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January 30, 2018


FBI Deputy Director McCabe Steps Down From FBI; Violent Attacks in Afghanistan by Taliban and ISIS; Four People Shot and Killed at Pennsylvania Car Wash; Man Dies After Being Sucked in MRI Machine; World’s Tallest Man Meets With World’s Shortest Woman; Cleveland Indians Will Remove “Chief Wahoo” Logo in 2019; ASL Interpreter Jenese Portee Performs Along with Singer Pink During Grammys Police Arrest Suspected Driver of SUV That Hit and Killed Deaf Man Umar King

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Hope your weekend was good. It is Monday, January 29. Ready for news? 




News broke today that the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is leaving the FBI. He planned to retire in March, but will be leaving now, using his vacation time until he is eligible to retire.  


This adds to the increasing drama in Washington D.C. between President Trump, the Russia investigation, and the FBI. 


On Friday, the New York Times reported that Trump, in June, wanted to fire the Special Counsel Mueller and ordered this, but backed off because his White House lawyer, Donald McGahn, refused and threatened to quit. 


Trump said this was “fake news.” Fox News said Trump did discuss firing Mueller, but did not “order it.” 


There is a lot of discussion among lawmakers and media that this only points more to Trump trying to obstruct justice, with those defending Trump saying as President, he has the authority to fire people. 


Now we have McCabe stepping down. He was the “second in command” in the FBI and briefly led the FBI when the previous director Comey was fired. He also worked under Mueller when he was FBI director prior to Comey. 


The Washington Post reported that Trump, after firing Comey, met with McCabe in the White House and asked him who he voted for in 2016. 


Trump has often criticized McCabe on Twitter, saying he was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton and Democrats — pointing out that his wife, Jill, ran for Virginia state senator and received over $450,000 in donations from Clinton allies. 


Today the White House said they were not involved with McCabe stepping down. 


Recent news reports also said Attorney General Sessions has previously pushed FBI Director Wray to fire McCabe, but that he backed off when Wray threatened to resign. 


McCabe also had an important role during the Clinton email investigation. 


The Justice Department’s Inspector General has investigated concerns of conflict of interest with McCabe for the past year and is expected to release their report soon. The FBI said McCabe had consulted internally with them on how to avoid conflicts of interest. 


But the Trump administration has said McCabe was acting in conflict of interest. We’ll see what happens.




There is more serious violence in Afghanistan. 


On Saturday in Kabul — more than 100 people died from a massive suicide bombing.


A bomb was placed in an ambulance that went through checkpoints with the driver saying there was an injured person inside, reaching a main square near many government buildings, embassies, and stores. The explosion shook nearby buildings. Over 200 people were injured. 


The Taliban has claimed responsibility. 


Then today there was an attack at an Afghan army outpost — ISIS gunmen killed 11 Afghan soldiers and wounded 14. Four ISIS gunmen were killed and others captured. 


Last Wednesday an ISIS suicide bomber attacked a “Save the Children” organization building, killing six people. 


And we remember on January 21 there was a Taliban attack at a hotel in Kabul that killed 22 people, including American citizens.


The Taliban has been getting stronger in Afghanistan — they now control or has partial control of 40% of the country, mostly in the countryside. 


There are currently over 15,000 U.S. troops there, an increase from the last years of the Obama administration.




Yesterday (Sunday) morning at 3 a.m. in Melcroft, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) — four young people in their 20’s were shot and killed at a car wash. 


The suspected gunman is Timothy Smith (28). He is in the hospital on life support after possibly shooting himself in the head, he is not expected to survive. 


What happened — Timothy went to the car wash first in his red truck and waited for the others. 


Two people, Chelsie Cline (25) and William Porterfield (27) pulled up at the car wash, got out and walked, and was shot and killed


Then two other people, Courtney Snyder (23) and Seth Cline (21), who was the half brother of Chelsie) pulled up in a pickup truck and was shot and killed while still inside. There was a woman in the back seat who survived with minor injuries from broken glass. 


Police have not explained a motive or given a reason why the people met up at the car wash at 3 a.m. 


Family and friends of Chelsie Cline say she used to be in a relationship with Timothy, and it seems like he was jealous and obsessed with her, so that’s a possible motive. 


Timothy had three guns and plenty of ammo with him — an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a 9mm handgun, and a .308 caliber rifle. He had a body armor on, but without the ballistic plates. His facebook photos show him at shooting ranges with rifles. 


Terrible incident that has shook the community there in Melcroft.




In Mumbai, India — a 32-year old man, Rajesh Maru, died after a freak accident at a hospital in which he was sucked in a MRI machine while holding a metal oxygen tank. 


MRI machines have very powerful magnets and when they are running, there can be no metal object in the room. 


It seems like a bad mistake — Rajesh was helping an elderly family member with carrying the tank, was told he could enter because the MRI was off, but as he got in the room, the tank was sucked in, carrying him. His hand got stuck inside. 


The tank knob broke, causing it to leak — which is very dangerous — causing him to inhale excessive amounts of oxygen. 


He was pulled out and brought to an emergency room, but died quickly. 


Local police say a doctor and a hospital employee was arrested. 


It’s not the first time this happened in India — there is an article about an incident in 2014 in which two people were injured from an oxygen tank being sucked in a MRI, trapping them for four hours.




On Friday at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, the world’s tallest man met with the world’s shortest woman. 


The man’s name is Sultan Kosen, is 8’1, and is from Turkey. The woman’s name is Jyoti Amge, is just over 2 feet, and is from India. 


The two were invited there by Egypt’s tourism promotion board to attract attention. And it sure did, with crowds photographing the two.




MLB Baseball team Cleveland Indians will no longer use their “Chief Wahoo” logo on their uniforms in 2019 (next season). 


The logo was controversial, with many saying the logo was offensive to the Native American community. 


The team plans to keep the “Indians” name and continue to use the “C” logo, without the Wahoo drawing. 


Why not “now?” The team says there needs to be time to transition. 


A representative for the Oneida Nation, Ray Halbritter, said the Cleveland team has done the right thing to not denigrate Native Americans as cartoon mascots. 


Ray has been trying to get the NFL team Washington Redskins to change their team name, saying their term is a racial slur. 


The team’s owner, Daniel Snyder said a few years ago he would never change its name.




In New Jersey, Jersey City police has arrested a man who is accused of being the driver of the stolen SUV that crashed and killed a deaf man, Umar King (33) last Tuesday. 


His name is Oriental Hamlet (19). He is also from Jersey City. He was arrested on Thursday and is charged with aggravated manslaughter and other charges, including death by auto, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and eluding police. 


He appeared in court on Friday. Hamlet pled not guilty. 


The state wants to keep him detained through the court process. If he is convicted of manslaughter, he faces 10 to 30 years in prison. 


There were three people total in the SUV. Last week a 16-year old boy was caught — he was injured — taken to the hospital and questioned, but has not been charged. 


There is one more person that police is looking for — a 17-year old boy. 


Umar King’s funeral will be this Wednesday at the Heavenly Temple Church of God in Christ.




Last night during the Grammy awards, there was an ASL interpreter for singer Pink’s performance, and she signed some parts of it along with the interpreter. 


The RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. posted on Facebook saying her name is Jenese Portee, NIC. She is the president of the National Alliance of Black Interpreters, Inc. 


Nice to see this during the Grammys. 


Pink will perform again with an interpreter — during this Sunday’s Super Bowl match with Deaf woman Alexandria Wailes. 


If you want to see the video clip, look at the link below.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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