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January 31, 2018


Super Blue Blood Moon on Wednesday Morning; Amazon, Berkshire, JP Morgan Chase To Form New Health Insurance Company; Trump’s State of the Union Address Tonight; Pilot Lands Plane On California Freeway; Report on Hawaii False Missile Alarm from FCC; House Republicans Vote to Release Memo, Trump To Make Final Decision; Cleveland City Council Refuses Deaf Man Interpreters Because He Can "Hear" and "Speak"; Deaf Bing: Restaurant Server 

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 30. Ready for news?




Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, there will be a “Super Blue Blood Moon.” 


The moon will go through a total lunar eclipse, which is when Earth blocks the Sun’s light rays, darkening and reddening the moon. 


It is also a “super moon” — which is when the moon is full and is at its closest position to Earth.


It is also a “blue moon” because it is the second full moon in a month. There will be no blue color, it’s just a term. The moon will actually be red. 


Those on the West Coast will have the best view of it, while those on the East Coast will not be able to see the eclipse, but still see the super blue moon. Those in the Central zone will only be able to see a short part of it, but the sun will rise as the eclipse is staring, so it’ll be too bright. 


For those on the West Coast, you’ll have to get up before 4 a.m. and look up to the sky, and you’ll see it. People in the Central zone can see a little of it at 6:51 a.m., with visibility gone at 7:03 a.m. 


The lunar eclipse is safe to view, no solar glasses is required. 


ABC News and various other websites plan to film the eclipse live starting at 5:30 a.m. EST, so you can wake up and flip on your TV/internet/phone to see it. 


I’m sure a lot of moths will enjoy the moon show.

Eclipse Info:




Three companies — Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase — announced they would work together to form a new “health insurance” company and to reduce the costs of health care. 


The focus is on their employees in the U.S. The three companies have over 1 million total workers worldwide, but it is not known how many employees are in the U.S. 


There is already speculation that the new health insurance concept could potentially become available to the public. 


The goal is to use technology to make health care simpler and transparent. 


Berkshire’s CEO Warren Buffett said America’s ballooning health care costs is like a hungry tapeworm on the American economy. 


Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said the health care system is complex and they know it’s difficult, but think it will be worth the effort. 


The three companies have named one executive from each to lead this, with a potential future headquarters and a new management team.




Tonight (Tuesday), President Trump will give his first State of the Union address. 


Last February he gave a similar style speech to a joint session of Congress, but that was not a “State of the Union” address. 


Tonight Trump will give his vision for America for this year and beyond. 


The biggest topics is expected to be immigration/border wall, the economy/trade, our military/security, and infrastructure spending. 


Will he say anything about the Russian investigation? We’ll see. 


Some Democratic House representatives refuse to go, boycotting Trump. 


There will be a member of Trump’s cabinet that won’t be there — because he or she is the “designated survivor” — which is the person who will be President should there be some kind of terrible event that wipes out the U.S. leadership team. During Trump’s speech last year, it was Shulkin, Sec. of Veteran Affairs. 


The speech will be live tonight at 9 pm EST. It’ll be on all the major TV channels, CSPAN, YouTube, and on various internet websites. Over 50 million people are expected to watch it. 


After the speech, there will be a Democratic response by Rep. Joe Kennedy III from Massachusetts. He is the great-nephew of President John Kennedy. 


I will be sharing the highlights of the speech and the response tomorrow (Wednesday).




On Sunday in Del Mar, California (near San Diego), a pilot of a small, single engine plane had engine problems (the engine went out), was losing altitude, and was fighting against strong winds. 


The plane, who had a passenger in it, had to land somewhere, fast. The pilot, Israel Slod, aimed at the 55 Freeway and managed to approach it, fly under a 20-feet overpass, and land on it it, while cars passed by. 


The plane stopped at a shoulder — with no damage at all. The two people on the plane got out safely and waited for a tow truck as police arrived to help them. It caused a major traffic jam.


The pilot is 24 and has 7 years of flying experience. 


Imagine driving and seeing a plane land on the road. Scary. Glad nobody got hurt.




Here is an update on the Hawaii false missile alarm. 


The FCC Federal Communications Commission said the person who clicked on the missile alert thought there was actually a missile incoming. This is different from what was previously explained — that the employee clicked on a wrong button. 


The FCC said the agency’s night shift supervisor decided to test the incoming day-shift workers with a missile drill. The day-shift supervisor was aware there would be a test, but thought it would be for the night-shift team. 


The fake drill was an recorded alert that “came” from the U.S. military - Pacific Command. It had the words, “this is not a drill” — and after explaining the missile threat — it said, “exercise, exercise, exercise” — which was supposed to signify that it was only for practice. 


But the day-shift employee did not hear “exercise, exercise, exercise” — thinking it was real, clicking on the alert. The day shift supervisor then began the process of responding, which took them over 30 minutes to decide how to inform the public, write out a correction alert, and send it out. 


The FCC said the agency was not prepared on how to respond to a false alarm, which is why it took 38 minutes before a correction alert was issued.




Yesterday (Monday) afternoon, House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee voted to release the top-secret four-page memo that accuses the FBI and Justice Department of abusing their powers against the Trump campaign. 


Now President Trump will have 5 days to decide to allow it to be released or not. 


Various news say that the memo talks about how, in fall 2016 during the presidential campaign, the FBI used information from a dossier about Trump (opposition research against Trump that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign) to get a FISA warrant approved to spy on Carter Page, who was a one-time advisor to the Trump campaign. Carter visited Moscow in July 2016 and stopped working with the Trump team in September. 


It is said the application for surveillance was approved by the Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein. He is the one who appointed the Special Counsel Mueller. 


Democrats say the memo is misleading and omits important information. 


It is possible that the FBI used other intelligence sources to get the FISA warrant, but that Republicans are focusing on the dossier references as “proof” of inappropriate behavior, because the dossier is itself controversial and have not been verified, with Trump saying it’s full of false information. 


Democrats want to release their own memo that provides a different perspective, but it would take more time for it to be released. 


We’ll see if Trump releases the memo — CNN reports that he wants it to be released as quickly as possible, but after his address tonight.




In Cleveland, Ohio — a Deaf man, Rico Dancy, is fighting against the City Council over the issue of ASL interpreters during their Monday public meetings. The council said they don’t need to provide an interpreter because Rico is not Deaf enough. 


Rico said the council has been providing ASL interpreters since October, but stopped two weeks ago. 


A council clerk sent Rico a letter on January 19 saying that they have observed Rico being not “completely deaf” — because he could use his voice to talk with people and has used his cell phone to talk. 


The clerk said they decided that they would provide Rico with assistive listening device instead, and that it is ADA compliant. The device costs over $4,000. 


The city clerk said it saved them money instead of paying an ASL interpreter every week. The clerk said if Rico still wanted an interpreter, he would be required to get a note from a doctor saying he had complete and total hearing loss. 


Rico has pushed back and fought this. I reached out to him for some comments. Here they are. 



Rico: They gave me a listening device, but I’m deaf. I can't hear. Why? I went to a deaf school, why do they they want me to do an audiological test? I’m deaf, went to a deaf school… The council doesn’t make the decision on who is “deaf” or “disabled.” That’s not their job. Their job is to provide services. Why are they excluding deaf people? I don’t understand. I feel hurt and rejected. I want the city council to provide interpreters every Monday. I want that, not for them to dismiss deaf and hard of hearing people. We have rights, equal access. I will continue to fight for every day for our access. 




Thank you for sharing, Rico. 


This story was on local news in Cleveland. The article said Rico has reached out to the NAD, and that the NAD has not commented due to concerns of attorney-client privilege, so it is clear they are aware and possibly will take action.




Deaf Bing: When I go to a restaurant and meet a waiter, who is almost always hearing (I’d say 100% of the time unless it’s a Deaf-owned restaurant) — anyways, when I meet my waiter, he or she is hearing, and I point to my menu, and the interaction is usually easy and smooth with the order. 


But when the food arrives, the person bringing the food is usually not the same as the waiter, it’s some other person who is a “food runner.” The person will use his or her voice, not knowing we are Deaf. This makes an awkward situation and because we are sitting below the tray, we can’t see which plates are ours, so we have to get the tray down so we can figure it out.


That tends to happen in a restaurant because of confusion with the waiters. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


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