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January 23, 2018



U.S. Government to Open After Senate Reaches Deal; Girl Wounded in Texas School Shooting; Vice-President Mike Pence Visits Israel; Larry Nassar Confronted by Survivors During Sentencing Hearings; “Women’s Marches” Across U.S. and Europe; Allegations of Donald Trump’s Affair and ‘Hush Money’ Payment With Adult Film Star Stephanie Clifford; Taliban Gunmen Attack Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan; Deaf Bing: Delayed Reaction 

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, January 22. Ready for news? 




The government will open — after a bipartisan group of Senators successfully agreed to have a temporary extension of the government budget for three more weeks. 


The government was shut down on midnight Saturday after Republican and Democrat Senators couldn’t agree on protections for DACA Dreamers and border security issues. 


Over the weekend, there were finger-pointing on both sides and from President Trump on who caused the shutdown — with Republicans saying the Democrats preferred to “protect” unlawful/illegal immigrants over Americans or military families. 


It seemed like there would be an extended shutdown, but the Senate reached a deal with a 81-18 vote. 


What’s the deal? The Majority Senate leader, McConnell ( R ) said he would allow a debate on DACA Dreamers and immigration issues, with a possible bill being put to vote, during the three-week extension. 


Sen. Minority Leader Schumer (D) said he supports this and that the Democrats would give their votes to reopen the government. 


As of this moment, the bill will go to the House, where Speaker Paul Ryan ( R ) said it will pass. Then when Trump signs it, the shutdown will end. 


This morning many federal employees stayed home, but they’ll be back to work tomorrow morning.  


Attention now turns to Republican Senators on if they will follow through with a debate, and we’ll see how that debate goes. 

If there is no deal on DACA Dreamers — will there be another shutdown? The next deadline is February 8. The DACA Dreamers program ends March 5. 



In Italy, Texas (south of Dallas), there was a shooting at a high school cafeteria, with one 15-year old girl shot and airlifted to a hospital. 


The shooter was a 16-year old boy, he immediately left the school after the shooting and was arrested without incident. The motive is unknown. 


The school has students from the 6th grade up to the 12th grade, with 281 students. 


Parents said there were a large number of students that saw the shooting and that it’s an emotional scene.




Vice President Mike Pence visited Israel, met with their Prime Minister Netanyahu, and gave a speech at their parliament building, the Knesset. 


He was interrupted by Arab representatives (MPs), who stood up holding signs saying, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” — to protest the Trump administration’s decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

They were quickly escorted and pushed out by ushers. 

Pence then continued his speech, saying the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will be opened by the end of 2019 (which is in around two years). 

Pence said he wanted there to be peace between Israelis and Palestinians. 


But Palestine’s President, Mahmoud Abbas, was not there — he went to visit the European Union in Brussels, Belgium to ask them to recognize Palestine as a state. 


Pence also made stops in Egypt and Jordan.




Former sports doctor Larry Nassar, who pled guilty to molesting more than 130 patients, including recent Olympics gold medalists, was confronted by over 80 survivors last week during his sentencing hearing at a courtroom in Michigan and will face over 60 more this week. 


Survivors, most of them young women, said to Nassar’s face that he was a repulsive liar, took advantage of their innocence, and caused them physical and emotional pain and scars. 


Nassar did want to skip this part, saying he went through emotional distress by hearing the testimony, but the judge ordered him to sit through it. 


Nassar admitted to using ungloved hands to touch the girls, with them and their families thinking it was a medical examination. 


He is expected to be sentenced this Wednesday. The Michigan attorney general’s office wants 40 to 125 years in prison. 


Prior to this, Nassar pled guilty to possession of child pornography and was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison. He is also facing another sentencing in another Michigan case. So Nassar, who is 54, is likely to be in prison until he dies. 


Many have criticized the organizations USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University for employing Nassar and failing to investigate after getting complaints. 


Some have called for MSU President Lou Anna Simon to step down. 


USA Gymnastics’ president was removed last year and several board members recently resigned. 


USA Gymnastics announced they would not continue its relationship with the Karolyi Ranch, the national training center for the U.S. Gymnastics team. Gold medalist Simone Biles said she was abused there and didn’t want to go back there.




Last weekend in the U.S. and some cities in Europe, there were hundreds of thousands of women and men who did a “Women’s March,” to call for women’s rights, equality, and often opposing President Trump. 


Yesterday (Sunday) was the one-year anniversary of Trump’s presidency, and the day after his inauguration, there were also hundreds of thousands of women who marched to resist him. 


Many speakers over the weekend’s marches encouraged people to vote for Democrats during the upcoming midterm elections.




There has been an increasing number of news articles about Donald Trump and an adult-film star Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford — discussing their alleged affair in 2006. 


It started two weeks ago when the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump, through his lawyer, last year before the election, paid $130,000 to Stephanie for her to keep quiet about the relationship. 


The White House said these were old, recycled reports and that the Trump team has already denied it before. 


“InTouch” magazine recently released an interview that was done in 2011 in which Stephanie talked about the relationship with Trump at his hotel room during a golf tournament. 


Stephanie has not commented about this to the media about in recent days. Stephanie has started a tour at different adult clubs, attracting media attention. 


Today the Vice President Pence said the reports and accusations are “baseless” and that he wouldn’t comment on it.




On Saturday night in Kabul, Afghanistan — there was an attack at the Intercontinental Hotel by six Taliban gunmen, who seized the hotel for 14 hours with gunfire and explosions. 


Hotel guests tried to escape by climbing down from their rooms using bedsheets. The battle ended after Afghan soldiers entered the hotel Sunday and rescued 160 guests. 


At least 22 people died. Three of them were pilots for Afghanistan airlines Kam Air. Five other Kam employees also died. 


All six Taliban gunmen were killed. 


The same hotel was previously attacked in 2011 — 21 people died.


Terrible what happened. News reports say there has been continuing violence in Afghanistan as the Taliban has continued to carry out attacks. At lest 18 people died in a separate attack on Saturday, and 8 people died from a car bomb in another area.




Deaf Bing: Delayed Reactions.


It’s when I’m sitting in an audience with a hearing speaker and an interpreter. When the speaker makes a joke, the audience laughs, I don’t know what’s funny until the interpreter translates it, and then I laugh… but 3 or 4 seconds later. 


This also happens when I’m watching TV — I’ll see them saying that the winner of this award goes to… and the camera zooms in on the winner with people applauding before the captions show the winner, but I already know by then. Delayed.


But, the tables are turned when I’m giving a speech with an interpreter to a deaf audience or when I’m watching a deaf speaker — I’ll laugh first and the hearing people will be delayed. 


Now they know what it feels like… The delay. 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 






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