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January 24, 2018


Two Students Killed in Kentucky School Shooting; Deaf Woman Shares Experience of Earthquake in Alaska; Updates on Special Counsel Mueller’s Interviews: Sessions, Bannon, Trump, and Comey; Text Messages Between FBI Employees Removed From Mueller Team; Deaf People Involved With Films Nominated for Oscars; Deaf Man Killed By Speeding SUV in New Jersey

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 23. Ready for news? 




This morning in Benton, Kentucky (southwest) — there was a mass shooting at the Marshall County High School with two students dead — a boy and girl, both 15. The girl died at the scene while the boy died at the hospital. 


A total of 14 people were shot. Five people had injuries not related with gunshots. 


The shooter, a male student, was arrested by police. He used a handgun and started firing around just before 8 a.m. The first 911 call was 2 minutes later, with police arriving at 8:06 a.m. 


The student will be charged with murder and attempted murder. 


News reports say when the shooting started, almost 100 students ran out of the high school in fear, on the roadways, crying and screaming.


There was an immediate convergence of ambulances and police cars, with police officers carrying large rifles. 


The Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin ( R ) tweeted this morning that this is a tragedy and that there is heartbreak in our communities. 


He then went to Benton at the site and praised the police officers for quickly stopping the shooting, saying there could have been more victims. 


Kentucky Senator McConnell ( R, Majority Leader) said his/ his staff’s hearts are with the entire community in Marshall County. 


It is the second straight day of a high school shooting — just yesterday in Italy, Texas a 15-year old girl student was shot by a 16-year old boy student. The girl is in the hospital and her condition is unknown. 


There are also no information on who the shooter is. He used a .380 semi-automatic handgun and fired it several times in the school cafeteria, escaped the building, and was arrested by police.




Around midnight today there was a big 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Alaska off Kodiak Island in the gulf.


Many in Alaska could feel the earthquake, even those over 200 miles away. Here is a video from a Deaf woman who lives in Anchorage — Clara Baldwin. 


Clara: Hi, I’m Clara. I’m from Anchorage, Alaska. Last night — wow — I was tucked in bed around 12:15 a.m. I had just finally dozed off when I felt shaking. I brushed it aside and thought maybe something was just rumbling or that it was my heart pounding. But the shaking continued for more than a minute, it was real long. I woke up with feeling nauseous. I checked my Facebook feed and true enough, many of my local friends talking and posting about feeling the earthquake, that it lasted for more than a minute, building up in intensity. It came from Kodiak Island. There were evacuations because of a tsunami warning. We in Anchorage were worried because we live in a waterfront area, but we were safe, we were okay — what a relief. It was a long and intense earthquake. My friends are okay, some of them said their homes had falling objects, but my home was fine, no damage. Today school went on as normal. We had snow today. So wow, we had an earthquake and snow! 



Alex: Wow, thank you for sharing, Clara. Glad everybody there is okay. 


I read news reports that said the earthquake raised alerts of a serious tsunami, but those warnings were later cancelled. There was a tsunami, but it was less than 1 feet high, so very little impact.




The New York Times reported that the Special Counsel Mueller interviewed the Attorney General Jeff Seesions for several hours last week as a part of the Russian investigation and on if Trump obstructed justice. 


He is the highest-level person, a member of the President’s Cabinet, to be questioned by Mueller. 


If you remember last year in March — Sessions was embroiled in controversy when it was revealed that he did not tell Congress that he had met twice with a Russian ambassador. He ended up recusing himself from the Russian investigation. 


Sessions was also a part of Trump’s presidential campaign from the beginning, leading Trump’s foreign policy team. That same team had George Papadopoulos, who recently pled guilty (in October) to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians, and is cooperating with the investigation. 


Sessions was also involved with the firing of former FBI Director Comey, which led to the appointment of Mueller. So there’s a lot of areas in which Mueller can question Sessions. 


Another big upcoming interview is Stephen Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist. 


News also broke that James Comey was interviewed by Mueller last year, in which they discussed memos Comey wrote of his several interactions with Trump — which includes a meeting where Trump asked him to let Michael Flynn go. 


We know now that Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI in December and is cooperating with the investigation. 


The Washington Post reported that Mueller is planning to interview President Trump in the next few weeks and ask him about why he fired Michael Flynn and James Comey.




There’s a lot of news about text messages between two former FBI employees who were removed from the Mueller team — Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. 


If you remember, a while back ago, it was revealed that the two had an affair and used their government phones to text each other very negative messages about Donald Trump — which raised concerns of bias in the investigation.


There are two news about this — one is a batch newly-released text messages and a concern over a batch of missing text messages. 


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, released 384 pages of texts. 


One of the texts between the two possibly discussed on if Strzok should join the Mueller team. He said he thought the odds was that there’s nothing, that his gut said there’s no “big there there.” But he later texted that this investigation could be in the history books, that it could lead to impeachment. 


Those texts were in May a short time after Mueller was appointed. 


Now the missing texts — for five months prior to May, going back to December 2016, there’s no records. This time frame was when Trump was transitioning to the White House, ending with Mueller’s appointment. 


The FBI said it was a technical error, but Sen. Johnson and other Republicans (President Trump, too) feel there’s more to this.


The Attorney General Sessions said the Justice Department will investigate this.




The nominations for this year’s Academy Awards (Oscars) are out, and the Deaf community is a part of three films. 


First is the movie “The Shape of Water.” It has 13 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Director. 


The movie has a hearing female character who is “mute” — so she uses sign language to communicate. There was some controversy about this on social media, as some thought the character could have been cast by a deaf actor.


But there were deaf people behind the scenes. The actor, Sally Hawkins, had two Deaf ASL consultants, Amanda Richer and Justin Jackerson (this was first reported by DPAN TV’s Tru Biz). So their work had an impact and is a part of the film. 


The second is a short film, “The Silent Child” — which is about a 4 year old deaf girl in England who grows up without a language until she meets a social worker who teachers her sign language. 


The deaf actor, who is 6 — Maisie Sly — will be going to the Oscars awards in March. The writer of the film is Rachel Shenton, who is herself a former UK soap opera actor and is able to sign in BSL. She also acts in the short film. 


BBC News just released an interview with both actors, you can see it at the link in the transcript. 


The third one is “Baby Driver,” which has Deaf actor C.J. Jones in it. The movie was nominated in three categories: Film Editing, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing. 


Congratulations to the films and to the Deaf people who were involved.


The Silent Child:


BBC Interview:




I got several messages that a Deaf man was struck and killed by an out-of-control SUV in Jersey City, NJ this early morning before 5 a.m. His name was Umar King and he was standing at a city bus shelter waiting for a bus. 


Local news CBS2 New York posted a surveillance video of the accident. It shows the SUV, which was going over 100 mph and being chased by a police car (possibly because it was stolen), being hit by a car crossing the road, spiraling out of control, hitting a light pole and crashing through the bus shelter. 


The people in the SUV then escaped, running down the street. It is not known if the driver or others were arrested. There is an investigation led by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office. 


People in the area told news that they saw a person lying on the floor, that it was sad. The bus shelter was completely destroyed. 


People on social media posted many messages showing shock and mourning of Umar’s passing, saying he was a great father. 


There is a Facebook page with the name “Umar King” and pictures on it that matches with other postings about the death. His profile says he went to the MSSD. 


Rest in peace, Umar. 


UPDATES: Authorities are now searching for two teenager suspects who were involved in the crash. A third teenager, a 16-year old boy, is in custody after getting treatment at a medical center. The SUV was reported stolen on January 19. 

CLARIFICATION: Umar leaves behind one child, a 9-year old daughter. 






That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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