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November 29, 2017



Hope Fading for Missing Argentine Navy Submarine; President Trump in Controversy For Making “Pocahontas” Remark During Event Honoring Navajo Code Talkers; Democratic Leaders Back Out of Meeting On Spending Bill with President Trump After His Tweet, Gov’t Shutdown Looms; News Briefs: Facebook Introduces Tools To Detect Suicidal Posts, Arby’s Buying Buffalo Wild Wings, & Bitcoin Valued at $10,000;Washington Post Reveals They Were Targeted By Woman With Fake Story About Roy Moore; North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile; Interview with Deaf Family Who Won $10,000 Prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, November 28. Ready for news? 




In Argentina — there is still a massive search going on to find the missing submarine with 44 crew onboard — the ARA San Juan. 


It first went missing on November 15, two weeks ago, and at that time the submarine had seven days of oxygen, which would have run out sometime last Thursday. 


An Argentine Navy spokesperson said the submarine’s snorkel, a “tube” that is supposed to bring in fresh oxygen, had water enter it — causing a battery to short-circuit. The submarine was ordered to go back to a base using another battery, but apparently that failed.


An organization that monitors noises around the world to check for atomic blasts said they detected a noise that could have been the submarine imploding. 


So it’s a barrage of bad news for the Navy and for the families and friends of the crew. Some have accepted the idea that they might be dead, while others are still holding on to hope. 


There are many people still waiting for news outside of a base with pictures, flowers, and flags hung up on a fence.




Last night President Trump hosted an event to honor Navajo code talkers who helped U.S. soldiers during World War II.


Trump thanked several elderly Navajo men saying they were very, very special and that they were here long before any of us were here — then added that we have a person in Congress who has been here for a longer time — Pocahontas, referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


Trump has called her Pocahontas often in the past to bring up a previous controversy over Warren identifying herself as having Native American descent throughout her career. Warren has not been able to provide “evidence” of her genealogy, only saying her family told her this. 


There was strong criticism on Trump for bringing up the term Pocahontas during this time, saying that the term was a racial slur. Those on Trump’s side has instead deflected the criticism to criticize Sen. Warren for “lying” about her identity to advance her career. 


The president of the Navajo Nation, Russell Begaye, said Trump’s comment was a racial slur, culturally insensitive, and that it shouldn’t be used while Navajo war heroes were being honored. 


People also pointed that Trump was standing in front of a portrait of former president Andrew Jackson, who was instrumental in removing thousands of Native Americans from their lands into other areas. So this is yet another controversy for Trump. 





Today there was a planned meeting between President Trump and Democratic leaders Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi to discuss a spending bill that has to be passed before a deadline on December 8, or the government will shut down.


Prior to that meeting, Trump tweeted that there was a problem in that they wanted illegal immigrants to flood into our country, were weak on crime and wanted to raise taxes — saying he didn’t see a deal. 


Schumer and Pelosi then responded that they were not going to the meeting because it was just for show and wouldn’t result in an agreement — and instead asked to meet alone with Republican leaders Sen. McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan. 


But McConnell and Ryan said if the Democrats wanted to reach an agreement, they will need to go to the White House meeting. 


A main issue is the Dreamers — those who are here in the U.S. on DACA permits (those who were brought in the U.S. as children by undocumented parents). In September, President Trump said he was ending the program and gave Congress until March to figure out what to do with around 600,000 Dreamers. Democrats want protections for them included in the spending bill, but it appears Republicans are not eager to find a solution now, saying it should be discussed separately from the spending bill. Some suggested additional border security and immigration enforcement along with Dreamers protection. 


Another issue is spending for the U.S. military — the Trump administration wants billions more than current levels, and Democrats say an equivalent amount has to be applied to non defense spending.


President Trump has previously said he didn’t mind a government shutdown to fix a mess. The spending bill requires Democratic support. Will they be able to negotiate an agreement? There might be a short-term extension to push the deadline into late December, but a deal is needed to avoid shutdown.  




News Briefs:


1 — Facebook announced they have introduced new tools to detect postings that show thoughts of suicide or self harm using AI (Artificial Intelligence). It will track people’s comments and if there are signs of self-harm (triggered by having others comment, “are you OK?” or “Do you need help?”) — the AI will notify a group of human moderators to intervene with a range of options, such as contacting the poster, or a local suicide prevention service, or emergency first responders, to help the at-risk person. This is done with the goal of reducing Facebook LIVE suicides, with several happening in the past year. Some have criticized this idea, saying it was not good that a company is monitoring people using AI. 


2 — Arby’s restaurants’ parent company announced they have bought restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion in cash. It appears BWW has been on a slight decline, while Arby’s has been doing great. With this new purchase, will we see roast beef wings? Or curly fries at BWW? 


3 — Bitcoin’s value has reached $10,000 USD for a single Bitcoin, which is an extremely fast rise. It was at $5,000 in October and in only two months it’s doubled in value. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which works by having secure online algorithms (mathematical calculations) “confirm” transfers of Bitcoins between people. It is popular because it doesn’t require a centralized banking system — it’s all “online.” It’s rise in value shows people are starting to take it seriously, although there is an ongoing debate on whether its value will hold in the future. 




Yesterday the Washington Post revealed that they were targeted by a woman who tried to share a false story about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — the woman approached the WaPo with a story that she was pregnant by Roy when she was 15 and had an abortion. 


The WaPo had agreed to several interviews with her, and the woman had a secret camera to record it. The WaPo didn’t publish the story because they couldn’t confirm if what she was saying was true. Now they say the whole thing was fake. 


WaPo said the woman is connected to an organization called “Project Veritas” that often does this type of thing in an attempt to prove that media is biased. They saw the woman entering the New York offices of Project Veritas. 


Another reporter from the WaPo attempted to question Project Veritas’ founder, James O’Keefe, but he refused to comment to several questions on if he and his organization was working with Roy Moore or other Republican strategists. 


So this is a strange turn in the ongoing scandal with Roy Moore and the various accusations of him having or pursing sexual relationships with minors — of which the WaPo published. 


Roy has denied all the accusations, saying it was a witch hunt to hurt his candidacy. The election will be on December 12, two weeks from today — Roy is going up against Democrat Doug Jones. 


President Trump has tweeted and stated support for Roy Moore. But Republican Senators have cut ties with him.




North Korea fired a ballistic missile today towards the east this early morning. The Pentagon said they are in the process of assessing the situation. North Korea has not fired a missile since mid-September. 


This launch might be a response to President Trump’s recent decision to classify North Korea as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” which will increase sanctions. There was also the incident with a North Korean solider defecting to South Korea. 


We’ll see how the U.S. and the international community responds.




Here is an interview with the Deaf family who won $10,000 1st place prize for funniest video on Sunday night’s America’s Funniest Home Videos episode, in which they appeared with the show’s host, Alfonso Ribeiro.  


— [Begin Interview]


Matt: My name is Matt Pocci. 


April: My name is April Antonio. 


Matt: We are from San Diego. This is our son, Dawson. He is two years old. 


[Winning Video/Clip from AFV]


Alex: Did you expect to win the prize of $10,000?


April: No, we did not expect that. We were surprised and shocked! 


Matt: I looked at it as a family video, it was just a father and mother filming their son for memories. When we sent it to AFV, the rest is history. 


April: I told Matt to send the video to AFV because I’ve watched the show since the 1990’s, I love that show. So when we saw that funny moment and laughed, I just thought he should send it to AFV to get that opportunity, I had some visions of what might happen. After we sent it, we were informed by the show’s producer that our video made the top 120 out of 3,000 videos submitted. We were amazed at this. Later we were asked to go to LA and do tapings — each of the top 120 winners had to “pretend” that we won. We did the makeup and took turns filming. 


Matt: When they filmed us, they didn’t tell us who won — we had to wait until the airing. 


Alex: So are you saying that during the filming in LA, you didn’t know who won — not until the show aired on Sunday night?


Matt: Correct. We saw the studio itself, sat there, and saw the host Alfonso take turns interviewing people. We also had to be filmed acting as if we “failed” by coming in second or third place. So we were filmed in each scenario. 


Alex: That’s an interesting process. So with the $10,000 prize, this means you’ll be eligible to enter the $100,000 prize contest, right? 


April: Yes, we will get together with the $10,000 winners of Season 28. We’ll do another taping for that competition. I am really hopeful! 


Alex: What was it like to meet the host, Alfonso? 


April: It was amazing. I knew him from the tv show Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I always laughed at his comedy growing up and meeting him in person — he was just as funny and he was a very nice person, too. 


The producers also let us know that we were the first Deaf family that competed for the $10,000 prize. They didn’t realize we were Deaf and had to ask us on how to accommodate with an interpreter, things like that. So Matt had to explain them. They didn’t know what to do. So it was a nice experience to be the first Deaf family, it was nice to get that recognition and we feel very honored. 


Alex: Do you want to add anything before we wrap up this interview? 


Matt: We are very overwhelmed with your wonderful support, through family, friends, social media, The Daily Moth… we want to thank you all for your support, it really means a lot. 


—[End Interview] 


Alex: Nice! Congratulations to the family. I’m looking forward to seeing them again on the next round of competition for a $100,000 prize! I will be announcing which night that will happen. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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