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November 2, 2017



Updates on NYC Truck Attack, Utah Nurse Who was Arrested Reaches $500K Settlement with Salt Lake City, U.S. Navy Releases Investigation Report on Two Navy Ship Collisions, Says They Were At Fault, Interview With Deaf Mother of Victim of Tampa Bay Killings, Actor Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She is Deaf in One Ear




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, November 1. Only two months left in 2017. Ready for news? 




The driver of the truck attack in New York City yesterday is Sayfullo Saipov (29), an immigrant from Uzbekistan. He came into the U.S. in 2010 on a Diversity Lottery Program and obtained permanent resident status (green card). He has a wife and three children. He worked as a Uber driver for the past six months. 


He rented a Home Depot truck and drove it for a mile on a bike path yesterday afternoon, killing 8 and injuring at least 12 other people. 


Five of the dead were visitors from Argentina who were celebrating their 30-year anniversary of their high school graduation. One was from Belgium. The other two are Americans from New York City and New Jersey. 


Saipov was shot in the stomach by an officer and is still in a hospital under custody. 


At the scene of the truck accident, there was a note, apparently written by Saipov, saying this attack was done in the name of ISIS and that the ISIS would endure forever. 


Last night police searched through Saipov’s apartment in New Jersey and interviewed his relatives and neighbors.


People in New York City didn’t allow this attack to derail their plans to celebrate Halloween — as there were thousands of people marching in costume. Police patrolled the streets with large guns and vests. 


NY Gov. Cuomo said evidence shows he was a “lone wolf” — that he acted alone — he was inspired by ISIS while being in the U.S. 


There has not been any evidence of connections/communications between him and other ISIS members, but police said Saipov followed instructions that were put out online by ISIS on how to do a truck attack and planned this for several weeks. 


The President of Uzbekistan, Mirziyoyev, said his country will help the investigation.  


President Trump has tweeted about this attack, saying we must not allow the ISIS to enter the U.S., shared his prayers and condolences to the victims’ families, that he has ordered the Dept. of Homeland Security to step up vetting of immigrants, and blamed New York’s Democratic Sen. Schumer for supporting the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. 


Sen. Schumer responded on Twitter that Trump shouldn’t make the attack about politics and divide America, said immigration is good for America, and called on Trump to not cut funding to help police fight terrorism. 


So there is a political argument that has come in the wake of the attack. 




Remember the nurse in Utah, Alex Wubbels, who was arrested by a police officer because she refused to draw blood from an unconscious victim? That was in July. 


She just agreed to a $500,000 settlement with the city of Salt Lake City and the University of Utah. This means there will be no lawsuit and the this case will be “closed.” 


Nurse Wubbels said she would use a portion of the money to help people get body camera footage of incidents that involve them, because it helps people to understand the truth of what happens. 


The officer who made the arrest — Jeff Payne — was fired this month after an internal affairs investigation found him and another officer violating several department policies. He has appealed his punishment.




The U.S. Navy has released a report from their investigation of two Navy ship collisions in the Pacific Ocean that killed 17 Navy sailors during the summer. The Navy said it was their fault — that the errors could have been avoided. 


The first collision — involving the USS Fitzgerald — was blamed on its watch team for not monitoring the ship’s course and for not contacting a container ship until just a minute before they crashed — which was too late. The alarm was not even activated. The two sailors who were supervising was removed from their jobs in August. 


The second collision — involving the USS McCain — was blamed on a confusion on which sailor was responsible for steering the ship while it was in a crowded shipping lane. This caused the ship to move towards an oil tanker, where the two crashed. The ship’s top two officers were removed from their positions.




Here is an interview with Deaf woman Olga Lavandeira, who is the mother of Monica Hoffa, one of three people shot to death in two weeks in the Seminole Heights neighborhood in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. 


The murders have raised fears of a possible serial killer. Police have not identified a suspect and are still looking for the gunman.  


Olga will share what she has gone through. 


— [Interview] 


Thank you for your time, Olga. It’s very sad to see the grief that she is going through and for the families of the other two victims. 


There is now a total reward of $35,000 for information leading to the arrest of the killer. So far police have only been able to release a video of a “person of interest.” Hopefully an arrest is made soon.




Actor Millie Bobby Brown (13), who was nominated for an Emmy for her role on the Netflix show “Stranger Things” made news when she told Variety magazine that she is deaf in one ear. She said she was born with partial hearing loss but that the ear later became fully deaf. She doesn’t appear to know sign language. 


Nyle DiMarco has tweeted at her saying he would love to teach her ASL and tweeted various ASL signs related to the “Stranger Things” show. 


I’m seeing many media articles saying she “overcame” deafness and is still successful despite not being able to hear. Clearly there’s still a perception that having hearing loss means you “can’t be as successful.” 


I hope Millie will learn ASL and about Deaf culture. 




That is all for today. 


















































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