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November 15, 2017



Fourth Victim Killed in Tampa’s Seminole Heights Neighborhood, Police Gives Description of Possible “Serial Killer”; Donald Trump Jr. Was In Communication with WikiLeaks During Presidential Campaign; At Least 4 Killed When Gunman Targets Elementary School and Other Locations in Northern California; U.S. Soldier Found Dead at U.S. Embassy in Mali, Two Navy SEALS Under Suspicion Of Killing Him To Cover Up Secret; News Briefs: UCLA Basketball Players Released from China After Trump Intervention, Iran Earthquake Death Toll Increases, and Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, November 14. Ready for news? 




It seems like the “serial killer” in Tampa, Florida has killed again. 


This early morning before dawn, a 60-year old man, Ronald Felton, was shot and killed in the Seminole Heights neighborhood, which is the same area where three people died in similar circumstances in past weeks. 


Tampa police said Ronald was crossing a street when the gunman came up behind him. Police said they got reports of shots fired at 4:51 am. 


Police said a witness saw a man running away from the scene — a black male, 6’0 or 6’2 tall, thin, wearing all-black clothing and a baseball cap. He has a large black pistol. 


This description matches previous videos released of a man running away from a scene of a previous killing. 


Police said they think the shooter lives in the neighborhood and are trying to talk with as many people to find more information. They had shut down several streets to investigate and there were helicopters flying low. Police said they wanted to catch him if/before he leaves the area. 


So there is fear and police activity again in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. I previously shared an interview with a Deaf mother of one of those shot and killed, Monica Hoffa. 


Hope they catch the gunman before kills someone else.




Last night news broke that Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s son, had exchanged messages with WikiLeaks last year during the presidential campaign. 


This is important because Wikileaks was the website that released the batches of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign chairperson, John Podesta. 


U.S. intelligence agencies have said those emails were hacked by Russians, who supplied them to Wikileaks.


Jr. and WikiLeaks were in touch via DM on Twitter starting September 20, 2016. Jr. yesterday released images of his DM’s with WikiLeaks. 


On October 12, WikiLeaks messaged Jr. saying, “great to see you and your dad talking about our publications, then suggested them to use a specific link, ( so their followers can look through more emails. WikiLeaks then said they just released more Podesta emails. 


On the same day, Trump, while running for president, tweeted that the media did not do enough to look through incredible information by WikiLeaks. 


Two days later on October 14, Jr. tweeted out the WikiLeaks link and encouraged people to read through the emails. 


During the same day, the Vice President candidate, Mike Pence, told Fox News that same month that the Trump team was not in touch with WikiLeaks.


Later WikiLeaks sent another DM to Jr and asked him to release Trump’s tax returns, saying it would help WikiLeaks look impartial. Jr. did not respond. 


Rep. Adam Schiff (D, Calif) said this shows that the Trump campaign team had secret communication with WikiLeaks and was willing to get foregin assistance. 


Trump Jr.’s lawyer said they were just monitoring WikiLeaks to see what they would release next. 


This is the second release of “emails” between Trump Jr. and a foregin entity — we remember the emails and meeting he had with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower to get negative information on Hillary Clinton.





In Northern California — Tehama County — there was a shooting at an elementary school and other areas. This place is 130 miles north of Sacramento.


At least four people are dead with at least 10 injured, some of them children. 


There were elementary students airlifted to hospitals with gunshot wounds and it’s not known yet if the dead included children. The school did not report anybody killed there. It appears the gunman shot at the school’s windows. 


There are 7 different scenes of shootings, so it appears the gunman went to different areas, shooting at people with a rifle and two handguns, sometimes shooting from his car. 


The gunman, not yet identified, is dead, shot and killed by police. 


A neighbor who knew the gunman told media that his roommate was killed by the gunman and that he stole his truck. He said he was a felon and often did “target practice”, shooting multiple rounds in the early morning and often harassed him and other neighbors.


Terrible to see this. More information tomorrow. 


*Update/Correction: The neighbor’s roommate was injured, not killed.




On June 4, a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, Logan Melgar, was found dead at the U.S. embassy in the African country of Mali. 


There are reports now that it is suspected two Navy SEALS killed him because he found out that the SEALS were keeping money that was supposed to be used to pay informants. 


Melgar’s autopsy said his death was a homicide caused by strangulation. During the investigation, the SEALS said they were wrestling with him (said Logan was drunk), put him in a chokehold, he passed out, and they tried to wake him up and brought him to a clinic, but that he died. 


Melgar was living with three other soldiers at the time. The two SEALS are now called “persons of interest” and are no longer in Mali. They are not identified and there is very little information from the Pentagon about all this. 


Meglar was in Mali with a small team of soldiers to protect U.S. diplomats and to collect intelligence about possible terror attacks. He was four months into his six-month deployment. He now leaves behind a wife and two step-sons. 


It’s still a mystery and we’ll see what more information comes out fo this. 




News Briefs: 


1) Update on the three UCLA basketball players detained in China — they are now on their way back home after being arrested on suspicion they stole sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store. 


President Trump said he talked with Chinese President Xi about this situation, and it appears it helped with the three student’s situation. 


2) The death toll from the earthquake in Iran has increased to 530 and around 8,000 injured. A main hospital in the area was severely damaged, so there had to be field clinics set up. 


There is some criticism of Iran’s previous president Ahmadinejad, because there were several apartments that was built under his administration that crumbled away while other buildings stood. 


Hopefully future buildings in Iran will be better fortified since earthquakes often hit the country. 


3) There are now reports of sexual harassment and assault done by lawmakers and members of Congress. 


Rep. Jackie Speier (D, Calif) said she knows of two current members of Congress, one R and one D, that have sexually harassed others. She said she had heard some victims say they were touched in their private areas on the House floor. She said one staffer quit because a lawmaker exposed himself to her. 


Rep. Speier previously said she was also sexually harassed by a unnamed chief of staff. She is recommending mandatory sexual harassment training for lawmakers and encouraging those who work on Capitol Hill to come forward and share stories of harassment. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

























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