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January 17, 2018


California Couple Charged With Torture After 13 Children Found Confined Inside Home; Man Wounds Four South Carolina Police Officers in Shootout; Stephen Bannon Subpoenaed by Special Counsel Mueller; DOW Jones Hits 26,000 Milestone; Trump Administration Will Ask Supreme Court To Reverse DACA Ruling; Updates on Baltimore Patient “Dumped” By Hospital; Deaf Man Beaten By Several Men on Minibus in Turkey; Hawaiian ASL Interpreter’s Experience With Ballistic Missile False Alarm; Deaf Bing Fence


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 16. Ready for news? 




In Perris, California (near Riverside) — police found a house where 13 siblings were confined inside, with some of them chained to furniture in dark and foul-smelling conditions. Their ages ranged from 2 to 29.


The parents, David and Louise Turpin, have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of torture and child endangerment. 


How did police find the home? A 17-year old girl escaped early Sunday morning and called 911 using a cellphone she found in the home. When police saw her, they thought she was 10 because she was emaciated (thin, bony). 


Law enforcement officers then went to the family home all day on Sunday. There were six minor children and seven adult children. They said they were starving, was provided with food and drink, then transported to hospitals for treatment. 


Police said the parents were unable to provide a logical reason why they confined their children. They are now being held on $9 million bail each. 


The grandparents of the children, who live in West Virginia, said they were surprised and shocked. They said the children were home-schooled and that the family was religious (Christian). 


The home was registered in public records as a private school. The father worked as an engineer and the mother was a “stay-home-mom.” They had some financial issues and previously declared bankruptcy. 


Neighbors said they noticed that there was something strange about the home, that the children looked very thin and had very white skin. 


On the parents’ Facebook page, it shows the family looking like they were happy — with trips to Disneyland and Las Vegas. 


Hope the children will have good care going forward. If the parents are convicted of torture, they face life in prison.




In York, South Carolina — four police officers were shot by a man at his house after police arrived on a domestic violence call around 1 a.m. today (Tuesday). 


When police arrived, the suspect, Christian McCall (47), ran away from his home. Officers with K-9 dogs then searched for him and when they approached him, they were shot at with a large barrage of gunfire, and officers returned fire. 


McCall had several long guns. 


A K-9 officer was shot. It’s not known if the dog was shot or not. After this, three more officers, who were members of a SWAT team and wearing bulletproof vests, was also shot. 


McCall also shot at a police helicopter and hit the rear part, but the helicopter was able to land safely with nobody onboard injured. 


McCall was himself shot and transported to the hospital. The four officers were transported to the same hospital. 


One officer is in very critical condition and three others had to undergo surgery. The suspect McCall also had surgery. 


McCall was previously arrested in 1994 for assaulting a police officer. He lived in the house with his wife and three children.




The New York Times reported that Stephen Bannon, who worked with the Trump campaign team and was fired from his job as the White House chief strategist, was subpoenaed last week by the Special Counsel Mueller to testify before a grand jury as a part of the Russian investigation. 


Bannon is the first from Trump’s “inner circle” to be subpoenaed. Mueller has the ability to require him to testify or to agree on a less formal interview in his D.C. office. 


We don’t know what Mueller wants to ask Bannon about. It could be a follow-up to Bannon’s recent public criticism of Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort’s meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian lawyer — Bannon said it was “treasonous.” 


Bannon's comments caused President Trump to publicly cut ties with him, saying he lost his mind and calling him “Sloppy Steve.” 


The book’s fallout also caused Bannon to leave (or was fired) from his executive job at Breitbart News and lose his relationship with big political donors. 


And now it appears Mueller is calling on Bannon to share what he knows. This shows the Russian investigation is still ongoing, but we don’t know if it’s “expanding” or nearing an end. 


President Trump himself has not been interviewed by Mueller, and it is possible he will be in the future.


Trump tweeted about the investigation today saying “the Russian Collusion Hoax is dead.”




Today the DOW Jones index crossed a new record — 26,000 points. 


Just a couple weeks ago the DOW broke records with reaching 25,000 points, and its already up another 1,000 points. 


Stocks are continuing their strength from a good 2017 in which the DOW spiked almost 8,000 points during Trump’s first year as president. Several other stock indexes and individual stocks are also up. 


The Wall Street Journal said analysts expects that stocks will continue to rise because of the tax bill and lower unemployment rates. But there are always some who warn the stocks could drop when the “party ends.” 


For now, and for more than a year, stocks are going up.




The Trump administration announced they will ask the Supreme Court to overturn down the 9th Circuit Court’s recent decision to keep the DACA program “alive” as lawsuits make their way through the courts. 


Attorney General Sessions said the DACA issue shouldn’t be decided nationwide by a single district court in San Francisco. 


The Trump administration last weekend said they would accept renewal applications for those who are already under the DACA program, because of the 9th Circuit Court’s decision. But they want to not have to do this — they want the Obama-era DACA program to end, for Congress to decide what to do going forward. 


Right now for DACA — no new applications will be accepted (only current DACA recipients can renew), and those on DACA who leave the country could be blocked from returning. 


The DACA issue continues to be a controversial topic in current negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, and could cause a government shutdown if there is no agreement.




Here is an update on the Baltimore, Maryland woman who was left outside of a hospital in cold weather with just a hospital gown on. 


The woman’s name is Rebecca and is 22. Her mother said she is not deaf. Many thought she could be a deaf person because she didn’t speak, didn’t seem to respond to the man filming her, and appeared to motion her hand towards her ear. But we know now she is not deaf. 


Her mother said Rebecca has a mental illness since she was a teenager and requires medication and had lived in a youth program. She was missing for 10 days before the mother saw the video of Rebecca. 


The mother said Rebecca was very humiliated — that the hospital disposed of her and that it broke her heart. She said this shows that the mental health system is broken. 


The man who filmed the incident — Imamu Baraka — called 911, where medics came to take Rebecca back to the hospital. She was later discharged and transported to a homeless shelter, but is with family now. 


The CEO and President of the University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr. Mohan Suntha, apologized and said they accepted full responsibility for the failure. 


A Maryland state agency is now investigating the hospital. 


Many say this is a case of “patient dumping” — which is when hospitals release those who are homeless, mentally ill, or both to the streets.




Many sent me links to an article and video of a deaf person being beaten by several men in a minibus in Turkey.


The video shows a young male, identified as Agit Acun (20), sitting at the back of a bus. Several men behind him try to talk to him, but he points to his ear to say he can’t hear.


Then suddenly the men start shoving at the deaf person’s head. The deaf person gets up, throws a punch, and is pushed back to the front of the bus, being ganged up, getting a beating from three men. 


Some on the bus just sit and watch. A person helped out by pulling away at the assaulters’s backs. 


The deaf person then gets up, dazed, gets his wallet, and sits down. He later uses his phone to communicate with what seems to be the driver/bus operator. 


The news video has interviews with what seems to be eyewitnesses from the bus and the deaf person’s mother, who weeps as she holds him. 


The article said there were four men involved, who were university students, with them arrested and in custody. 


This is big news in the Deaf community in Turkey.




I will show you video from an ASL interpreter who lives in Maui, Hawaii. He went through the false alarm warning of an incoming ballistic missile. He will share his experience. 



Gary: On Saturday morning, I got an alert on my phone saying there would be a ballistic missile that would hit Hawaii. 




Gary: I was shocked and took a screenshot of it and sent it to my friends and family to inform them. I added a personal message saying I loved them. When this was sent out, my sister messaged me and we called each other. She asked why, who was doing this. I told her I didn’t know anything, that I had no information. She said there was nothing on the news. 


I was surprised, then I said I had to take shelter, and told her I loved her. I then packed water bottles and shoes in my backpack and went to the bathroom. I was not sure of how much time was left, when it would hit. I didn’t have information on how to best prepare for that situation. 


As I was sitting in the bathroom, I posted the phone alert on Facebook and asked if there was anything on the news, but there was nothing. Then a friend of mine, who’s family was in the military, told me that it was a false alert. 


[Phone shows news headline “Hawaii officials say ‘NO missile threat’ amid emergency alerts”]


Gary: So it was confirmed that this was a false alarm, a mistake — that I was safe and didn’t have to worry. Then when I got out, I noticed that there were no sirens or emergency vehicles outside. There was no additional information on which country launched the missile. 


After 38 minutes, it was confirmed that it was a false alarm. I was relieved but also disgusted, because I had to inform my entire family that I loved them. What made this worse is that my friends and family never got my last message to them. This was a traumatic experience. 



Wow, thank you for sharing, Gary. 


Here’s an update on what happened. The Hawaii Emergency Management released an image of what the computer screen looks like to “send out the alert.” You can see that it is a “menu” — a list of options. 


The employee was supposed to do an internal test of the alert system, which is named “DRILL - PACOM (CDW) - STATE ONLY.” 


Instead, the employee clicked on “PACOM (CDW) - STATE ONLY”


So the two are almost the same, except for the word, “drill.” The employee then clicked on a confirmation pop up to send out the alert to over a million people. 


The agency said they have made changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again, including requiring at least two people to send out the alert.

I also saw comments saying that the design of the menu — the UX design — was bad. Maybe the agency will hire an UX engineer.




Deaf Bing: ASL Barrier


Alex: Deaf Bing: You have to get your body above the fence to communicate. Hearing people can talk through the fence, but we have to stay above. That Deaf Bing. 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 














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