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January 9, 2018



Trump Administration Ending Protections for Salvadoran Immigrants; Police Chief in Pennsylvania Arrested After Contacting Underage Girl for Sex; Washington Police Officer Shot and Killed, Manhunt Underway; Strong Numbers for U.S. Economy After First Year of Trump Presidency; 2017 Is The Costliest Year for Natural Disasters in U.S. With $306; Small Fire at Trump Tower Injures Three; NFL and NAD Announce Selection for Super Bowl Signer: Alexandria Wailes; British Newspaper “The Guardian” Reports About Disarray in Deaf Education in England; Deaf Bing: Hyper Thumbs.


The Trump Administration announced they will end the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a program that allowed 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador to live in the U.S. since 2001. There were devastating earthquakes in El Salvador that year that killed almost 1,000 people — and the U.S. decided to allow Salvadorans who were already in the U.S. to stay here with the TPS. The TPS program has been extended by past U.S. administrations, but now the Trump administration said this program should end because the conditions for the TPS doesn’t exist anymore. There will be a 18-month period for them to make arrangements on how they will leave — by September 2019. They can also find a different way to legally stay in the U.S. If they stay past that time, they could face deportation. Some lawmakers hope to pass a bill to grant them other ways to legally stay here. Most of the 200,000 people have children who are born in the U.S. and 1/3 of them own homes. The Trump administration has also ended TPS status for two other groups in November — 60,000 Haitians who came to the U.S. after the 2010 earthquake and for 2,500 Nicaraguans who came after Hurricane Mitch in 1998.




A police chief for Leechburg, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) was arrested on Friday for contacting an underage girl for sex. His name is Michael Diebold.


The Pennsylvania Bureau of Criminal Investigations was doing a sting in which they used undercover agents to pose as children replying to message boards. 


In exchanges with Diebold, the undercover agent said she was 14 years old, but Diebold didn’t back off — he instead said “everyone has to have a first time.” When he went to meet her, he was arrested by police officers and is now in custody with a $500,000 bond set. 


Diebold was “famous” earlier this summer because he lost his left arm and had face wounds after a fireworks accident. He got married a few weeks later and was still the police chief, overseeing 2 other full-time officers and 15 part-time officers. 


Now Diebold is in the news again, but for this crime. Diebold admitted to it, saying he knew it was wrong and that his life was over. His wife, Danielle, said she was “shocked” and that her and the children’s lives are completely shattered. She also said she was sorry for any minor out there that might have been invovled. 


The PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro said this case is heinous because Diebold is supposed to serve and protect the community — and that this case shows his office will prosecute any offender, no matter who they are.




Last night (Sunday night), a police officer was shot and killed when he was chasing two suspects in connection with a home invasion/robbery in Frederickson, Washington (near Tacoma). 


The officer’s name is Daniel A. McCartney. 


One of the two suspects was dead in the same area as the officer. The second suspect is at large. 


There is a manhunt for him — a tall, thin white or mixed race man with curly dark hair in a ponytail. Some local schools are closed because of the search. 


The Pierce County Sheriff’s office tweeted a picture of officers escorting Daniel’s body with an American flag draped over it. They said they were heartbroken, that the officer was 34, married, had 3 young boys, and was a Navy veteran. 


Sad to see another officer killed. Hope they catch the suspect soon.




Last Friday President Trump got some good news about the stock market and jobs in the U.S. 


The DOW Jones finished above 25,000 points, a record, and there were 148,000 new jobs created in December. 


The wage growth amount was 2.5%, which the Wall Street Journal analyzed as “good,” but not great.


The unemployment rate is at 4.1%, which is the lowest number since 2000. Also, the black and hispanic unemployment rates were lower. 


In 2017, the U.S. economy created 2.1 million jobs. 


That’s good, and it’s almost the same as 2016 (Obama’s last year), which had 2.2 million new jobs.  


In 2015, there were 2.7 million new jobs, in 2014, there were almost 3 million new jobs. 


For Trump’s first year of presidency, amid the almost weekly drama of different controversies, the economy has shown that businesses, employers, and consumers are confident under the Trump administration. It is expected this trend will continue, because of the new tax bill. 


President Trump has tweeted several times in the past few days that he doesn’t get enough credit for those numbers.




The year 2017 was the most costliest year for natural disasters in the U.S., with $306 billion in damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria — combined with the wildfires in western states. 


The NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration complied those numbers in a report today. 


There were 16 separate disasters last year that caused more than $1 billion in damage each. See this map. You can see hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, fires, hailstorms, drought, and freezing temperatures. 


At lest 362 people died and many more were injured by those disasters. 


The most costly disaster was Hurricane Harvey with $125 billion in damage. Hurricane Maria caused $90 billion in damages. Hurricane Irma caused $50 billion in damages. 


Wildfires caused $18 billion in damages and 54 deaths. 


The NOAA said one key factor for the economic costs is that there are more valuable infrastructure built in areas where hurricanes or fires hit. 


There were questions on if climate change affected the storms, but the NOAA didn’t discuss that. 


They did say that 2017 was the third-warmest year in the past 123 years. The top five warmest years in the U.S. all happened since 2006.




This morning there was a small fire at the top of Trump Tower in New York City that was caused by some kind of electricity problem in a cooling tower. 


News pictures showed smoke rising as more than 100 firefighters showed up at the scene, with many fire trucks on the street. 


At least 3 people got injured — a firefighter got hurt from falling debris and a building engineer had smoke inhalation. 


Eric Trump, the younger son of Donald Trump, tweeted that the fire department did an incredible job. 


It’s a relief the fire was not more serious. 


it is the second fire this week that impacted a home of a U.S. president — on Wednesday there was a small fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home “compound” in Chappaqua, New York — it was caused by a bathroom fan shorting. 


The Secret Service called the fire department, who quickly showed up and took care of the situation.




The NFL and the NAD has made their choice for who will sign the National Anthem — it is deaf actor/director Alexandria Wailes. She will sign for the singer — Pink. Alexandria will also sign “America the Beautiful.” 


The game will be at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Congratulations to her for getting this honor. Her experience includes performing for Deaf West’s Broadway show “Big River,” was involved behind the scenes for another Deaf West Broadway show —“Spring Awakening,” and appearances on several TV shows.




British newspaper “The Guardian” released an article today saying there is a “disarray” with deaf education in England, with dwindling numbers of specialist teachers and an increasing number of deaf children. 


The numbers were from a report by organization CRIDE - Consortium for Research in Deaf Education. I checked it their report, here’s some of what is in it. 


— There are at least 45,631 deaf children in England. 


— The majority attend mainstream schools, some with supporting specialists, most without.


— 3% of them go to a deaf school. 


— 29% of them use sign language, most of them using it along with spoken English. 


— 7% of the children had at least one cochlear implant, 4% of them had a bone conduction device (similar to a cochlear implant) 


— There are over 1,000 “teacher of the deaf” posts, but the numbers has declined in recent years, with a need for more qualified teachers and support staff. 


The article focused on the need for more teachers for deaf children, saying the government didn’t do enough to address it, and for there to be additional funding. 


Guardian Article:


CRIDE Report: file:///Users/MOTH/Downloads/CRIDE_2017_England_report_FINAL.pdf




Deaf Bing: Hyper Thumbs. 


Deaf people love our phones, right? But we don’t use the “phone” because we don’t hear or speak. 


We use our thumbs to text or email. We can type those messages fast, without looking at the phone.


We’ve had years of practice, ever since the first “Wyndtell” phones came out, throughout the phone evolution, to the iPhone. 


Sometimes our thumbs get too hot, they’re on fire. We’ve got to cool them down. 

Don’t challenge deaf people with a thumb wrestling match. We’ll kick your… thumbs. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 














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