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February 4, 2018



Hello, welcome to a Sunday special of The Daily Moth, today is February 4 — Super Bowl Sunday, which is an “American holiday.” 


It’s interesting, the Monday after is the #1 sick day in America. We should make the Super Bowl weekend a federal holiday/long weekend. I doubt Trump would approve that, though. 


Today I have three news to share — first about the memo, then about the Amtrak train accident, and things to look for during the match this evening. 




On Friday, House Republicans released the memo after Trump approved it to be declassified. T


Here’s a summary of what is in it, written by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif):


— It says in October 2016 the FBI and Dept. of Justice got a FISA approval to do electronic spying on Carter Page, a U.S. citizen who worked briefly on the Trump campaign team. It was already reported in media that the FBI started spying on Carter the summer of 2016. 


— The FISA warrant were renewed several times. The spying must be “re-approved” every 90 days by a secret foregin intelligence surveillance court if the FBI can prove that the spying is brining new information/material. 


— The spying continued from the Obama administration up into the Trump administration. The current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved one or more FISA applications. Rosenstein was appointed by Trump and confirmed by Republican Senators. 


— The memo says one of the key parts of the FISA spying application is information from the dossier written by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who worked with Fusion GPS, a research firm. 


This dossier is a stack of information accusing Donald Trump of colluding with Russians during the campaign. The research was funded largely by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign. 


— The memo accuses the FBI of not disclosing to the FISC that the Steele dossier was paid for by Democrats/Hillary. 


— It quotes Deputy FBI Director McCabe saying in December 2017 that there would be no warrant if not for the Steele information. 


— The memo says the FISA application had information about George Papadopoulos, who briefly worked on Trump’s campaign team. (We know he was charged with lying to the FBI by Mueller’s investigative team and is now sharing information with them). 


— The memo says the FBI Russian investigation started because of Papadopoulos. Who was the lead FBI agent? Peter Strzok. (We know Strzok has been in the news lately because he was once on Mueller’s team, but removed because of his text messages showing his anti-Trump views) 


So, those are the main parts of it. House Republicans say the memo shows the FBI abused their authority and paints them as biased. 


But House Democrats, led by Rep. Schiff (Calif) and Rep. Nadler (NY), says this memo is very misleading— that there is more evidence against Carter Page that the memo did not name. 


They criticize the memo of making it seem like the dossier was key for the FBI investigation, pointing out that it was Papadapoulos that trigged the Russian investigation. 


Democrats say Carter Page was likely influenced by the Russian government and that the FBI has a responsibility to investigate. 


They also say the memo does not tell us what information the FBI found on Carter Page — since the warrant was approved several times to extend. 


Rep. Nadler said the memo only helps President Trump to discredit the Mueller/Russian investigation and helps Putin, who now knows how the FBI tried to stop him from interfering in our elections. 


Democrats say they have their own memo with more information and wants to release it. We’ll see if it is or is blocked this week. 


President Trump said on Twitter that the memo vindicates him — that the Russian investigation is a witch hunt, repeating that there was no collusion, no obstruction. 


On Friday, Trump was asked if he had confidence in the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. Trump said, “you figure that out.” 


The memo is the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of tensions between Trump and the FBI, between Republicans and Democrats.




This early morning in Cayce, South Carolina — there was a serious Amtrak train collision that killed two Amtrak workers and injured more than 100 people. 


The train hit a stationary CSX freight train that was sitting on the same tracks. The crash caused the front part of the Amtrak to be crumpled up and several cars to derail. The CSX train engine was destroyed. 


 The S.C. Governor McMaster said it appears the Amtrak was on the wrong track. 


This is the third serious Amtrak accident since December — we remember the serious derailment in DuPont, Washington and the train-truck accident in Virginia this week.




Tonight is the Super Bowl match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. NBC will start their broadcast at 6 pm EST, with kickoff scheduled for 6:30 pm. 


Tom Brady is looking for his sixth ring. The Eagles are looking for revenge for losing to the Patriots in the 2005 Super Bowl. 


For the Deaf community, we can look forward to seeing Deaf woman Alexandria Wailes sign the National Anthem with singer Pink. She will also sign “America the Beautiful.” Hope we will see plenty of footage of her on TV. 


During the commercials, look for the trailer of “A Quiet Place,” which features Deaf actor Millicent Simmonds. 


During the halftime show, you can tune on to watch a LIVE interpreted show of Justin Timberlake’s songs by Deaf performer Jo Rose Benfield.  


Two DeafBlind sisters, Jessica and Rachel Eggert, will be a part of a 10,000 team named “Crew 52” working around the stadium to welcome guests. You can watch an interview of what they’ll be doing — it is filmed by the Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans.


They said there are several Deaf and DeafBlind people that work at the US Bank Stadium. It should be a great experience for them with the Super Bowl atmosphere. 


Eggert Sisters Interview:




That’s all for today. Enjoy your day, enjoy watching the game. Stay safe and please don’t drink and drive. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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