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November 16, 2017



Zimbabwe President Mugabe Detained, Country Under Military Control; Actor Terry Crews Reveals Who Groped Him in GMA Interview, Says He is ‘Free’; Louisiana Man Has Rape Conviction Overturned, Will Be Freed from Prison After 46 Years; Updates on Rancho Tehama Shooting: Gunman Killed His Wife and Neighbors Before Rampage, Tried To Get Inside School; Senate Republicans Adds Repeal of Obamacare Individual Mandate In Tax Bill




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, November 15. Ready for news? 




In Zimbabwe (I saw this sign online for it) — there is a military coup and their long-time president, Robert Mugabe (93), is detained. 


There are military vehicles and soldiers on the streets of the country’s capital city, Harare. The government offices for Mugabe are also blocked and under heavy security by soldiers. Major roads around the area and the main airport are under military control. 


It seems like Mugabe was trying to appoint his wife, Grace (52) to succeed him as president — and disagreement on this sparked the coup. 


A general named Moyo announced on television that it was not a military takeover, that they are targeting criminals that cause social and economic suffering. He said Mugabe and his family are safe. 


South Africa’s President Zuma said he had called Mugabe on the phone and that he is fine but confined to his home. 


People in the country gave news mixed thoughts. Some felt it was good to remove Mugabe because many are unemployed, poor, and hungry. Others felt this would cause more problems and possible war by those who still support Mugabe. 


News reports said Harare is mostly peaceful with businesses going on as usual. 


This is a big change for Zimbabwe, as Mugabe had been president for almost 40 years.




Today on Good Morning America, actor Terry Crews named the person who groped him last year at a party — it is Adam Venit. 


He is a big-name agent that has represented famous stars like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Diane Keaton, and others. 


What happened? Terry said Venit walked up to him and thrust his hand below his waist. Terry said he was shocked and jumped back and said, “what are you doing?” Then Venit did it again. Terry pushed him away and left the party with his wife, Rebecca. Venit called Terry the next day and apologized, but did not explain why he did it. 


Terry recently filed a police report (last week). He said was motivated to talk publicly about this because it was his advice to his children to tell someone if someone touches them inappropriately — and if he didn’t do it, what kind of man would he be? 


He said telling his story has freed him. He said he will not be shamed because he did nothing wrong. 


Venit is currently suspended from his agency.




In Louisiana, a man who was in prison for 46 years on kidnapping and rape charges will be released after a judge overturned his conviction. His name is Wilbert Jones (65). 


When he was 19 in 1971, police arrested him on suspicion that he forced a nurse at gunpoint at a hospital parking lot to go behind a building, raping her. 


In 1974, he was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison without parole. 


But he is now out after lawyers for an showed several major flaws in his case. 


The first is that the nurse picked Wilbert out of a lineup three months after the incident, and told police that the man was taller and had a different voice. 


The second is that the state did not disclose that less than a month after the rape, there was another man that was arrested on suspicion of raping another woman at another hospital in the same city (Baton Rouge) and other rapes. The man had the same description. He was convicted for armed robbery but not for rape.  


This information should have been shared with Wilbert’s defense team, but it was not. 


The third is that the prosecutor for the case had a history of withholding evidence. 


All this helped to free Wilbert. His lawyers were from the organization, “Innocence Project New Orleans,” which works to free those wrongfully convicted. They worked on his case for 15 years. 


The nurse from the case died in 2008. 


Wilbert is expected to walk from prison today after posting $2,000 bail. The state will ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to review this ruling.




Updates on yesterday’s shooting in Northern California (Rancho Tehama):


— The gunman’s name is Kevin Janson Neal (43). He is dead, killed by police. 


— Yesterday media reported he killed four people. Now there is a fifth person killed — his wife. Her body was found under the floor at his home. She was killed Monday night, the night before teh shooting. So the death total is 5. 


— 8 people were injured, 7 of them children. 


— The motive is still unclear. 


— The gunman first shot and killed a female neighbor, who he had a dispute with. This was before 8 am yesterday morning. The neighbor had a restraining order against him. Neal then killed another neighbor. 


— He then stole a pickup truck while being dressed in a bulletproof vest and carrying extra magazines. He did drive-by shootings at homes and other cars while driving. 


— He killed a woman on the road. 


— One mother who was driving her three children to school was hit and severely injured. A boy inside was hurt, but not seriously. 


— He then went to an elementary school — which was on lockdown due to the prior shootings and had its gate locked. 


— Neal drove the truck through the gate, got out and walked into the school grounds and fired at windows and walls. One bullet hit a student — and he is now in stable condition. Others were injured from flying glass. 


— Neal tried to get inside, but couldn’t because it was locked down. He then left after 6 minutes, drove away his truck and crashed it into a car. He then shot and killed a person inside the car and drove the car away. 


— Two police officers stopped him at an intersection and fired at him, killing him. The whole thing lasted around 20 minutes. 


— Police said other than his shooting at his home, it looked like he randomly shot at people after becoming angry from his dispute with his neighbor. They said this is terrible, but said this could have been worse — applauding the school for quickly locking down. 


— The gunman had a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns, and possibly one more gun. Police said he had weapons that he made at his home, that they were illegal, and that he had other guns that was not registered to him. 


— The boy shot at the elementary school is Alejandro Hernandez, 6. His family set up a GoFundMe for him. They said he was shot while being in the play yard. You can see the link in the transcript. 


— Neal was previously arrested for stabbing a neighbor and was out on bail. There was a domestic violence call about him the day before the shooting and police was at his home.


— His family said he had struggles with mental illness and had a violent temper, that he should not have been able to own firearms.


— Neal’s mother said his job was growing marijuana and that he thought his neighbors were making meth, causing the disputes. She said Neal called him on Monday and said “it’s all over, I’ve done everything I could do and am fighting against everyone who lives in the area.” 




Last night Senate Republicans revealed that in their tax-cut bill, they plan to add language that would repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate, the requirement that all Americans have insurance or pay a fine. 


This was a surprise as many thought the bill would only focus on tax reforms.


Republicans say removing the individual mandate will give the federal government more access to money because there would be less households that buy insurance via Obamacare — which means less people would apply for federal health care subsidies. 


One possible consequence of this is an increase on private insurance costs — they could go up by 10% because there are fewer people using Obamacare. It would also cause millions more people to be without insurance.


Republicans want to give more tax cuts to the middle class by increasing the child tax credit from $1,650 to $2,000 per child and slightly lower the tax rates in three brackets to 22%, 24%, and 32%, but those cuts are temporary — they would expire by the end of 2025.


But the planned corporate tax cut to reduce the rate from 35% to 20% would be permanent. 


The Washington Post said most of the benefits of this bill goes to wealthy people and corporations, while possibly taxing more people with large medical expenses, parents who adopt children, people with student loans, and families with multiple children. 


Democrats criticized this, saying it would hurt Americans by having millions lose coverage and paying more expensive premiums. 


There is already one Republican Senators who is opposed to this new plan — Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisc. He said this plan unfairly benefits corporations over other businesses and that this process is offensive. Two other Republican Senators say they are not sure.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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