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January 16, 2018



Controversy Over Trump’s “Sh**hole” Comments During Immigration Meeting; Hawaii Panics From False Missile Alarm; Baghdad Suicide Blasts Kills At Least 38; Fire On Florida Casino Shuttle Boat Kills One; Man in Wheelchair Climbs Mountain; Turkish Plane Nearly Plunges Off Cliff After Landing; At Least 20 Killed in California Mudslides; Deaf Bing: Eagle Eyes



Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, January 15, Martin Luther King Day. Ready for news? 




The weekend was dominated with news about President Trump’s alleged use of word, “sh**hole” in reference to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries. 


This was during a meeting on Thursday about immigrants and DACA. Trump allegedly used the term. Trump was also accused of saying he wanted more immigrants from Norway instead. 


This set off a wave of criticism towards him, saying Trump was racist. 


President Trump tweeted that he didn’t say the term “sh**hole,” but said he used tough language. 


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who was at the meeting, said Trump did say the word and was hateful, vile, and racist in his comments. 


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham ( SC ) said what media reported about Trump was accurate and that he did confront Trump directly by telling him, “America is an idea, not a race.” 


But Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton ( R ) and Sen. David Perdue ( R-GA) said Trump’s comments were misrepresented and said Sen. Durbin was spreading false information. The two Senators at first said they didn’t recall Trump’s comments, but later clarified their comments to defend Trump. 


Last night, President Trump, in Florida, said he was not a racist and is the least racist person that you have ever interviewed. 


But the impact has already been made worldwide. 


A U.N. spokesperson said Trump’s language was racist and showed he didn’t welcome countries who’s populations were not white. 


The African Union, representing 55 African countries, said Trump’s comments were clearly racist and demanded an apology. 


There were similar criticism from leaders in Haiti and El Salvador. 


That term and controversy is still hot in the U.S. and the rest of the world. 


President Trump has now tried to bring back the focus on whether the White House will do a deal for DACA “Dreamers” with Democrats — and it doesn’t like negotiations are successful, because Trump has said several times that the Democrats was not willing to make a deal and that DACA was “probably dead.”  


The issue here is the border wall and immigration — Trump wants the wall built and for there to be stricter immigration policies in exchange for granting DACA recipients, and it appears the Democrats are steadfast in opposition of the wall. 


They’ll need to figure it out before the current government funding expires on Friday — otherwise there will be a government shutdown. 


Now, as for the DACA — the Trump administration said they will accept renewals for Dreamers, because of a recent federal judge’s decision that the DACA must stay in place while lawsuits make their way through the courts.




There was a great scare in Hawaii on Saturday morning — as there was an emergency alert sent out to people’s phones warning of a ballistic missile that was headed towards Hawaii and for people to seek immediate shelter. 


This was sent out by Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System by mistake. It seems like there was an internal test and one staff accidentally clicked on the alert button, sending out the warning at 8:07 a.m. 


Several minutes later the agency informed police and posted on social media saying this was a mistake and there is no missile threat, but this was not sent out to people’s cell phones for another 38 minutes, so many people didn’t know. 


Pictures and video showed people running in panic, seeking shelter, putting children in storm drains, as they thought there was a missile coming. I can’t imagine the feeling. 


After it was clear that this was a mistake, Hawaiian Governor David Ige (D) and staff from the agency did a press conference to apologize and explain what happened. He said there will be changes within the emergency agency. 


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the FCC will do an investigation to make sure this doesn’t happen again, for there to be reasonable safeguards and controls in place. 


I saw a social media posting that the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Board was in Hawaii at the time and was visiting the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind when the alert was sent out. They went into a storage room at the library and waited around 15 to 20 minutes before they found out it was a false alarm.




This (Monday) morning in Baghdad, Iraq — there were two suicide bombings on a busy market, killing at least 38 people and injuring over 100 people. 


The first blast killed at least 26 people, then a few minutes later, the second one went off, killing at least 16. Many were injured from shrapnel. 


It is not known who did this, but many suspect ISIS. Terrible. 


ISIS has lost almost all of their land in the country, so there was some feeling of peace in the coutnry, but ISIS have shown themselves still capable of terror attacks.




Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon in Port Richey, Florida, a casino shuttle boat caught fire and went up in a serious blaze. 


One woman, who was 42, died at a hospital. 15 people were inured as people on the boat jumped out (36 passengers and 14 crew). 


Fortunately the boat was very close to shore so there was immediate rescue. The captain steered the boat to “beach” it before the flames completely enveloped it. 


It was a cold day with temperatures in the low 40’s. 


The cause of the fire is not known and under investigation. 


The company of the shuttle boat is Tropical Breeze Casino, it has a boat that is in international waters with a ferry bringing passengers back and forth. They issued a statement saying their hearts are broken. 


Those on the boat told news that as the shuttle boat was headed to the casino ship, there was a smell of an electrical fire. The crew said there were engine issues and told the passengers to go to the upper deck. The boat then turned back, started smoking, then ran it aground and told people to jump off the boat. People struggled to move through the cold water and the muddy, silty waters, but was quickly met with help by first responders and people who lived in the area.




A Chinese man, Lai Chi-wai, is making news for successfully climbing a cliff in Hong Kong, while still in his wheelchair. 


He became paralyzed from a motorcycle accident in 2011. Prior to that, he was very successful in rock climbing competitions, winning several championships. 


After the accident, he didn’t give up on rock climbing — spending months of training in indoor rock climbing facilities. He then successfully climbed the “Lion Rock,” which is 495 meters tall. 

This was at the end of 2016, so it was more than a year ago, but it’s “news” because Chi-wai was recently nominated for a “World’s Best Sporting Moment” award by Laureus. Very impressive.


Facebook Page:




On Saturday in Trabzon, Turkey — an airplane with 162 passengers, after landing on a runway by a cliff, skidded off and nearly plunged into the Black Sea. 


In this amazing picture, you can see that the plane fortunately became stuck on the cliff. Everybody on the plane is OK. 


The plane company is Pegasus, the plane is a Boeing 737-900, flying from Ankara. 


People on the plane said people shouted and screamed as the plane tilted to the side with its nose down. 


The plane stopped because its wheels got stuck on the mud. The cause of the skid is unknown and under investigation.




Updates with the Southern California mudslides: 


— At least 20 people have died with four still missing and feared dead. 


— One family was seriously impacted — a father, his son, and his father-in-law died. The father was Pinit Sutthithepa (30). His body was found by searchers, along with the bodies of his son Peerawat, just 6 years old, and Pinit’s father-in-law, Richard, who was 79 years old. Pinit’s daughter, 2 years old, is one of those still missing. Pinit moved to the U.S. from Thailand. 


— There was a vigil last night where people came together to light candles and mourn those who died. 


— Emergency crews are still searching for those missing and checking homes and structures, and still working to clear roads of mud, water, and debris. Over 400 buildings were damaged or destroyed. 


— The 101 Freeway is shut down indefinitely with no timetable on when the cleanup/repairs will be complete.




Deaf Bing: Eagle Eyes


Alex on ground: Hi! 


Alex on plane: Hi 


Alex on ground: I'm going to go and pick you up now, ok? 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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