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November 8, 2017



More Details and Updates of Texas Church Shooting; Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Has Top Country Leaders Arrested, Engages in International Conflict with Iran and Lebanon; Election Day 2017: Races to Watch, Deaf Man in Mayor Race, and One-Year Anniversary of Trump Defeating Hillary; Two Elementary Students Killed When Vehicle Crashes into Sydney Elementary School; U.S. Senator Rand Paul Has 5 Broken Ribs From Assault By Neighbor




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, November 7. Ready for news?




More Details and Updates of Texas Church Shooting


The neighbor of the church who shot at the church shooter, Stephen Willeford, gave interviews to media. He is a former National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor. He said on Sunday morning his daughter alerted him on sounds of gunfire at the church. Stephen said he kept on hearing pop, pop, pop, pop — and knew that each of those shots was aimed at someone.


He said he ran to his safe, got out his rifle, loaded it, and ran out of the house while still barefoot, and approached the church (while the shooting was still going on). The two men saw each other. Stephen stood behind a truck and shot at Devin, who got in his SUV and shot back at him as he sped away. Stephen then flagged down a passing truck to pursue him at speeds over 90 mph. It ended with Devin crashing and being found dead inside.


— The gunman’s body had three gunshot wounds, one in the leg, in the torso, and one in the head. It appears the first two was from the neighbor and the third was self-inflicted.


— We now know why the gunman, Devin Kelley, was able to buy a gun despite being in military prison for a year for assaulting his wife and injuring her son when he was in the Air Force — it is because the Air Force did not relay this conviction in a federal database, which would have “red-flagged” him. Sen. John McCain said there would be an investigation in this.


— The gunman brought 15 loaded magazines and fired almost 450 rounds in the church.


— The motive seems to be the domestic dispute the gunman had with the family of his second wife, of whom some attended this church. The wife’s grandmother, Lula White, was there at the church and was killed.


--  I read stories by those who survived the shooting -- they said the gunman shouted, "everybody dies motherf----" and would shoot at babies or children if they cried, and shoot at people again to be sure they were dead.  Police and first responders said the scene inside the church was just horrible with blood and bodies everywhere. Terrible.


— Devin’s social media postings often talked about gun violence, weapons, a fascination with mass shootings, and discussions on atheism and being against religious beliefs.


— President Trump, in South Korea, was asked about whether this would increase in more vetting for gun purchases. Trump said stronger background checks would not have prevented the church shooting and that there could have been hundreds dead if not for the neighbor who had a gun.




Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Has Top Country Leaders Arrested, Engages in International Conflict with Iran and Lebanon


There has been major changes in Saudi Arabia’s kingdom last weekend and several incidents that could lead the country into more military conflicts.


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince — the future king of the country — Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) (32) ordered 11 top country leaders and businessmen arrested, accusing them of corruption.


One of the arrested was Prince bin Talal, who is a billionaire investor in several U.S. companies including 21st Century Fox, Apple, and Twitter.


Around 50 others were also arrested. Media is describing it as a “purge” of people who are not close with MBS. More people have recently been arrested. They are being detained at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, which now has no guests and is a “five-star prison.”


Those arrested were removed from their leadership positions, which gives MBS the ability to replace them with his own people, which would give him more control over the country’s military and finances.


On Saturday, there was a ballistic missile fired towards an airport at Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh, but it was intercepted and destroyed without anybody hurt. The missile intercept was done with U.S. made Patriot missile defense system.


President Trump on Sunday told reporters that this proved the U.S. system was very good and that the U.S. was selling it all over the world. Trump doesn’t miss a business opportunity.


The missile was fired from Yemen by Houthi rebels, who are backed by Iran and have control of the country. There has been a war for some time in Yemen with the Saudi government backing those who are fighting against the Houthis.


MBS has accused Iran of military aggression against his country and said they would retaliate. There were Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen’s capital city, Sanaa. Iran said they weren’t involved, that the Houthis did it by themselves.


On Saturday, the prime minister of Lebanon, Hariri, announced he was resigning, saying he feared for his life. His father, a former prime minister for Lebanon, was killed in a car bomb in 2005.


His resignation now makes the future of Lebanon uncertain, and the country is painted as a struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who is thought to support Hezbollah, which is a powerful military and political group and is against the Saudi kingdom.


Saudi Arabia yesterday said Lebanon declared war against them


On Sunday, a Saudi prince, bin Muqrin, and others died when their helicopter crashed. The case of the crash is unknown.


So there’s been a dizzying turn of events in Saudi Arabia last weekend, and it’s caused a lot of people to be concerned about what it all means.


President Trump tweeted support for Saudi King Salman and Prince MBS — saying they knew exactly what they are doing, the those arrests were milking (taking advantage) the kingdom for years.




Election Day 2017: Races to Watch, Deaf Man in Mayor Race, and One-Year Anniversary of Trump Defeating Hillary


Today is election day 2017, where there are state, local, and special elections all over our country.

The major races to watch are for state governors of Virginia and New Jersey and for the mayor of New York City. In Utah, voters are deciding which person will replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who resigned in June.


In the Deaf community, many are looking to see if Deaf man Neil McDevitt will win his campaign to be the Democratic mayor of North Wales (near Philadelphia). He is running against incumbent Gregory D’Angelo.  You can check for updates on Neil’s campaign Facebook page.


Tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of last year’s election day, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become president.




Two Elementary Students Killed When Vehicle Crashes into Sydney Elementary School


In Sydney, Australia, a car crashed into an elementary school classroom with 24 students and a teacher. Two 8-year old boys died and three children were seriously injured. Other children and the teacher had minor injuries.


The classroom had wooden walls and an image of the scene shows the SUV being completely inside the classroom with the outside wall tattered.


Police said they think it was an accident, not an attack. The driver was a 52-year old woman who dropped a child before the crash. She had to give out blood and urine tests and was charged with two counts of dangerous driving.


People said it was a horrible scene with one boy calling for his mother before he passed away. Very sad.




U.S. Senator Rand Paul Has 5 Broken Ribs From Assault By Neighbor


U.S. Senator Rand Paul was assaulted last Friday by his neighbor at his home in a gated community in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The neighbor is Rene Boucher and he has been jailed on misdemeanor assault charges, but could get felony.


Rene tackled Sen. Paul after he had finished mowing his lawn and the two got into a fight. Sen. Paul sustained five fractured ribs — (three ribs seriously cracked) and bruises to his lungs, which could require several months to recover. He has not returned to Washington, D.C. but has issued a statement thanking people for their support.


The reason for the fight is still unknown. Sen. Paul is an eye doctor and the neighbor Rene is an anesthesiologist. Some have suggested it could be related to politics, as both have opposing viewpoints.


Yesterday the neighbor Rene’s lawyer said the fight had nothing to do with political viewpoints but that it was related to a trivial matter.


It’s possible this fight was related with a dispute related to landscaping or community regulations. The two had been neighbors for 17 years.


Rene will appear in court on Thursday.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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