Deaf Business Spotlight: DM Multimedia

October 27, 2017





ALEX: Hello, today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… DM Multimedia. It is a visual design and marketing service started by David Michalowski, who has been doing this for 20 years. Check it out!




ARLENE: Hello, I’m excited to meet the owner of DM Multimedia. I’ve been hearing about him for a while. Now I finally have the opportunity to meet and learn what he does in his business! Exciting times! Come with me.


DAVID: My name’s David Michalowski. My name sign is [a wiggling “D” in neutral space]. I live here with my office here in Baltimore, Maryland. This business is DM Multimedia.


I’m a visual artist that makes the boring, plain, and simple things to look more visually exciting. You know how Deaf people are very visual.


I do business cards, tradeshow displays, and website development.


I’m developing a website for a client who’s an old friend from years ago. She established a power skating business for better hockey performance. Jackie wants to improve the website to promote and to increase program attendance. The old website was very plain and simple, so I suggested her to improve it. I showed her different suggestions and she was fascinated with them. So now I’m doing it for her, and she loves the new look.


It helps her to market and to increase her revenue, and then she can pay me to help expand more services.


What’s the ratio or percentage of Deaf clients VS hearing? I’d say about 60% Deaf. One of my bigger clients is Sprint Relay. For hearing clients, they’re smaller, like a physical therapy business. Or law firms, this speed skating hockey program, and restaurants, too. I develop their business cards.


These are the postcards I’ve made for two different services. One is a Deaf and hard of hearing law firm in New York, City. I love this postcard. Here is the other one on their expanded service for allergy or hospital related lawsuits.


This past June was my 20th anniversary of this business.


For those going to college, I’d encourage them to interact with hearing people. Not like to become hearing like them, no, just interact with them with an interpreter. You can finetune and practice knowing what to expect from hearing people after you graduate.


You have to have good work ethic and to prove yourself as a Deaf person. You have to present the business whatever it may be forward, instead of presenting yourself first and demand certain things that you need as a Deaf person. It doesn’t work that way.

You have to present and prove your skills first, not your deafness. That’s important. It will convince people that you’d be a good opportunity for future consideration, even long after 50, 60, or 70 years. Accessibility has improved tremendously compared to the past. So that’s my advice.




ALEX: Nice! His business also does interactive training. You can see that David has an ability to work with deaf and hearing clients. You can contact him through his website at

*Correction: The website is, not


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