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November 7, 2017


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth. It is Monday, November 6. 




— Here’s news updates about the shooting yesterday at the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church, in a very small town of less than 400 people around 40 miles away from San Antonio. 


— 26 people died yesterday in the shooting that started after 11 in the morning during church services. Initial news reports said 27 died, but that number included the shooter. The ages of the dead ranged from 18 months old up to 77. 


— 20 others were injured. The church is small, so 50 people would be a “full house.” News reports say everybody in the church was impacted — either killed or injured in some way. 


— The shooter is Devin Patrick Kelley (26). He used a Ruger AR-15 type rifle, a ballistic vest, and all-black clothing when he went to the church. He first went around the outside of the church firing shots then went inside and started the massacre. 


— Police said Devin, as he was shooting, walked down the center of the church to the stage (front area), then shot at people as he walked his way out of the church. 


— Devin left his rifle in the church and as he got outside, he was fired upon by a man who lived next to the church - he had a rifle. Devin had a handgun and returned fire.  


— The neighbor then flagged down a truck driven by a citizen. The two chased Devin’s SUV for more than 10 miles, possibly shooting at each other. 


— Devin’s SUV then careened off the road, coming to a stop. Devin was dead. He had a self-inflicted wound, apparently with another gun he had on him. Devin had called his father to tell him that he think he would die.  In his SUV, there were other weapons.


— The church’s reverend, Frank Pomeroy, and his wife, Sherri, was not at the church — they were on an out-of-state trip. Their daughter, Annabelle (14), was killed. 


The visiting pastor and his wife died. Their names: Bryan and Karla Holcombe. Their son, Marc, died. His baby daughter, Noah, died. Another son of Bryan, John, survived, but his wife, Crystal, who was pregnant, died. Crystal had 5 children, three of them died.  This means 8 people from the same family, the Holcombe family died. 


— Police said there was a significant number of children who died. Very sad. 


— There is limited information on the identities of the deceased because their next of kin is still being notified. 


— In videos of the church’s previous services, you can see that it is a small church with a basic design of pews with a stage. There was an ASL interpreter on stage, so it is very possible there was at least one deaf member. I’m trying to find more information on the interpreter and deaf members, and if you have any, you can comment or send a message on Facebook or at


— Devin used to be in the Air Force, but was court-martialed (guilty in military court in 2012 for assaulting his ex-wife and their child. Devin was in military jail for 12 months and then was discharged in 2014 on a “bad conduct” discharge. 


— This prompted questions of how he was able to buy a gun. He did not disclose this military charge in his background check. The Texas Governor Abbott said the state denied him  shouldn’t have been able to get a gun. He bought the gun from an Academy sports store last year. It appears Devin’s crimes and military discharge was just “under” the threshold of being denied the ability to buy a gun.


— Devin posted a picture of his AR-15 gun recently on Facebook. It is not clear if this was the same gun used, but it looks the same. On his post, he said it was a “bad b——.” 


— Devin grew up in New Braunfels, which is between San Antonio and Austin. So he’s from the San Antonio area. 


— The motive is still under investigation, but it appears to be related to domestic problems between Devin and his second wife. She and her parents attended the church, but was not there yesterday. CNN reported that Devin had texted threats to the mother-in-law. It is not clear if Devin was separated from his second wife at the time.


— Several news media have done interviews with those who knew Devin — they described him as aggressive, as a stalker, and as saying sick things. He had previous animal cruelty charge when he beat a dog with his fists in Colorado - this was last year. 


— President Trump said from Japan that the shooter had mental health problems and was a deranged individual (that it was not related to guns). He said it was fortunate that there was someone else who shot at him. 




I’m only doing one news report today — about the shooting. I am taking a break today since I’ve been on the go nonstop since Thursday with the trip to Florida and then the tour in Austin with Convo’s winners of “Never Stop Dreaming” and Wonderstruck deaf actor Millicent Simmonds. 


It was a wonderful time in St. Augustine Florida. I enjoyed the Florida Association of the Deaf banquet. My speech was about the importance of staying engaged on social media and using it to advance the Deaf community. 


It was also a wonderful time meeting Dylan and Ariella, the two winners of Convo’s Never Stop Dreaming contest and to meet Millicent Simmonds. There will be a video released of our trip and I’ll share it, of course. 


Have a nice day and I’ll see you tomorrow with more news. Stay with the light! 




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