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January 19, 2018


Amazon Reveals Top 20 Cities for Second Headquarters; Updates on California Children Chained by Parents; Phoenix Man Kills 9 People in 3 Weeks; U.S. Marshal Killed in Harrisburg, PA Shootout; South Dakota Might Remove ASL and Deaf Education Requirements for Deaf School Superintendent; Deaf Woman Missing in Philadelphia; Deaf Bing: Herding Deaf Kids

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, January 18. Ready for news? 




Amazon, the online shopping giant, has announced their top 20 cities for their upcoming second headquarters building, HQ2, which is expected to create 50,000 high-paying jobs with over $5 billion in investments. Amazon will need 500,000 plus square feet of office space. 


See where the cities are on the map. Most choices are on the Eastern side, with two in Texas, one in Denver, and one in Los Angeles. One is in Canada — Toronto. 


For some time, cities have been submitting “bids” for Amazon to choose them — offering various incentives and making pitches. 


Amazon will make their final decision this year. This process shows Amazon as one of the most powerful companies. 


Their CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world with a net worth of over $107 billion.




Updates on the California children who were chained in their home by their parents: 


— The Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said the parents, David and Louise Turpin, started abusing their children when they lived in Fort Worth, Texas and increased when they moved to California in 2010. 


— The children would be tied up with ropes or be chained with padlocks as punishment, which could last for several weeks or months. They were not even allowed to go to the bathroom. 


— Several children are malnourished, has cognitive impairments, and nerve damage from the abuse. 


— One girl who is 12 has the weight of an average 7 year old, and an adult daughter who is 29 weighs 82 pounds. 


— The children were not allowed to shower more than once a year. 


— There are 13 children in total, six minors and seven adults. The parents will be charged with 12 counts of torture (which has a maximum life sentence). The 13th child, a 2-year old child, appeared to be okay. 


— The father David is also charged with a lewd act on a child. Both have additional charges. Bail is set at $13 million for each parent. 


— The children are now at medical centers getting treatment.


— The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services wants court authorization to oversee the care for the 13 siblings and to work with other agencies to care for them, with the possibility they will be placed with family members if they meet qualifications — but no relatives have come forward yet. 


Terrible news, can’t imagine what those kids have gone through, but now they are getting care and treatment.




In Phoenix, Arizona — a man is accused by police of killing nine people in three weeks — making him a “serial killer.”  


His name is Cleophus Cooksey Jr., 35 years old. 


Police first arrested him for murdering his mother and stepfather on December 17. But after investigating further by looking at the ballistics of other homicides, they saw that seven other prior shootings in the area were connected to him.


The murders were between November 27 and December 17, in Phoenix and nearby Avondale and Glendale. 


Police showed a timeline with images of the victims. The last one is the mother and the stepfather, and you can see going back that Cleophus killed various people only a few days in between them — all dying from gunshot wounds. 


Police said they are concerned there could be more victims and will continue to investigate. They are asking for people to come forward if they have information about him. 


Cooksey was previously in prison for 16 years for armed robbery and manslaughter, released in July.




Today (Thursday) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, there was a shootout between a man and several police officers with the gunman and a U.S. marshal, Christopher Hill (45) dead. 


At 6:10 a.m., officers went to a home to arrest a woman named Shayla Pierce for making terroristic threats. They found her with children in the home’s second floor and led her outside.


When police handcuffed Shayla, the gunman, who was inside the home on the second floor, started firing at the officers, hitting the marshal and injuring two other officers. 


The gunman then went out of the home and continued to fire, with the officers returning fire, killing him. The marshal was taken to the hospital but died. He was a father of two. 


One of the injured officers had to undergo surgery but will recover. The other officer is okay.




The South Dakota Board of Regents, who oversees the South Dakota School for the Deaf (SDSD), wants state lawmakers to remove the requirements for the Superintendent to know ASL and have experience working with deaf children. 


This was in an article for South Dakota newspaper Argus Leader. 


The Board have worked to get a bill proposed in the Statehouse that will remove the job qualifications and consolidate the Superintendents for the Deaf and Blind schools into one position. 

The bill will be discussed in a House Education Committee meeting tomorrow (Friday) morning. 


The South Dakota Association of the Deaf Vice President Teresa Nold said she disagreed with this — explaining that the leader of the school should know sign language and have knowledge of deaf education. 


She also said it was tiring for the deaf community to be constantly discounted and to feel that they are the minority. 


The article said the current superintendent, who was the leader for the blind school, is also leading the deaf school — but will retire soon. 


The board director said he wants the requirements removed so they can cast a “wider pool.” 


The SDSD was dismantled from a single-campus institution in 2011, with the school becoming an “outreach center” to support deaf kids who go into mainstream programs across the state. 


There is one Deaf education program in ASL in the Harrisburg Public Schools. 


I’ve reached out to the South Dakota Association of the Deaf and will be following up on this.




Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are looking for a Deaf woman who has been missing for more than a month. Her name is Ahalieme Barksdale-Bey, 47 years old. 


Her mother, Sunnie Swartz, said she last saw her on December 7 when she went into the family’s home looking upset, saying someone stole her phone, then left without explanation. 


She thought she might be with her boyfriend, but when she realized the boyfriend hadn’t seen her, she officially reported her missing on December 12. 


The mother said she has checked hospitals, mental health wards, but there’s nothing. She is worried she is being held somewhere without her phone and with no money. 


Her family and a deaf ministry, Germantown Deaf Ministries Fellowship, have been working hard to find her, trying to get local media to help spread the word — and CBS Philly has helped to share this. 


Ahalieme is 5’3, 130 pounds, wears black rimmed glasses, and prefers to cover her hair with wigs in a variety of colors. 


If anybody in the area has any information, contact Philadelphia South Detectives at 215-686-3013. The police said they would provide ASL interpreters.




DeafBing: Herding Deaf Kids


Richard Dahan: You know, a Deaf Bing in sports with Deaf kids — when you are trying to get their attention, you’ll tap on their shoulders, tell them to look at you and to stop talking. You might have to flash the lights to get their attention. While hearing people just have to make verbal commands to get everybody’s attention. 


That Deaf Bing — trying to get everybody’s attention. 


(Bonus Deaf Bing: Wardrobe Malfunction — video shows Richard’s finger getting caught on his name plate necklace). 




That is all for today! More news tomorrow. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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