scene, crying. 


President Trump said he sends his prayers and condolences to the families of the victims. He said he spoke with FL Gov. Rick Scott and is working closely with police there. 


The Miami Herald reported that Cruz had made threats at the school in the past and was not allowed to carry a backpack on campus. 


I’ll provide more updates tomorrow. It’s terrible to see this, a shooting at a school.




A 28-year old woman, Abby Beckley, had been suffering from a red, scratchy, and irritated eye in the summer of 2016 when she worked on a fishing boat in Alaska.


She ignored it, thinking it was an eyelash. But after a week, she looked at the mirror closely, and pulled out a small worm, still alive and writhing. 


She went to get medical help, and four more worms were pulled out from her left eye. 


She then went to her home state of Oregon and was treated by the Oregon Health and Science University’s Emergency Department, who reached out to the Centers for Disease Control because it was a mystery. 


Doctors continued to pull out worms from her eye in the next few weeks — 14 in total. They told her not to worry about the worms burrowing into her brain — they would only stay on the eye. 


The worm was pinpointed to be “Thelazia gulosa” — which are worms that usually infect cattle’s eyes from flies who drink from their tears. It’s the first time a human had this kind of worm. There are two other kinds of worms that infect humans’ eyes. 


Doctors think Abby got it from a fly when she was riding horses or fishing in Oregon where there were cattle nearby. 


Abby is okay and now this story is being released because she wants people to know that even though it’s scary, it can be treated. 


One thing we can learn from this — don’t let flies hang out around your eyes if you’re near a cattle farm.




An Oxford University graduate student took a photo of a single atom floating in an ion trap. 


It’s hard to see the atom, but if you look closely at the area between the two metal points, you’ll see a little dot. That’s the atom. It’s a very small area, the gap is 0.08 of an inch. 


The student, David Nadlinger, used an ultra-high vacuum chamber to trap the atom, shone blue-violet lights from a laser to illuminate it, capturing it by using a long-exposure shot. 


David is a quantum physicist and regularly works on projects with atoms. He said he did calculations “on a back of an envelope” and thought he could take a photo. He won an award for it. 


Atoms are the smallest unit of matter, and this is the first photo of an atom.




Updates with the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea: 


— As of now, Germany is now the medal leader with 12 total, 7 of them gold. Canada is still in 4th place, and the U.S. is in fifth. Those numbers will change as more competitions conclude. 


— Canada got a gold in mixed doubles curling — which is the first time this event is in the Olympics. Canada usually dominates curling, so it’s no surprise they won, congratulations to Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris. 


— Yesterday the U.S. got two more gold medals in snowboarding — for the halfpipe event. 


Chloe Kim, 17, won the women’s competition. Chloe’s father moved to the U.S. from South Korea in 1982. He shouted, “American dream” when Chloe got the top score.


— Famous snowboarder Shaun White won his third Olympics gold medal. He was very emotional about it, crying and hugging people close to him. He won gold in 2006 (Turin), repeated in 2010 (Vancouver), but came in fourth place in 2014 (Sochi). 


It was Shaun (31)’s “last chance” to prove he was still the best, and he did. 


But his moment is shadowed by news about an accusation and lawsuit from a woman who said Shaun sexually harassed her in 2016. She was a drummer in a band he started. The two reached a settlement in May. 


Shaun was asked about it by the press — he said he wanted to talk about the Olympics, not about gossip. He later apologized for using the word, “gossip.” 


Shaun said he wants to go back for another Olympics — but for the summer games in 2020 in Japan — in skateboarding. 


— Mexico has four athletes in the Winter Olympics, two in alpine skiing, one in cross-country skiing, and one in freestyle skiing. There’s a lot of attention to their ski uniforms, which has a theme that honors the “Dia de Muertos/Day of the Dead” holiday.




Yesterday police in Israel recommended to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu for corruption: fraud, bribery, and breaching public trust.


Many have called on the PM to resign, but he said he won’t resign and criticized the police investigation, saying it was full of holes like Swiss cheese. 


Netanyahu has been PM for almost 12 years. His position of power depends on support from his Likud party and other allies, and they still support him to remain as PM. 


Now the Israeli attorney general must decide how to move forward, it could take several months. 


Netanyhau was accused of accepting expensive gifts from a businessman and making a deal with a newspaper for positive coverage while suppressing another newspaper. 


Police say there is enough evidence to also indict the businessman and the newspaper owner on bribery charges. 


Israeli law says a PM must step down if s/he is convicted with no remaining appeals. This process could take a few years. The next elections is in November 2019. 


The Trump administration said they had a very strong relationship with Netanyahu and the Israeli government and consider this an internal Israeli matter. 


In separate news, South African President Jacob Zuma said he would resign, after he was accused of corruption. He had previously denied it, but he was pressured to leave by the ruling party, the African National Congress. 


The country’s acting president is now Cyril Ramaphosa, who is expected to be elected by the parliament and sworn in.




There is now an investigation on former White House staff secretary Rob Porter and his security clearance — after he resigned last week after news released interviews with his two ex-wives alleging domestic violence, along with pictures of one of them with a black eye. 


The women said the FBI was aware of this, as they were interviewed by them during the process of getting Porter’s security clearance. It appears that because of the abuse, Porter didn’t get approved for a full security clearance and only had a partial one. 


The White House earlier this week said the background check was still in process and was not completed. But the FBI Director Wray contradicted them, saying the investigation was completed in July. 


Now the House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R, S.C.) is leading an investigation on who in the White House knew about Porter’s past, and when did they know of it. Rep. Gowdy is also investigating the processes for granting security clearances. 


President Trump tweeted on Feb 10 that there are people’s lives who were being destroyed by allegations — some are true, some are false, some are old, some are new. He said there was no recovery for someone falsely accused. 


Many criticized his comments as “defending the abuser" and not thinking about the victims, and as “backwards” in the age of the #MeToo movement. 


Today Trump said he was opposed to domestic violence, and that everybody here knows that. 


Now, with the House investigating the Porter situation, we can expect more updates and possibly changes in how White House staff get their security clearances.




Here is an update on the controversy with President Trump and whether he paid $130,000 to an adult film star, Stephanie Clifford — or her stage name Stormy Daniels — before the 2016 election for her to not talk about an alleged affair the two had in 2006. 


When this was reported by the Wall Street Journal in January, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, said the affair never happened and that Trump never paid her “hush money.” 


But yesterday — Cohen revealed he did pay $130,000 to Stephanie with his own personal money. 


He didn’t explain why made this payment. Cohen said he was not reimbursed by the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign.


His statement was in response to a complaint that the Trump campaign violated campaign finance laws with this alleged payment, because it was related to the election and it exceeded a personal contribution a person could make. The limit is $2.700. 


Cohen said this payment was not related to the campaign. 


Now there are calls for an investigation on the exact purpose of the $130,000 payment. There are also questions on if Trump personally reimbursed Cohen. 


Stephanie/Stormy has, through Cohen, recently denied the affair and getting any “hush money.” But she did “old” interviews in 2011 that described her relationship with Trump.


She has recently, through her representative, said because Cohen revealed the payment to her, the non-disclosure agreement is now ineffective. Stormy said she will share her story and would update us on when and and where we can hear it.




A Deaf man and an employee of the California School for the Deaf, Fremont — Ricardo Rose (56) — was arrested on Friday and charged with child molestation. 


Rose worked for the school since 1989 as a counselor (dorm counselor). He is now on paid administrative leave as the investigation is ongoing, which is standard for a state employee. 


The California Highway Patrol posted on Facebook a statement saying a victim has been identified and they are asking more people, if they were victims or know of others, to contact the CHP. 


There were many comments on social media expressing shock about the news. 


Rose is in custody at the Santa Rita Jail with bail set at $40,000. His case is assigned to the East County Hall of Justice.




A deaf person, Jack “Owa” Vang, 28, was recently arrested in Missouri for sexually exploiting a minor child under 15.


According to police and court documents documented on local news, Vang was a babysitter for the girl. Between January 21 and February 3, Vang is accused of getting the girl to take a bath, then taking photos of her and using FaceTime to get other men to watch her. 


The mother found out when she saw the girl in bed, partially clothed and wet. She asked her what was going on, and was told what happened. 


The family then told Vang to turn himself in to police. 


Vang is in the Christian County Jail with a $150,000 bond. He will appear in court on Feb 20. 


I was in touch with a family member of the girl.


She said Vang was a transgender person and wanted to have a new life from their family troubles, and her family supported Vang. Now this has happened, the family is angry and have mixed emotions, but they said they would rebuild because they are a strong family. 


She said she encourages everybody to keep an eye on anybody who is around your children, even if they are friends, and teach them to understand what could happen and how to defend themselves, to say “no.”




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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