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November 14, 2017



400+ Killed by Earthquake in Iran/Iraq, Trump Picks Alex Azar to Lead HHS, Two Incidents at Korea DMZ; 14-Year Old Native American Boy Shot and Killed by Police After Calling 911 On Himself; New Road in Canada Allows People To Drive To Arctic Coast; Bill Gates Makes Two Large Investments: A New ‘Smart City’ in Arizona, Research for Alzheimer's Treatment; Several Injured When Apartment Floor Collapses Into Below Unit During Large Party; Roy Moore Controversy: Sen. McConnell and Other Republican Senators Says He Should Drop Out, Fifth Accuser Comes Forward




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, November 13. I’m back from my weekend trip to LA to cover the red carpet event for Heidi and Hedy: The Lost Sister movie. I had a great time and you can see the coverage on Moth Facebook.


Ready for news? 




Three News Briefs


1) In Iran and Iraq, at the border, there was a powerful earthquake last night that killed more than 400 people and injured around 7,000. 


The earthquake was 7.3 magnitude. Iranians were the most impacted. There were collapsed buildings with many carrying deceased bodies covered with blankets, with others struggling to dig through rubble. 


The country Iran is located on many fault lines and is prone to strong earthquakes. Many buildings there are made with mud bricks that can break down easily in an earthquake. One of the worst was in 2003, when a earthquake in Bam killed more than 26,000 people. 





2) President Trump today announced Alex Azar to lead the Health and Human Services to replace the former ousted secretary, Tom Price. 


Azar is 50 and used to be the president of a huge pharmaceutical company, Lilly USA. He was also worked for the Health department in the Bush administration and has worked with several Republican politicians. 


Trump tweeted that he will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices. 


His position requires Senate confirmation and he will go through hearings. If confirmed, he will lead the Trump administration through complicated health issues such as Obamacare, the opioid crisis, and trying to reduce the costs of healthcare.



3) There were two major incidents at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) separating North Korea from South Korea. 


1 - An American man, age 58 from Louisiana, tried to enter North Korea. He was arrested by South Korean soldiers. It appears he wanted to go into North Korea for political purposes. There isn’t much more information now. 


2 - A North Korean solider tried to escape into South Korea and was shot by North Korean soldiers. He is at a hospital in South Korea.




Last week in Wisconsin at a Native American reservation, police shot and killed a 14-year old boy, Jason Pero. He had a butcher knife with him. 


After an investigation, it was revealed that before the shooting, Jason called 911 and reported a person that looked just like him holding a knife — he “reported” himself. When police officers went to the scene, they said he lunged at them. He was shot twice, one in the heart and one in the shoulder. The investigation said Jason was “despondent” for several days and suggests it was a suicide by cop. 


Many in the local community feel that this was excessive — that police didn’t have to shoot and kill a 14-year old boy, saying his race was a factor.  Some are demanding to see dash-cam footage and the 911 call. 


Jason’s family said he had the flu and was staying home when this happened. 


Very sad to see this, and it appears to be similar to another “suicide by cop” incident in September at Georgia Tech — student Scout Schultz had reported a person looking just like him to 911 and when officers arrived, he walked towards them while holding a small “Swiss army” knife.


Ga Tech Shooting:





In Canada, there is a new road in their Northwest Territories that will allow people to drive all the way up to the Arctic coast. 


The road is called the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway. There had been an ice road, but now this is an all-weather gravel road that is more accessible for various vehicles and will increase tourism and reduce costs of supplies. 


Road construction started in January 2014 and now it’s completed — the costs of construction are around $300 million CAD. 


If you want to see the Arctic sea, you can. Start your trip from either Alaska or British Columbia. Drive to Inuvik, then get on the new highway and drive to Tuktoyaktuk. 


From there, it’s 1,400 more miles to the North Pole. You might need a coat, a winter cap, and gloves.




Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is the second-richest man in the world, is making news for two large investments.


The first is a $80 million investment to buy land and build a new “smart city” in what is now a empty space of land 45 minutes west of Phoenix, Arizona. 

The new place will be named, “Belmont” and the vision is for it to have self-driven vehicles, automated technology, high-speed digital networks, manufacturing technologies, and data centers. 


There will be around 80,000 residential units, several public schools, and spaces for businesses. There will be a new I-11 freeway to Las Vegas that will go through the city.


The second investment is two different $50 million investments for research on how to treat Alzheimer’s disease. 


Some in Bill’s family has Alzheimer’s. Bill said he hopes to increase research, treatment options, trials, and to have new ideas on how to beat this disease. Right now if you live up to around 85 years old, you have almost a 50% chance of getting it. 


Bill said he hopes that in 10 years, there will be effective treatments. His foundation 


It’s good to see that Bill is continuing his philanthropic work and sharing his wealth. His net worth is just under $90 billion. 


Bill Gates Blog:






In Denton, Texas — there was an apartment building that had a third-floor apartment room’s floor collapsing into the bottom unit, injuring several people. 


Fox 4 News said there was a large party with around 100 people, mostly college students, jamming the apartment when the floor gave away. Pictures and video showed a gaping hole that revealed the room below, with burst water pipes and people carefully walking around the edges of the hole. 


Fortunately, the people who lived in the below unit, also college students, were not there — because they were at the police department to complain about the noise above. They said they saw the ceiling staring to cave in and left. They said all of their things were destroyed.


Around 50 other residents are also affected by the floor collapse. The University of North Texas and the apartment are helping to temporarily relocate them. 


Wow. It’s fortunate that nobody died or was seriously injured from this.


Fox 4 News:




The controversy around Roy Moore, candidate for Alabama Senator, has exploded ever since the Washington Post reported four women’s stories of sexual misconduct and assault in incidents 40 years ago when the women were 14 to 18 years old. 


Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said Roy Moore should step down because McConnell believes the women. McConnell said he is looking for a write-in candidate as an alternative choice. 


Several other Republican senators said they do not support Roy Moore. 


The National Republican Senatorial Committee said they do not support Roy and that if he wins, the Senate should vote to expel him. 


Today another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, came forward and said Roy sexually assaulted her when she was 16. She said Roy had given her a ride home and forced himself on her, that she struggled to resist him. She said she kept it a secret because she was afraid, but is not anymore. She also added that it had nothing to do with politics, as she and her husband supported Trump for president. 


Roy Moore has denied the accusations, threatened to sue the Washington Post, and said that this was a witch hunt intended to hurt his political future. 


The special election will be on December 12. Roy is up against Democrat Doug Jones. The winner will replace the empty Senate seat left behind by Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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