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January 2, 2018



Highlights of 2017 and January 1 News Briefs 



Hello, it’s Monday, January 1 — the first day of 2018. Wow. Time is always on time. I had a nice week off from Daily Moth. Hope December was good to you all — with all those holidays, be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just time off for yourself and your loved ones. 


Now that 2017 is gone and in the history books, let’s look back at the year to see the highlights of each month, from January to December. I’ll name a few “Top Stories” and a few “Deaf News” story for every month. The selections are based on their importance in 2017 and on the number of views/engagement on TDM posts.





— Five People Killed by Shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Interview with Deaf Man James Beldon Sr. 


— Former President Obama Gave His Farewell Speech in Chicago, Donald Trump Inaugurated as 45th President, Controversy Over Crowd Size


— Deaf Belgian Woman Helga Stevens, Deaf Member of the European Parliament, Runs To Be Candidate for EU President, Finishes in 3rd Place in Voting 


— Deaf California Couple, Jason Hoang and Stacey Valle, Missing for Several Days in Oregon After Snowstorm, Rescued With Help by Other Stranded Hiker Who Made Phone Call to Rangers


— Trump First Travel Ban Causes Chaos At Airports As Borders Lock Up





— Harvard Scientists Say They Have Successfully Restore Hearing in Mice Born Deaf By Gene Therapy to Repair Damaged Ear Hairs 


— 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Panel Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban 


— Michael Flynn Resigns/Fired from His White House Position as National Security Adviser After Reports Surface of Him Lying About His Communications with Russian Diplomats 


— ZVRS Announces Acquisition of Purple Communications, FCC Reveals $9.1 Million Settlement with ZVRS/Purple


— Deaf Pro Golfer Kevin Hall Plays in PGA Tour Tournament Genesis Open 





— Attorney General Jeff Sessions Says He Will Recuse Himself From Russian Investigation Because He Did Not Fully Disclose Previous Contacts With Russian Ambassador. 


— Kim Jong Nam, Half Brother of North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un, Assassinated by Chemical Weapon Rubbed on Face at Malaysian Airport 


— Deaf Residents at Florida Golf Retirement Community “The Villages” Wins Lawsuit Against Community for Violating ADA By Refusing To Provide Interpreters for Their School/College 


— The Daily Moth Announced A Major New Sponsor: Convo. I’m Grateful For This Wonderful Sponsor, And Looking Forward To 2018 


— Five Dead From Terrorist Attack Near UK Parliament Building: British Man Khalid Masood Drives Car Into Pedestrians on Westminister Bridge, Crashes It Outside Parliament, Stabs Police Officer






— 90 People Killed by Chemical Attack in Syria blamed on Al-Assad Regime Airstrike, Trump Orders U.S. Military Ship To Fire 59 Tomahawk Missiles Towards Syrian Airbase 


— Senate Republicans Uses Nuclear Option To Vote in Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch, Abandoning Senate’s 60-Vote Rule, Gorsuch is Sworn In Days Later 


— United Airlines In Major Controversy After Video Surfaces of Passenger David Dao Dragged From Plane After Refusing to Depart Overbooked Flight 


— American School for the Deaf, Oldest Permanent Deaf School in the U.S., Celebrates 200th Year of Deaf Education Programs 


— Several Deaf Talent on TV One’s “For My Woman” TV Show About Deaf Murderer Daphne Wright, Interview with Deaf Actor Sheena Lyles 






— Chris Pratt Apologizes in ASL on Instagram for Turning Off Subtitles and Turning Up Sound During Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Trailer 


— President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey, Leading to Appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller To Oversee Russian Investigation 


— Deaf Contestant on Poland’s Dancing With the Stars, Iwona Cichosz, Finishes in 2nd Place 


— Trump First International Trip - Visits to Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, and NATO Headquarters in Belgium 


— Comedian Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Picture of Beheaded Trump, Says She Has Been Contacted by Secret Service 


— 23 People Killed by Suicide Bomber At Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, UK





— President Trump Announces The U.S. Will Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord 


— 8 People Killed in London Bridge Car and Stabbing Attack by 3 Terrorists, Interview with Deaf Man Who Was There 


— Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea, Jailed American Student Otto Warmbier Released While In Coma, Dies Days Later 


— Deaf Actor CJ Jones Has Big Supporting Role in Hollywood Film, “Baby Driver.”


— Louisiana Governor Signs Bill to Fund $4.7 Million to Louisiana Commission for the Deaf From Cell Phone Taxes 






— Deaf Woman From Illinois Shot and Killed by Her 15-Year Old CODA Daughter, Later Arrested by Police, Still Debate On If She Will Be Tried As Adult or Minor 


— 2017 Deaflympics Kicks Off in Samsun, Turkey, Russia Leads in Medal Counts, U.S. Tied for 9th in Medal Counts, Smaller Delegation from U.S. Due to Financial and Safety Concerns 


— Sen. John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer 


— Senate Republicans Fail to Repeal/Replace Obamacare 


— OJ Simpson is Granted Parole 






— North Korea Can Fit Mini Nuclear Weapons in ICBM Missiles, Threatens Guam Attack 


— Charlottesville Protests By White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis, Car Attack Kills 1, Two Police Officers Dead in Accidental Helicopter Crash 


— Total Solar Eclipse Captives Nation 


— Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas Coast and Drenches Houston, Deaf People Impacted 






— Hurricane Irma Hits Caribbean Islands, Florida Keys, and Western Florida


— Manatee County “Fake Interpreter”, CDI Sam Harris Gets 15 Minutes of Fame From 

Interpreting, Appears on Kimmel Show 


— Earthquake in Mexico City Kills Over 200 People 


— Hurricane Maria Hits Dominica and Puerto Rico 


— Deaf Man Magdiel Sanchez Shot and Killed by OKC Police Officer 


— Mandy Harvey Finishes In Fourth Place on “America’s Got Talent” 






— Las Vegas Shooting Kills 58, Wounds Over 500, Interview with Deaf Survivor Tara Adams 


— NYT and New Yorker Publishes Bombshell Report About Harvey Weinstein, Starts New Wave of Sexual Harassment Accusations and “#MeToo” Movement 


— Northern California Wildfires Kills Over 40, Impacts Several Deaf Homes 


— “Wonderstruck” Movie Premieres, Excitement for Deaf Actress Millicent Simmonds, But With Criticism of Another Instance Of Hearing Actors Casting Deaf Roles 


— Halloween Truck Attack in NYC 






— Mass Shooting at Church in Texas Kills 26


— Zimbabwe Long-time President Mugabe Removed from Power 


— Tampa Police Arrests “Serial Killer” That Killed 4 (including a CODA woman) and Terrorized People in Seminole Heights Neighborhood


— Another “Unqualified Interpreter” Fiasco — for Tampa Police Press Conference 






— Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel


— Oklahoma City DA Prater Says No Charges for OKC Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Deaf Man Magdiel Sanchez, Deaf Community And Other Activists Responds with Rallies and Protests 


— Democrat Doug Jones Narrowly Defeats Roy Moore in Alabama Special Election


— Irish Legislature Passes Bill To Officially Recognize Irish Sign Language  


— Deaf-Owned Restaurant Mozzeria Gets Investment from Communication Service for the Deaf To Expand Franchises Nationwide 


— FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules 


— 3 Killed in Amtrak Train Derailment in DuPont, Washington


— UN Declares September 23 as “International Day of Sign Language” 




So that’s all the major news that has happened through the year. What a year. 2017 is now history, and we look forward to a new year — 2018. What will happen? We’ll see. 





Here are a few news briefs of what happened last week when I was off. 


1  — On Thursday, there was a terrible fire at an apartment in the Bronx, in New York City, that killed 12 people, including a 7-month old baby and a teenager girl. The fire started on the first floor, caused by a young child playing with the stove burners. The family escaped and left the front door open, causing the fire to move through the upper floors quickly. 


2 —  A New York Times report gave details about former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, saying that in May 2016, he had told an Australian diplomat that he knew Russia had thousands of emails that would embarrass Hillary Clinton. This was two months before the emails showed up on Wikileaks — and when it did — the Australian government notified the FBI about what Papadopoulos said. This might have been one of the main reasons why the FBI decided to start the Russian investigation. We know now that Papadopoulos was one of the first indicted by Special Counsel Mueller for lying to the FBI and is now a cooperating witness for the investigation. 


3 — California will now legalize recreational marijuana, for anybody over 21 to purchase it. They are the 8th and largest state to allow this. Previously marijuana was only allowed in California for medicinal purposes. Not all areas in California will legalize it, as it is up to cities to allow it or not, as it is still illegal under federal law. This is expected to provide California with at least $1 billion a year in tax revenue, 


4 —  In the past few days, there have been major protests in Iran by people angry with the country’ governing leaders — specifically their president Rouhani. The conflicts have killed at least 12 people. U.S. President Trump has tweeted in support of the protesters. 


5 — There were two terrible shootings yesterday during New Year’s Eve: 


A police officer in Colorado died and four other officers and two civilians were injured in an ambush at an apartment. The gunman, a military veteran, fired over 100 rounds from his bedroom. He was shot and killed by a SWAT team. 


In Long Branch, N.J., a 16-year old teenager boy used a semiautomatic rifle to shoot and kill his parents, 18-year old sister, and an elderly family friend at their home — less than 20 minutes before midnight. 



That’s all the news for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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