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January 3, 2018



North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Wants Peace With South Korea, To Send Olympics Team, But Warns U.S. About Nuclear Abilities; Most Of U.S. Under Extreme Cold Weather Warning, 6 Related Deaths; Woman Drives Car On Icy Pond, Sinks, Is Rescued by Divers; YouTube Star Logan Paul Widely Criticized For Showing Body of Suicide Victim in a Video, Apologizes; Protests in Iran Continue, At Least 20 Dead, Iran’s Supreme Leader Blames “Enemies”; Details About Colorado Ambush Shooting That Killed Police Officer and Injured 4 Others; News Briefs: U.S. Solider Dies in Afghanistan, Sen. Orrin Hatch Says He Will Retire; Deaf Bing: Three Arms Needed 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, January 2. Ready for news? 




North Korea leader Kim Jong Un gave a speech on New Year’s Day in which he stated a willingness to build a peaceful relationship with South Korea, but remained steadfast with the country’s ability to launch nuclear strikes against the U.S. if they tried to attack them, saying he had a nuclear button ready on his desk. 


Kim Jong Un said he hoped for a peaceful resolution with our southern border. He also wanted government representatives from NoKo and SoKo to start talking about NoKo sending a Winter Olympics delegation to the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 


South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has always preferred a diplomatic approach to North Korea, said he supports this and will be sending representatives to talk about improving relations and to welcome North Korean athletes for the Olympics games. They plan to meet at the DMZ zone at the border. 


U.S. President Trump tweeted that “Rocket man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time. Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not - we will see!” 


The Winter Olympics opening ceremony will be on February 9, just over a month away. The venue for the games is just 40 miles away from the border.




Most of the U.S. is under very cold weather warnings with arctic air mass lingering over large parts of central and Eastern U.S. 


At least 6 people have died from the cold weather and it has caused several schools to close.


There are wind chill warnings from Texas up to Canada, from Montana to New England. 


Several cities had temperatures over 15 degrees below zero. In Embarass, Minnesota — it went down to -45 degrees. 


About the 6 cold weather-related deaths: 


— Two died Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One man was around 50, found dead in a vehicle behind his home. The other man was 34, his body found outside. Both are under investigation but police say they suspect it is weather-related. 


— One 52-year old homeless man was found dead in West Virginia. He might have been under the influence when he died. 


— In North Dakota, one 52-year old man’s body was found near a dry-docked boat by the Missouri River. 


— In Oregon, two truck drivers, ages 37 and 55, died when they crashed head on in each other. Police said speed and weather conditions were a factor. 


There are reports of dogs and other animals dying from the cold weather.

Weather forecasts say the very cold weather will continue this week, and it might get even worse. It’s clearly very dangerous to both humans and animals, so be sure to have your pets indoors and be safe when you travel outside of your home in cold areas…




In Indianapolis, Indiana — on New Year’s Eve — a woman mistakenly drove her car into a frozen pond near an apartment building when temperatures were near zero degrees. 


The car broke through the ice and as the cold waters started pouring into the car, the woman called 911 and said she needed help, that the water was filling up, that it’s cold. Her phone disconnected around 2 minutes later. 


There were other people in the area who saw this and called 911 as well. 


The Indianapolis Fire Department immediately sent in a crew. They saw the car 90% underwater and could hear the woman banging against a window. 


The fire crew tried using a ladder to reach the woman, but was not successful. Several minutes later, the car went completely underwater.  


Then several minutes later, another crew arrived, this time with divers. A diver went into the icy waters and found the car 12 feet underwater, on its side. Divers broke the car’s sunroof and pulled the woman out of the car and straight to the hospital.


The woman is still alive, but is in critical condition. The car is still in the pond. Crews will wait for better weather before retrieving the car. 


Hopefully the woman will make a full recovery. That’s a very scary situation, and it’s very brave of the divers to go into the icy waters.




Famous YouTube star Logan Paul, who posts new “funny” videos daily with millions of subscribers, many of them young teenagers or children, is in controversy because his most recent video showed a body of a person who recently committed suicide.


Logan was in Japan and making videos there. He decided to go to a forest named Aokigahara, which is on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. That forest is known as the “suicide forest” because people often go there to kill themselves. 


It appears Logan was trying to make some kind of funny or scary video in the forest, but the crew actually walked up to a deceased person hanging off a tree. This scene was filmed and the person’s body was shown, but with its face blurred out. Logan did laugh in the video and joked about standing next to a dead person. 


When the video was released, it received millions of views, as they usually do, but there was many who showed outrage and disgust that Logan would film and release something so graphic and sensitive. 


Logan then took down the video, but the video is already copied across the internet. Last night Logan posted an apology on Twitter, saying he made a mistake and that it won’t happen again. He has moved on to make more videos, but because of the strong criticism and outcry, he has posted a second apology, this time in a video, in which he said he should have never posted the video and made a mistake. 


But there are many commenting that he shouldn’t be forgiven — that he should be banned from YouTube.


Logan’s YT Page:




The protests in Iran are still going on and has spread — at least 20 people have died and around 450 people were arrested. 


Iran’s Supreme Leader — Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — tweeted that the protests were caused by the “enemies of Iran” — who have used money, weapons, politics, and intelligence services to trouble the Islamic Republic. 


The Ayatollah brought up some history — he talked about a war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980s. That time, Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein and had backing from the U.S., European allies, and Saudi Arabia/UAE. The Ayatollah praised Iran’s martyrs for stopping Iraq. 


BBC News did interviews with several Iranian people who were protesting. They said they were fighting for reform, that people are suffering, that the governing leaders ignored the needs of the people, and were oppressive. 


U.S. President Trump continues to tweet about Iran. This morning he said, “the people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. All the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets. The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The U.S. is watching!” 


The protests is the largest since 2009, when people were angry about the presidential election. We’ll see how long the protests last and if it will lead to changes.




More information and details about the man in Colorado (near Denver) who shot at four police officers in his apartment, killing one on Sunday early morning:


— The gunman’s name is Matthew Riehl (37). He is an attorney and an Iraq war veteran. In the hours before the shooting, he had posted himself LIVE on Periscope angrily speaking about his life, his roommate/domestic partner, and his relationship with local police. He was drinking alcohol and in his apartment. He seemed to be angry at being kicked out. He said he bought over 1,000 rounds of ammo from WalMart.  


— The roommate called 911 saying Riehl was acting strange and might be having a mental breakdown. Police checked on the apartment, found no evidence of a crime, and left.


— Police officers then went back for a second time based on a 911 call from Riehl, who complained about the roommate. Riehl told 911 he had firearms on him and was drinking. 


— When police arrived again, they got a key to enter the apartment from the roommate. 


— When officers showed up at the door, Riehl talked to them, saying he wanted a restraining order against his roommate. He then stopped talking and closed the door. 


— The officers left for a time, and came back to the door again. Apparently the officers were able to get in. Riehl was in his bedroom, was angry and told the officers to go away — live-streaming it.  


— Then he shot at them, still live-streaming, while yelling, “you don’t have a warrant! Why are you here? Leave me alone!” He would fire over 100 rounds and wore a gas mask. He yelled, “I pay rent!” and “you broke in, you’re dead.” 


— One officer was killed, Zack Parrish (20). Four other officers were also hit and had to crawl away to safety. Two civilians were injured.


— A SWAT team responded and shot and killed Riehl. 


— There was a vigil last night for the fallen officer, Zack Parrish. His widow and baby daughter spoke and a photos of him was propped up onstage. There were many other officers who came to the vigil and it was an emotional event. 


An examination of Riehl’s social media postings show that he had previous video postings of various angry rants. 


— Riehl had posted several videos of himself ranting against the Douglas County Sheriff — calling him a pimp and saying he would run against him for sheriff. He had previously sent angry tweets to the sheriff’s office. 


— Riehl had also made angry posts about the Wyoming College of Law in November, criticizing their professors. It prompted the school to contact police and alert students to report if they saw Riehl on campus. But police couldn’t “do anything” because he did not make direct threats.




Two News Briefs: 


1 —— A U.S. solider died and four others were wounded in Afghanistan in a “combat engagement.” This happened at the border near Pakistan, where there are a lot of ISIS and Taliban fighters. 


Two of the wounded soldiers are at a medical facility and are in stable condition. Two others are back on duty. 


There are currently around 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. In 2017, 17 U.S. soldiers died from combat-related incidents. 


2 —— Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ( R ) has announced he will retire at the end of his term (this is his last year). This means there will be an open race for his seat during this year’s midterm elections. Sen. 


Sen. Hatch is 83 years old, the longest-serving GOP Senator (since 1977), and is the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He was instrumental in passing the tax bill and for supporting Trump’s decision to reduce the sizes of two Utah national monuments. 


Who will replace him? It’s going to be a big decision for Utah voters. Some news media have said Mitt Romney might run.




Hello! Here is a Deaf Bing. This isn’t my baby, this a doll, okay? Ok, Deaf Bing what? When I’m reading my baby a book, signing the story in ASL, I’m sick of it when I’m stuck with just one free arm. 


For example, I’ll say, “Look, there’s an owl!” I want to use both hands to sign “owl,” but I can’t. So I have to put down the book and use both arms to sign it correctly. 


I wish I had three arms. 




That’s all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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