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January 4, 2018

Steve Bannon Says Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian Lawyer was “Treason,” In New Book That Details Chaos and Division Inside White House; Two New Democrat Senators Sworn in Office: Doug Jones and Tina Smith; Joshua Boyle, Canadian Man Released from Taliban Captivity, Arrested For Sexual Assault; Bus Accident in Peru Kills 48; NY Gov. Cuomo Wants To Eliminate Most Cash Bail In Bid To Reform Criminal Justice System; Deaf Parents Impacted by House Fire in Tennessee, One Child Killed; Two Airplane Incidents With Animal Intruders Cause Flight Chaos; Forecast of “Bomb Cyclone” Causing Serious Winter Storm for Northeast U.S. and Canada; DeafBing: Dirty Shoulders




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, January 3. Ready for news? 




Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, strongly criticized Donald Trump, Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer at the Trump Tower last year during the presidential campaign to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton. 


An excerpt of his comments were published in a soon-to-be-released book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the White House.”


Bannon said it was treason and unpatriotic for Trump Jr., former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner to meet with the Russian lawyer. He said he was sure that after the meeting on the 25th floor, Trump Jr. took the Russian lawyer up on the 26th floor to meet Donald Trump. 


Bannon said the three should have called the FBI immediately when they were contacted by the Russian lawyer. He had a prediction that “they” would crack Trump Jr. like a egg on national TV. 


** A note here that Bannon joined the Trump campaign in August, which was two months after this meeting in Trump Tower. 


Bannon also said Mueller’s investigation is based on money laundering and that it would lead the FBI to go from Manafort, Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, then to Donald Trump. 


Bannon said the White House was like sitting on a beach trying to stop a Category 5 hurricane. 


There is more information in the book, which will be released next week. It is written by Michael Wolff, who did over 200 interviews in 18 months with people around the White House, including President Trump. Wolff had interacted with top Trump aides and Trump himself before the election and during the beginning of the presidency. 


President Trump responded after his comments were released — saying Bannon had nothing to do with him or his Presidency, that when he was fired, he lost his job and his mind.  


So the rift between Bannon and Trump has seriously split. 


Now, back to the book, a summary of it was released today online on the New Yorker. It gave a very detailed picture of what it looked like inside Trump’s campaign on election day and in the White House, including two illustrations. 


It said the Trump team was not even expecting to win the election — that they had already started making plans on what to do after November 8th. 


When they found out the won, Melania (Trump’s wife) had tears of sadness. Trump looked like he saw a ghost, but then transformed himself to believe that he deserved to be the President. 


At the White House, there were internal clashes between Bannon, Renice Priebus (the former Chief of Staff), and Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump. The White House was not organized — people were trying their best to get Trump’s attention and the daily agenda was unpredictable.


The book said Trump’s daughter Ivanka made a pact with Jared that if the couple decided to run for President in the future — Ivanka would be the one to run, that she would be the first female president. It even said Ivanka made fun of Trump’s hair, telling others that it was combed with hair around the sides, meeting at the middle, and then combed over to cover a bald spot, and colored with “Just for Men.” 


Trump was unhappy and often shut himself alone in his bedroom at the White House, eating McDonald (because the food was unlikely to be poisoned) and watching news on three screens, while making phone calls with his friends. 


You can read more from the summary at the link in the transcript. It shows to be a book that might seen that will expose the inner workings of the White House and cause some strife between current staff there, even between Trump and Ivanka.


The White House Press Sec. Sanders said the book was full of false and misleading information.




Today two new Democrat Senators were sworn in office 


They were Doug Jones, who won the Alabama Senate race last month to replace Jeff Sessions, and Tina Smith, who is the replacement for former Sen. Al Franken, who resigned due to sexual misconduct accusations. 


Both were sworn in by Vice President Pence. 


Now the Senate has 51 Republicans and 49 in the Democratic caucus, which is more balanced than the previous 52 to 48 division.




Joshua Boyle, the Canadian man with an American wife who was held hostage by the Taliban for 5 years in Afghanistan before being released and returning to Canada in October with three children — Joshua has been arrested by Canadian police for several crimes and appeared in court in Ottawa on Monday.


He got 15 criminal charges, including serious charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement, and drugging and assault. 


All of those crimes allegedly happened immediately after he was back in Canada (from October, up to December). 


It is not known who were the alleged victims — a court order has prohibited media to report on their identities. 


Joshua’s wife, Caitlan Coleman, said she couldn’t talk about the charges, but said his actions was caused by the strain and trauma he went through for many years, that it impacted his mental state. She said she has compassion and forgiveness for him and that she hopes he can get help and healing. She said she and her children are healthy.




On Tuesday in Peru, there was a terrible bus accident that killed at least 48 people when it rolled off a steep cliff on a rocky beach in an area north of Lima, the capital city. 


The bus had 57 passengers on it and was on its way to Lima when it was hit by a truck during daytime and went tumbling over 260 feet down the cliff. There were bodies ejected from the bus and strewn over the rocks. 


Images showed rescuers struggling to climb down the cliff, place the victims in body bags, and transport them back up on the road using cables, a narrow hiking path, or helicopters. 


Six people survived with serious injuries and were transported to hospitals. At least 3 people are missing. Many of the people were going back home in Lima after celebrating New Year’s Day holiday with family and friends. 


The site of the accident is on a highway known as the “Devil’s Curve” because it is a narrow highway, often misty, and curves around a cliff. There were many accidents there in the past.




New York State Governor Cuomo (D) will ask the NY State Legislature to eliminate cash bail for those charged with misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies and to speed up the process to disclose evidence — with the goal of making the criminal justice system more equal for those who have low income.

There have been increasing criticism in recent years of the cash bail system, saying it favors those with higher incomes — as they can afford to post bond as they wait for trial. 


When lower income people can’t afford to post bond, they are forced to stay in jail and often suffer cascading effects such as missing work or not being able to support family. Sometimes they take guilty pleas in order to get out quicker, even if they say they are innocent.


Last year in New Jersey, a law passed that greatly reduces cash bail by mandating state judges to release defendants unless they are considered a threat to public safety or is a flight risk. 


Now Cuomo wants this for New York. But he faces opposition from the bail bond industry (for obvious reasons — they would lose their business) — but also from police unions, district attorneys, and Republican lawmakers, who are concerned about public safety, those who don’t show up for court (become fugitives), or the cost and responsibility of monitoring defendants. 


So, what do you think? Should bail bonds be reduced or does the system “work?”




In Ooltewah, Tennessee (near Chattanooga) — a house belonging to a family with Deaf parents and two children burned up in a serious house fire this Wednesday morning. The parents and one child survived, but one child died. 


Local news said the fire started around 5:45 am. A neighbor said he woke up because he heard a woman screaming inside fo the house. He saw the house burning up and used a ladder to try and save people inside, but had to retreat because it was too hot. 


The parents and a child escaped and was taken to the hospital for observation. A child couldn’t escape and died. It took crews several hours to find the child and now there will be an examination to determine how the child died. The house’s roof collapsed and the home is a total loss. It is not known how the fire started. 


I was in touch with a Moth viewer who knew the family. She gave me the identities of the parents — saying it was Jimmy and Dawn Dickerson. 


I saw comments on social media that had people saying they were sad and sending thoughts and prayers for the family, confirming the parent’s identities. Some posts said a daughter survived, but that their son, who is 8 or 9 years old, died. Very sad.


UPDATE: The boy has been identified as 9-year old Jamie Dickerson. You can support them at their GoFundMe, link in status or transcript.






There were two incidents this week that caused airline flights to be cancelled. 


1 — On Saturday morning at the Detroit airport, a small bird went into a Delta flight and ended up into the cockpit. 


There was a search for the bird for an hour, forcing the pilots and over 100 passengers to wait. The bird was not found and thought to somehow have escaped. The flight took off with the pilot saying the bird is gone, but warning if they heard chirps, they would turn around. 


Shortly after takeoff, the captain said the bird is back and flying around inside the cockpit. The plane then returned to Detroit and there was another search, and the bird was caught and released. The plane then took off in the afternoon. 


2 — Yesterday at Oakland International Airport, an Alaska Airlines flight was cancelled because a rat jumped into the plane from the jetway before it was supposed to take off. 


Four people tried to find the rat, but couldn’t, so the flight was cancelled and 110 passengers were taken off and rebooked on other flights. The plane was towed to a service area. 


Wow — a bird and a rat interrupting flights and disrupting passengers’ travel plans. It’s probably due to safety concerns — a bird or a rat could get into wiring and cause trouble for the plane.




There is a forecast of a serious winter storm that will hit the New England and northeast Canada area — it’s called a “bomb cyclone.” 


It is caused by a cold storm that has caused rare snow in northern Florida and Georgia — the weather will move up the Eastern coast and quickly intensify in strength because it will be merged by the Gulf Stream, which is forecast to cause a blizzard with lots of snow (more than 12 inches) and 50 mph winds. 


This forecast has led to Boston Public Schools saying they will be closed tomorrow. There are warnings in coastal areas from Boston to Maine, up to the Eastern Canadian coast.




Today’s Deaf Bing: During the Christmas holiday, my sister, Elisa was making cookies with my mother, Kathi — and they had a #DeafBing moment. Check it out! 




Elisa: We are here eating and talking — and we thought of a perfect #DeafBing. What? Dirty shoulders while eating with family with kids. Because kids, while they eat, they gobble and tap on my shoulders, so they get dirty. Look at it. (Shows shoulders) (Kathi, in background, shows dirty sleeves). 


Deaf Bing That! 


[End Video] 


Alex: That’s for sure. Deaf people need to have those lint rollers handy. Or maybe a moist rag. 




That’s all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 



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