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November 1, 2017



Gunman Who Killed University of Utah Student Arrested After Manhunt, Netflix House of Cards Suspended, 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, & Two NYPD Detectives Charged with Raping Female in Custody, More Information on George Papadopoulos, Who Was Indicted by Mueller Investigation, Tony Podesta Steps Down From His Firm After Being Connected to Manafort During Mueller Investigation, Serial Killer Arrested in Japan After Body Parts of 9 People Found in Apartment




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Happy Halloween! Ready for news? 




Breaking news — there was a truck attack in New York City today. A rented truck drove down a bicycle path, impacting people. At least 8 people died multiple others were injured.


The driver crashed into a school bus and the driver got out. Witnesses said he shouted, “Allah Akbar” and displayed fake weapons that scared people. Police shot at him, and it seems like he will survive while being under custody - he is in the hospital now. 


Four people were in the school bus and have minor injuries. There are sad pictures of wrecked bicycles along a path. 


Now this is being investigated as terrorism. The New York City mayor said this was being investigated as an act of terrorism. This happened near the World Trade Center memorial area. 


This is breaking news and there will be several more updates throughout the night. I’ll keep an eye on it and provide more information tomorrow. 




Last night a student was shot to death at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. There was a big manhunt to find the suspected gunman — Austin Boutain (24), and he was just caught. 


Police said before the shooting, the gunman was camping with his wife, Kathleen (23) in a canyon near the university. 


What happened last night — Austin assaulted his wife, got on campus, and tried to hijack a car driven by a college student from China, ChenWei Guo — shooting and killing him. 


The gunman then ran away and disappeared. The gunman’s wife later approached campus police to report the assault. She was treated and will be okay. 


There were over 200 police officers and FBI agents looking for him on campus and in mountains around campus. Classes were cancelled and local hiking trails were closed. 


Now there’s additional information — police said Austin and his wife were wanted in relation to a death of a 63-year old man in Colorado from last week. The wife, Kathleen, was arrested today. They were driving the man’s truck. 


People are mourning the death of ChenWei Guo, who came to the U.S. in 2012 and was studying pre-computer science with goals of staring his own business. He was also a member of the Mormon church.




Here is more information on former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos, who was one of three people indicted yesterday by the Mueller investigation.


George worked on Trump’s foregin policy advisory council in March 2016. See him sitting on the same table with Trump.


At the time, George lived in London. He met with a London professor who told him he had “negative” emails of Hillary Clinton. The two emailed each other on setting up a possible meeting between Trump campaign aides and Russian government officials. 


He also met with a Russian woman who said she was related to Putin — she wanted to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin. 


George was questioned by the FBI in January of this year about his work and meetings. George said the meetings was before he joined Trump’s team and that the information was “nothing.” 


Several months later — in July — George was arrested at Dulles International Airport and apparently that’s when he admitted that he was not truthful about the meetings — that the meetings were after he joined the Trump team and that the information was not “nothing’ but valuable discussions on Hillary emails and possible meetings with Russian government officials. 


We know now that he’s pled guilty to making false statements. In court documents it says he has met with investigators several times to provide information and answer questions. We don’t know what other information he’s shared.


President Trump has dismissed George on Twitter today — he said George was a young, low level volunteer, is a liar, and that few people knew him.


All this shows that the Mueller investigation will go after even the most obscure Trump aide in order to find information. 


The Washington Post said there is a level of anxiety in the White House with staffers hiring lawyers and wondering if the FBI will go after them.'liar'




The Mueller investigation has not only impacted Republicans working with Trump, it has also impacted Democrats — specifically Tony Podesta, who runs a large government lobbying business in Washington, D.C. named “The Podesta Group.” His brother is John Podesta, who was Hillary’s campaign chairman. 


Yesterday Tony said he was resigning. The possible reason why? 


His lobbying firm was tied with Paul Manafort (who was indicted yesterday). In court papers it said the Podesta Group did business with Manafort for a nonprofit organization based in Belgium that wanted to improve the image of the Ukrainian government in 2012-2014. 


That organization is now believed to be directly under the Ukrainian government who was pro-Russia at the time. The Mueller investigation said the organization misrepresented themselves as not being funded or under direction by a government or political party. 


Why this is a big deal — it means the Podesta Group “worked” for the Ukrainian government, although they might not have known it at the time because they were working with Manafort. 


Now Podesta is out — he said he can’t run his business while he is being attacked by Fox News and the right wing media. 


President Trump tweeted this morning that this was the “biggest story” — not the indictments against his three former campaign aides.




In Japan, police have arrested a possible serial killer after they found body parts of at least nine people in his apartment. 


The man, Takesiro Shiraishi (27) has admitted to killing one person and dismembering its body. He said he put the parts in a cooler box with cat litter to hide it, and other body parts in the trash.


Police said they saw three cooler boxes and five containers in his room that had human heads in them and human bones, a total of 8 women and one man. There were tools that might have been used to cut the body parts. 


Neighbors had complained of a foul odor coming from the apartment. 


Police went to his home because they were investigating a missing woman who posted an online message last week saying she wanted to commit suicide and wanted someone to join her. The woman was seen on surveillance video walking with Takesiro near his apartment. 


Now they have a huge criminal case and are expected to formally file murder charges.




Here are three news briefs: 


1) The popular Netflix show “House of Cards” is suspending their production of their sixth and final season after the main character, played by Kevin Spacey, admitted to sexual assault of a minor 30 years ago. The production was going on for two weeks in Baltimore. It is not clear what will happen to the show in the future .


2) Today is the 500th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther, a religious leader from Germany, “protested” against the powerful Catholic Church by nailing 95 theses on a door of a church criticizing the church’s practice of selling indulgences — to reduce their punishment for sins. This action is credited to cause the split between Catholic and Protestant Christians and sparked several wars. Some historians say the nailing itself never actually happened, but Luther did write down the complaints is credited as a key figure in church history. 


3) Two New York Police Department detectives were charged with raping a 18-year old woman who was handcuffed in the back seat of a police van and later let go. This happened on September 15. The officers’ names are Eddie Martins (37) and Richard Hall (33) and they have pled not guilty to rape and other charges — a total of 50 charges. Both are released on bail and if guilty, could face up to 25 years in prison. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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