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November 23, 2017


The Daily Moth Now has a Part-Time Editor, FCC Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality, Video Released of North Korean Solider Shot While Escaping Into South Korea, U.S. Navy Aircraft Crashes in Pacific Ocean, Search Underway for 3 Missing People, ”Bosnia Butcher" Ratio Mladic Sentenced to Life in Prison for War Crimes, Former Doctor for U.S. Gymnastics Pleads Guilty to Molestation, Deaf Native American Shares Perspectives on Thanksgiving Day




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, November 22. Ready for news? 




Alex: Hello! In October, I announced a new fundraising goal to raise $15,000 to hire a part-time editor for The Daily Moth. So far, almost $12,000 has been raised online and there is just under $2,000 donated via mailed checks. There’s only $1,500 left to reach the goal. 


Wow, thank you all for your support. If you have not yet donated, you can still do so at


For your information, I’ve already started working with a part-time editor for the past few weeks and I will introduce you on who he is right now — his name is Toj Mora. 



Hello Toj, great to have you here in the studio. Can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself? 


Toj: Sure! I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved here in Austin when I was 15. I went to TSD and graduated there. I went off to college and am now back here. I work in video editing, film production, that kind of thing. It’s my passion. So it’s a big honor to be here and work with you. 


Alex: Thank you for coming to work here. He’s not just good at editing videos, he keeps up with tech news, and some space/science news as well. So he will not only edit, but also report on tech news from time to time — he will cover a big topic, “Net Neutrality” today. Nice, he can edit and sign. 


So, thank you for your support. You can donate more. Here’s Toj! 




Yesterday FCC chairperson, Ajit Pai announced his plan to remove net neutrality. The rules were set up in 2015 under Obama. The point of the rules is to make sure that companies that provide internet, like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are fair to all websites. If the rules are removed that means these companies can slow down or block websites, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and more unless you pay extra fees. They could also make you pay extra to stream HD videos. We’ve already seen this happen in other countries like Sweden. There, their internet companies offer “packages” just like we see in cable companies. Many articles say this will cause the price of internet to go up.


Another concern is that internet providers could favor their own content. For example, Comcast owns a big part of Hulu. If the rules are removed, Comcast could offer Hulu at a discounted price compared to Netflix. Many people object to this, saying it is not fair, and makes harder for small internet companies to compete.


Pai says that the rules stifle investment and prevent those companies from growing their networks and earning more profit. He will release more details of his plan today and we will update you with more information soon. The FCC will vote on this on December 14th. Many people have signed petitions and called or emailed their representatives expressing their concerns. We'll see what happens in December.



Video has been released of a North Korean solider defecting (escaping) into South Korea by driving to the border and running over the DMZ zone — he was shot several times by North Korean soldiers. This happened last week. 


The solider’s name is Oh (24) and he is still alive in a South Korean hospital and recovering from his wounds. 


The footage starts with Oh driving a military SUV on a road past several checkpoints. Several North Korean soldiers run after him. 


The SUV comes to a stop right before the DMZ line and as Oh makes his dash across the border, the North Korean soldiers catch up and shoot at him, sending over 40 bullets flying.


Oh makes it across, but is lying down, apparently in serious pain. Then several South Korean soldiers pull him towards safety and airlifted him to a hospital in a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter. 


When he got to the hospital, he had already lost more than 50% of the blood in his body from the gunshot wounds and needed several surgeries. His left arm and intestines are damaged.


Doctors found many parasites in his stomach — one of them more than 10 inches long. It might be because there is poor nutrition in the soldiers’ diet. 


So it’s an amazing escape caught on tape released by the UN Command, the international military forces that supports South Korea. It shows how serious North Koreans are about soldiers who try to escape.




A U.S. Navy plane with 11 people on it crashed into waters near Japan — 8 people have been rescued and are okay, but three people are still missing and there is a search. 


The plane was a C2-A Greyhound and designed for cargo transports. It was flying from a base in Japan to an aircraft carrier when it crashed — the cause of the crash is unknown and under investigation.


It is yet another major accident by the Navy in the Pacific Ocean — we remember the 17 sailors who died in two different Navy ship collisions. 


Hopefully the three missing people will be found. Both U.S. and Japanese forces are working together to search.




Ratio Mladic, a former military commander during the Bosnia war in the 1990s, was sentenced to life in prison for genocide and other war crimes in a UN tribunal at the international court at The Hague (in Holland).


He is guilty of ordering his Serb forces to systemically kill over 7,000 Bosniak men and boys. 


Bosniaks are Muslims who live in Bosnia — they were attacked by Bosnian Serb forces, led by Mladic.


His forces also are accused of mass rapes of Bosniak women and girls, destroying their homes, keeping people in filthy prisons, and of killing over 10,000 people in Bosnia’s capital city, Sarajevo during a three-year siege. (Sarajevo is now the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina). 


When the war ended in 1995, Mladic went into hiding in Serbia. He was finally found and caught in 2011 and has since been imprisoned at The Hague. His nickname is “The Butcher of Bosnia.” 


Mladic was not there in the courtroom when he was sentenced — because he often shouted and disrupted the court and was removed. Now he will stay in prison for the rest of his life.




Today Larry Nassar, who was a former doctor for the U.S. gymnastics team and Michigan State University, pled guilty to sexually abusing seven girls — three of them under 13 years old at a courtroom in Lansing, Michigan. 


He is accused of molesting more than 130 people while he worked as a doctor. Two gymnasts, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, who were part of the “Final Five” team who won gold medal at the 2016 Olympics also recently accused Nassar of sexually abusing them. 


Nassar is also facing charges in another Michigan county and is awaiting sentencing for child pornography charges. 


He is likely to get life imprisonment when he is sentenced for all of his crimes.




Tomorrow is Thanksgiving — and while it is a treasured and celebrated holiday for many Americans, many Native Americans don’t have the same perspective of it because it is a reminder of how they were wiped out by arriving Europeans in the 1600’s. Here it is.



Sarah: Hi Alex! My name is Sarah Young Bear-Brown. That’s my legal name, for your information. My tribe is Meskwaki. We are federally recognized as the Sac and Fox of the Mississippi River in Iowa Tribe.


Alex: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Can you share your and other Native Americans’ thoughts and perspectives on this day? 


Sarah: I feel very oppressed. Many of you are celebrating on false information. The history that is often shared is not true, but false. What you’ve learned from teachers in school is false. Why don’t teachers teach children the truth of what happened? Yes, we Native Americans are disgusted on why people would celebrate something that is fiction. 


I understand if people want to use this time to get together with their family and friends and have a good time, I get that. But you all should be aware of the true history so you all can celebrate based on something else, not on the idea that pilgrims and Native Americans got together to feast. The celebration should be based on family traditions, having a happy feast, rather than base it on “history.” I don’t support this and encourage others to know history. 


Alex: Tomorrow many Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, but for many Native Americans, it is “National Mourning Day.” Can you tell us more about that day? 


Sarah: It is a day of mourning for us because we are grieving what Native Americans went through. For example, a tribe — the Pequot in Maine — there are no more of them. This happened on “Thanksgiving Day.” How did this tradition start? A long time ago, a group of women pilgrims made a great feast. They were waiting on a group of men, pilgrim men, who had went out to kill the Pequot, killing all of them from babies up to adults. It was merciless, it was genocide. When they came back home, they were rewarded with a meal and they celebrated thanksgiving for the killings. That’s how the Thanksgiving holiday first started out. Since then it’s been changed to a false story of pilgrims being friends with Native Americans. I think this needs to stop, people need to learn the truth of history. History cannot be forgotten, it cannot be erased. People deserve to know the truth. 


Alex: What is your advice on Americans who want to celebrate Thanksgiving? What should they recognize about Native Americans? 


Sarah: I think it’s okay for people to celebrate a feast. I can’t force people to not do this and say I’ll be against them. My encouragement is for families to teach others about the true history of what happened. Share some information with children. For teenagers you can go more in depth of what happened. Just have a happy feast.  


Alex: Any additional comments? 


Sarah: Okay. Sometimes people tell me to “move on” because this have already happened in the past, that we should move on and stop obsessing about this. My response is that I’m not obsessed, but that it is time for you to know about what really happened, the history. Telling me to “move on” is very offensive. I encourage you to learn on your own and show some respect for our wishes. I encourage you to educate yourselves. 




Alex: Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts, Sarah. Now we are aware that there are differing viewpoints of Thanksgiving Day. 



That is all for today. Tomorrow is a holiday, so there won’t be normal news, but I might provide some news briefs on Facebook. 


Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light! 




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