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February 13, 2018

Winter Olympics Updates: Sign for Pyeongchang, Geopolitics, Medals; Individual Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama Unveiled; Vanessa Trump Taken to Hospital After Opening Mail With White Powder; Two Ohio Police Officers Shot and Killed; Tour Helicopter Crashes in Grand Canyon; Ozzy Osbourne Once Dumped Buckets of Water on Deaf Concertgoers; Missing Deaf Man in El Cajon, California; Deaf Bing Featuring Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, February 12. Ready for news? 




A lot of things happened during the Winter Olympics last weekend. I’ll share the highlights. 


— There is a viral video with a Deaf woman, Facebook name Yoorang Seo, who taught us how to sign “Pyeongchang.” It looks like an “E”, then you do this downward motion. It might strain your pinky finger. Thanks Yoorang for that video, it is very helpful. 


— During the Olympics Opening ceremony on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence was in a VIP box, sitting only a row away from Kim Yo Jong, the sister of NK Leader Kim Jong Un. Also standing there were the Prime Ministers of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, and Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe. 


Jae-in and Kim Yo Jong shook hands — a moment that showed peace between North and South Korea. But VP Pence did not shake hands nor approach Kim Yo Jong. 


When the unified Korea team entered the stadium, as others stood up to clap, Pence remained seated. He only stood up for the U.S. team. 


—Norway leads the medal count. Canada is in fourth place, the U.S. in fifth. 


Canada won gold medals in Team Figure Skating and men’s Freestyle Skiing. 


The U.S. got golds in snowboard slopestyle, with Jamie Anderson for women (her second straight gold) and Red Gerard for men (he is only 17). 


The US got a bronze in Team Figure Skating. A lot of attention went to Mirai Nagasu for being the first American woman to complete a triple axel, which is a very difficult jump. 


— You might have noticed that Russia as a country is not in the Olympics — they were banned due to a doping scandal. But individual athletes from Russia can still compete, they are called “Olympic Athletes from Russia” (OAR). 


Plenty more Olympics ahead of us. You can watch it on NBC, NBC Sports Network, or streaming on 


Sign for Pyeongchang:




Olympics Medals Info:




Today the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. unveiled portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, with both present onstage. 


Barack’s was painted by Kehinde Wiley. It has three different kinds of flowers from Kenya, Hawaii, and Chicago, which symbolizes Obama’s background.


Michelle’s was painted by Amy Sherald. The artist is known for painting black skin tones in gray and using bold colors. 


Barack’s portrait will hang in the “Hall of Presidents” and Michelle will be in another gallery. You can see them tomorrow (Tuesday).




Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa, was taken to the hospital today after she opened a letter with  an unidentified white powder/substance that was mailed to their home in New York City. 


Police said the substance is not suspicious (it is not a biological or hazardous agent), but it caused Vanessa to cough and feel nauseated. Two others at the home were also transported to the hospital as a precaution. 


The U.S. Secret Service said they are investigating a suspicious item sent to someone they are protecting. 


The mail was addressed to Donald Trump Jr and had a postmark from Boston. 


This has brought back memories of the anthrax attacks in 2001 when envelopes with it was sent to media offices and lawmakers, killing 5 people.




On Saturday near Columbus, Ohio — two police officers were shot and killed when entering an apartment. They were there because someone called 911 about domestic abuse then hung up. 


Officer Eric Joering (39) died at the scene, Officer Anthony Morelli (54) died at the hospital.


The suspect is Quentin Lamar Smith. He was wounded by police in a shoot-out, he is now in a hospital in stable condition. He is charged with aggravated murder.  


The New York Times reports that his wife, Candace, had previously asked police in November to issue protection orders because he threatened to kill her, her children, and himself if she left him — adding that he always had a gun with him. 


Police had been to their home several times for DV-related incidents.


Today in Ohio flags were flown at half-staff with a ceremony to honor the officers. 


This week had three other officers dying — one in Georgia when serving an arrest warrant, one Texas at an apartment complex when responding to a disturbance, and one in Colorado when he was shot by a car theft suspect.




On Saturday at the Grand Canyon, a tour helicopter with a pilot and six passengers, all from Britain, crashed. 


Three tourists died, while the pilot and three others are at a hospital with serious burns and injuries. 


A witness said he saw the helicopter circling two times, then falling down into the mountains, with its tail breaking in half, causing a huge explosion. 


He took out his phone to zoom in and he saw a woman walking out of the flames, collapsing, and screamed, “Jason” several times. 


Another witness saw a second woman run out with serious injuries. 


First responders wanted to send an emergency helicopter, but couldn’t because of 50 mph wind gusts (there was a storm in the area). They had to hike to the area, which delayed the rescue. 


The helicopter was a Eurocopter EC130, owned by tour company Papillon Airways. The company is now cooperating with investigations. It is not known publicly why the helicopter crashed.




Singer Ozzy Osbourne, in an interview with Rolling Stone, said he once threw buckets of water at a group of deaf people at a concert because they were “not moving.” 


Ozzy explained that during his concerts, if there’s nobody moving, he will focus on the person — and throw buckets of water at him/her. 


So when Ozzy saw those people “just standing there,” he threw buckets of water at them. 


Later someone told him that they were deaf. Ozzy said he felt like a idiot, then wondered why a deaf person would want to go to a concert — saying he was told that deaf people feel the rhythm. He said it was interesting. 


Wow. If a deaf person meets him in the future and notices he’s not responding to ASL, throw a bucket of water on him!




Police in El Cajon, California (Near San Diego) are looking for a deaf man that has been missing since February 3. 


His name is John Robert Randall, 51. He is a white male, 5’8, 180 lbs, has a mustache. 


His sister-in-law, Cassandra Oilar-Randall, has posted on Facebook several times asking people to help with a flyer. 


His family told ABC 10 News that he was last seen driving to do work on a friend’s driveway, but never showed up. 


He uses a phone with T-Mobile service, and T-Mobile said his battery is dead. The family says John always brings a charger in his pocket, so it’s concerning. 


So if you have any idea of where he is, you can contact the El Cajon police department. [619-579-3311]


Cassandra FB Post/Flyer:


ABC 10 News:




Josh: Deaf Bing: When people wave at your face and say they have to go to the bathroom and walk off. That Deaf Bing. 


Sho: Haha, I forgot what I wanted to say. 


Josh: Can you beat that? 


Sho: Oh, I got it. Deaf Bing: Never use clutch purse. How do you sign it with it under your arm? If I’m signing, I’ll just give it to him to hold it. Every time I have a wallet, I’ll tell him to hold it. He’s so sick of it. 


Josh: True story. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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