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February 2, 2018


Shooting at Los Angeles Middle School; Political News Briefs: Trump To Approve Memo Release; New Information About FBI Actions on Hillary Emails Investigation; Hillary Clinton Kept 2008 Campaign Staffer Who Was Accused of Sexual Harassment; Trailer for “A Quiet Place” During Super Bowl; Marlee Matlin Asks NBC To Air Super Bowl Signer; Deaf Man Cyron Stokes Pleads Guilty to First-Degree Murder; Prosecutor Reveals Graphic Details; Florida Legislature Proposes Bill To Require Certified Interpreters During Emergency Briefings; Aspen Camp for the Deaf Vandalized By Airbnb Renters; Gallaudet Athletic Director Mike Weinstock To Retire in August; Guest Deaf Bing: Moh Ides

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, February 1. Bye, bye January. Ready for news? 




There was a shooting at a middle school in Los Angeles — the Salvador Castro Middle School. 


Two students, both 15, were shot in a classroom before 9 a.m. One boy was shot in the head and is in critical condition, the other — a girl — was shot in the wrist and is in fair condition. 


Three others had minor injuries (not gunshot related) 


Police said a young female student, 12 years old, was detained and is the suspect. They recovered a firearm. 


Helicopter footage of the scene captured two police officers escorting a girl, with one officer carrying her backpack.


The school was on lockdown with police officers handcuffing students in a classroom on the second floor as a precaution. They were patted down and released, and police say they don’t think there was a second shooter — just the girl. 


This is another major school shooting incident — there were already 11 shootings on various campuses in January, and this is the third high school/middle school shooting in the past two weeks.




Three political news briefs:


1 — President Trump is expected to approve the release of the top-secret memo that House Republicans wrote — that criticizes the FBI of how they surveilled his presidential campaign. He is going against the FBI Director Wray’s warnings to not release it. We’ll see tomorrow if it actually is released. Democrats are working hard to block it — and if not — they want to release their own memo, which they say provides a different version.


2 — The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI Deputy Director McCabe, who recently stepped down, knew about Hillary’s emails that was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop on September 28, 2016  — but the FBI did not notify Congress about this until a month later when former FBI Director Comey re-opened the Hillary investigation 11 days before the election. Those emails were later determined to be “nothing” two days before the election. Now there are questions on why McCabe didn’t “act” faster. More will be known after an internal investigation is completed. 


3 — It is reported that the FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was in hot water for his texts to another FBI employee revealing his opinions against Trump, was involved with the Weiner email investigation and he helped to write the letter that the former FBI Director Comey released to Congress saying they were re-opening the investigation in HIllary’s emails right before the 2016 election. This is important because it shows that Strzok did “act against” Hillary Clinton. Hillary has said this re-opening of the investigation damaged her chances to win the election. 


Strzok was a top FBI official leading the Hillary investigation in early July, and was on Special Counsel Mueller’s team last year before he was removed due to the revelation of the text messages. 


This whole thing is getting more and more complicated as more pieces come out. 




Last weekend The New York Times broke that Hillary Clinton, during her 2008 presidential campaign, allowed a faith adviser, Burns Strider, to stay on her team after he was accused of sexual harassing a female staffer. Burns’ pay was reduced and Clinton ordered him to undergo counseling (but he never did). The female staffer was moved to a different job. In 2016, Burns worked for a group that supported Clinton’s second presidential campaign, but was fired, apparently because of sexual harassment. 


Clinton posted a long statement on Facebook on Tuesday night (before Trump’s speech) saying that if she had to do this again, he wouldn’t keep him. She said at the time, she didn’t think firing him was the best solution and wanted to give him a second chance. She has reached out to the woman — and said with the current culture of acknowledging sexual harassment issues — everybody is now on their “second chance.” 


The reaction to this has been mixed — with many supporting her and thanking her for the explantation, but there plenty of criticism in opinion articles that say she didn’t apologize and that it had too many excuses.




There will be a trailer for the Paramount movie “A Quiet Place,” which has Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds, released during the Super Bowl match on Sunday night on NBC. 


This means major exposure for the film, as the Super Bowl match is usually the most-watched TV program of the year.


The film will open nationwide on April 6, it stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. 


That’s one more Deaf person to look forward this Sunday — the other is Alexandria Wailes, who will sign the National Anthem along with singer Pink. 


But it’s not known if she will be on TV or if NBC will only show a few seconds of her or nothing at all, which usually happens during previous broadcasts. 


Marlee Matlin tweeted yesterday at NBC saying when she signed during the 1993 Super Bowl with Garth Brooks, NBC aired the whole thing, and asked NBC to do it again.


I watched the video, and Marlee was standing right next to Garth onstage and the whole song had either shots of both of them or Marlee in a PIP screen. 


Hope to see that this Sunday.


Marlee Tweet and Link:




Here is an update on Cyron Stokes, the deaf man who stabbed and killed a female employee at a hearing aid clinic in Christiansburg Virginia — Amy Byrd Shrader. This happened January 6 last year. 


He appeared in court yesterday and pled guilty to first-degree murder and to attempted murder. 


The prosecutor explained what happened in graphic details.


He said Cyron told police that he woke up on that morning and started thinking about killing someone. 


He thought of killing his ex-girlfriend, but thought he would be easily suspected and caught. 


Cyron then decided he wanted to kill his lawyer, who represented him in a previous case. He got a steak knife and went to her law offices in Blacksburg, but she was not there. He thought of attacking her assistant, but was nervous and left. (This is why he got the attempted murder charge.) 


Cyron then drove to Christiansburg and went to Anderson Audiology, where Shrader was sitting at the front desk. He went to the bathroom, then notified her that there was a problem there, luring her in. 


Cyron locked the door, then strangled her from behind. He threw her against a folded wheelchair, causing her to bleed from her head. He then pulled her pants as she shouted for help. 


Cyron then stabbed her several times with the knife. He wanted to have sex with her and started groping her, but was not aroused, and left her as she choked on her own blood. 


One female employee tried to open the door from outside, but couldn’t. Then Cyron opened it and punched her in the face, got into his car, and drove away. 


Witnesses wrote down his car license tag and notified police. His file was open inside of the audiology clinic. 


Cyron drove to his home, changed clothes, and thought of going into the woods and killing himself. He drove to a pizza restaurant, where police found him. 


He then got out and hid under a house. There was a large police presence who eventually caught him. Cyron said he hoped police would shoot him — he threw a rock at them. He was arrested. 


Last year during his first court appearance (Jan 9), he said he was “tired of America,” and wanted the death penalty.


Now Cyron has made a plea deal — saying he is guilty of murder and attempted murder — and has a charge for the punching (malicious wounding) dropped. 


There was no discussion about his mental health in the hearing. 


His sentencing hearing is April 23. He faces 20 years to life for the murder charge and 2 to 10 years for attempted murder. He is currently at the Western Virginia Regional Jail in Salem.


Previous Articles:






Today in the Florida legislature, a House panel approved a bill that will require state officials to hire a qualified sign language interpreter for emergency briefings on TV. 


This was motivated by the unqualified interpreter incident last year — the one in Manatee County when Hurricane Irma was approaching. We also know there was one more — the one during the police announcement about the Tampa serial killer arrest. 


This bill, HB 1109, was introduced by Rep. Richard Stark ( D ) who said he saw the Manatee County “interpreter.” 


The bill text says that in any developing weather emergency, there must be a qualified interpreter — meaning a person who is certified by the RID or the Florida RID. 


I reached out to the Florida Association of the Deaf President Lisa Rose for comment on the bill. Here it is.


Lisa: We have looked at the bill and we would like to make one adjustment — to remove the “Florida RID certification” because they don’t provide certifications, while the the RID provides certifications (and other organizations). We look at this as a positive step for the next bill that will ensure certifications for all levels in Florida, including educational, medical, and legal. 


Thank you for sharing, Lisa. Hopefully there will be positive changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.







Many people in the Deaf community are outraged at a vandalism incident at the Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Colorado. 


Here is a video from Katie Murch and other staff there, who will explain what happened.



Video summary: 


Katie Murch explains that the Aspen Camp does Airbnb rentals to earn extra income for student campers who depend on scholarships to attend. She said there were a lot of guests because of ESPN hosting the Winter X Games last weekend. Katie expected there to be festive parties, but thought they would treat the campus with respect. When the staff checked the facilities after the campers left, they saw a lot of damage and mess. 


Staffer Zach Sisson shows the interior of the commercial kitchen, which was locked off to guests because it requires those with food prep permits to use it. Guests managed to get in by going through a window. They caused a mess in the area, ate food from a freezer reserved for campers, throwing out an entire package of pepperoni. They wrote, “We are not deaf” on a freezer door. 


Zach also showed a damaged door frame in one of the cabins and damage to an exterior plug. 


Katie says she was very disappointed and that it takes a lot of time and energy to clean up and replace the lost food. She is working with Airbnb to hold the renters accountable, but it is difficult because they can’t pinpoint who did the damage to the common areas/kitchen. 


They hope to raise money to repair and invest in a security system, and use the remaining money for scholarships. She is grateful for the support she’s already received so far. 



Thank you all for sharing. Very disappointing to see that happen to the camp. 


Katie provided me with an update this morning — that they were not able to pinpoint the Airbnb renters to hold them responsible because they had deleted their accounts. But Airbnb is now working with them. 


If you want to help out the camp with cleaning/repairing, and generally with the camp after the funds are met, you can do at They hope to raise $4,000 and any additional amount will go to scholarships for campers. 


To help:


Local news:






Yesterday Gallaudet University announced that their Athletic Director Mike Weinstock will retire this August. He has worked on campus for 36 years, first at MSSD then as the athletic director in 2007.


He is credited with transforming Gallaudet athletics with re-branding the team logo, expanding the staff and hiring full-time coaches, building new, modern facilities, and moving to a different collegiate conference. 


Weinstock said in a Gallaudet article that it is time for him to pass along the torch to the next Athletic Director — that it was a tremendous ride for him and that he is proud. 


Gallaudet President Roberta Bobbi Cordano said she thanks Weinstock for his dedicated service and wishes her and his wife, Janet, a happy and restful retirement — and hopes to see them in the stands rooting for Gallaudet student-athletes. 


Weinstock told me yesterday he would always bleed buff and blue (which is Gallaudet’s colors).


Congratulations to him on his service and for representing Gallaudet and the Deaf community well.


There will be a national search for the next athletic director with the goal of the person taking over this summer. 


You can see an interview that I did with him last year and the Gallaudet article. Links are below in the transcript.




Guest Deaf Bing: Moh Ideis 


Moh: Deaf Bing: In a school cafeteria, there a lot of people there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The most popular items are waffles, pancakes, pizza, chicken fingers, hot dogs, et cetera. When one gets their plate, they’re excited and eat all of it. If they want more, they’ll see if others have either half-finished or plates with plenty of food — and they will make this sign. 


This sign means “first come serve.” 


We’ll use this sign to request food from others and eat it all up. Other people do the same thing, with everybody using this sign. 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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