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November 10, 2017


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, November 9. Ready for news?




More Updates on President Trump’s Visit in China:


— Trump said Chinese President Xi is a very special man and that the two had very good chemistry.


On trade:


— The two countries announced an increased trade of $253 billion in addition to yesterday’s announcement of $9 billion in business deals.


— Trump said the trade relationship is one-sided and unfair (with China benefiting) — and pointed to previous U.S. administrations for allowing China to take advantage of them, but said he couldn’t blame China because they were doing it to benefit their country.  


Here are the facts: China has posted five straight months of a trade surplus of at least $25 billion dollars, with a projection of a year-total of $370 billion. That means Americans are “buying” more of what China has than they are buying ours.


— Trump said he would make the economic relationship fair and have it still beneficial to both countries.


— Chinese President Xi said there would be friction between the two countries, but that they could cooperate because the Pacific Ocean is big enough for both countries.


— After the two finished speaking at their press conference, they left the stage without taking any questions. The White House said China asked for there to be no questions. This is an issue because China has strict controls over media — and previous U.S. presidents has pushed China to accept questions, but not Trump.


On North Korea:


— Sec. of State Tillerson said Trump told President Xi that he was a strong man and that he could solve it for him.


— He also said the two countries discussed tactics, timing, and how much pressure they should put on North Korea.


-- It looks like China is strongly leaning towards a diplomatic solution, not a military one.




In Las Vegas, a new robot shuttle bus without a driver — got into a minor accident with a semi-truck on its first day of test-driving.


What happened — the shuttle, with passengers in it, stopped when it sensed that the semi truck backing up. But it doesn’t go into reverse, so it just stood still as the semi truck’s tire backed into it, putting a dent in it.


The truck driver said he didn’t see the shuttle. He was ticketed for illegal backing.


An executive said it was the first time this happened, that the positive in this is that there is more data to learn on how to improve the system.


The shuttles will still go around in Las Vegas in its current testing phase. You can ride on it for free in the Fremont East neighborhood.


The shuttles use GPS, cameras, and sensors to drive itself. Would you try it?




Previous President Obama was called for jury duty in Chicago — and he went to the courthouse yesterday. He was swarmed by adoring people who waved around books written by Obama for him to autograph them, and he did.


Obama then sat through the jury selection process and was dismissed — he was not selected for jury duty.


He will earn $17.20 for showing up and he said he would donate it to Cook County.


Former presidents George W. Bush and Clinton were also called to jury duty in Dallas and New York City, they were also not selected.


Lawyers don’t like a high-profile juror that can influence the entire group.



There is yet more embarrassment for airport security TSA.


A recent undercover test by Dept. of Homeland Security investigators who brought fake knives, guns, and explosives were able to get them through security more than 70% of the time.


It’s an “improvement” from a 95% failure rate two years ago.


Rep. Mike Rogers (R, Ala), told TSA Administrator David Pekoske that his agency is broken badly and needs his attention.


Lawmakers have recommended giving TSA more funding so they can buy advanced technology that would provide better scans.


Rep. Bill Keating (D, Mass) said we do have the technology and resources but have not scaled it because we’re paying for the border wall.


The TSA said they are taking this very seriously and are working on improvements.




The Washington Post released a bombshell report about current Republican candidate for Alabama Senator — Roy Moore — saying he was accused of inappropriate sexual contacts with minors when he was around 30 years old. Roy is now 70.


A woman said in 1979, when she was 14, Roy approached her outside a courtroom while her mother was inside in a case — and asked her for her phone number and then met with her later and initiated sexual contact with her.


There was no police report filed at the time. Alabama’s legal age of consent is 16. It is a felony to entice a child under 16 in a home with the purpose of proposing sexual contact.


Three other women told the Washington Post that when they were 16 to 18, Roy pursued them and gave some of them alcohol. At the time, the legal drinking limit was 19.


Roy Moore’s campaign team said this was fake news and was meant to defame him and hurt his race to win the Senate seat.


Now there are several Republican Senators who say if what is said in the Washington Post is true, that he needs to drop out of the race.




Last Saturday in Austin, Convo hosted a “green carpet” screening of the film “Wonderstruck” and invited the movie’s Deaf actor Millicent Simmonds and her mother, Emily to attend.


Also in attendance were Deaf high-school students Dylan and Ariella, who were winners of Convo’s “Never Stop Dreaming” contest.


I was there and after the movie, I did interviews with them. Check it out!




It was wonderful to meet you four. The day after the movie, on Sunday, we did a tour of different Deaf-owned businesses in Austin. I will share when that video is released.




That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light!


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