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October 26, 2017


Two Young Men Shot to Death at Grambling State University, Wapo: Hillary Campaign and Dem. Nat’l Committee Paid for Infamous “Trump Dossier,” Handwritten Notes by Albert Einstein Sells for $1.8 Million in Auction, Two Republican Senators Criticizes President Trump, Says They Will Not Run for Re-election, Five News Briefs, Deaf Dallas Man Is Top Five Finalist for $10,000 Award




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, October 25. Ready for news? 




Early this morning two people were shot to death at Grambling State University in Louisiana.


Campus police first got calls after midnight. They went to a dorm area and saw the bodies of Earl Andrews (23), a senior — and his friend Monquiarious Caldwell (23).


Police do not know who the gunman is — he fled the scene. They said before the shooting, there was an altercation inside the dorm building that spilled outside. 


Now the local sheriff’s office is taking over the case and there is a manhunt for the suspect. 


It is currently the university’s Homecoming Week. Grambling is a historically black college with almost 5,000 students.




Two papers with a quotes written by Albert Einstein, the famous physicist/scientist, just sold for a combined $1.8 million in an auction. 


Einstein wrote the notes when he was on a trip to Japan in 1922. He was in a hotel room, got a delivery, and wanted to tip the person — but he didn’t have small change so he decided to write the notes in German, telling him that if he was lucky, those might become valuable.

The delivery person kept it and passed it to his nephew, who sold it. 


The first says, “A calm and humble life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” That one sold for $1.56 million. 


The second says, “When there is a will, there is a way.” That one sold for $240,000. 


The auction was hosted in Jerusalem. As for who bought the notes — their identities are unknown.




The Washington Post reported last night that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid for the now-famous dossier on Donald Trump. They had previously denied any involvement. 


The dossier is 35 pages of opposition research done by a former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele that had information about how Russians helped Donald Trump win the election. 


Information in this dossier is unverified and Trump has called it fake news, but intelligence agencies have looked at it and confirmed some things in it. You can read it in full on Buzzfeed. 


A research firm, Fusion GPS, contracted with Steele to compile the dossier. They were first paid by an Republican anti-Trump client during the primaries, but it stopped. 


That’s when the Clinton campaign and the DNC, in April 2016, used a lawyer to approach Fusion GPS and continue the payments. Financial documents show that the law firm got over $12 million from the Clinton campaign and DNC in 2015 to 2016. 


We don’t know how much money went to Fusion GPS. The company is currently being investigated by Congress and have refused to testify and is fighting a order to reveal their bank records. 


After the election, payments to Fusion GPS stopped. The FBI wanted to continue to pay for the research, but it stopped after media revealed Steele’s identity. 


It’s not unusual for a campaign to pay for opposition research, but this is big news because the Clinton campaign lawyer had previously denied being involved and Hillary had portrayed herself as not a part of it. 


There is also scrutiny by Republican members of Congress on why the FBI wanted to support this research and how much they relied on it to start their Russia investigation. 


So this is another chapter in the ongoing fallout from the election and the Russia investigation. 




Two Republican Senators — Sen. Flake (Ariz) and Sen. Corker (Tenn.).— have recently levied strong criticism against Donald Trump’s job as president.  Both Senators said they will not run again for re-election.


Yesterday Sen. Flake announced he was retiring and gave a 17-minute speech in which he said Trump was dangerous to democracy, that Trump was a bad role model, and that Trump threatens the stability of the world when he tweets. 


Sen. Flake has been a strong critic of Trump since day 1 and it’s caused him to lose traction within the GOP party.


The second Senator — Corker — said Trump was not truthful, that the White House was an adult day care, and he has not stepped up to the ‘role of the President.” 


He had announced last month that he would not run for re-election, saying he only wanted to do two terms. 


Sen. Flake was a critic of Trump since day 1, while Sen. Corker had endorsed him but got into a falling out after he criticized Trump’s leadership after the Charlottesville, Virginia rally. 


Trump has criticized both on Twitter, calling Sen. Flake weak and Sen. Corker incompetent. He said the reason why they dropped out was because they had zero chance of being elected, and are now acting so hurt and wounded. 


The Senators still have more than a year of service in the Senate, so we’ll continue to hear from them and they still have voting powers. 


As for the upcoming Senate races to replace them — it’ll be something to look at — who will be the top Republican candidates? How will Democrats take advantage of this to try and flip those seats? 




The brother of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, has been arrested in Los Angeles, accused of possessing child pornography. The brother’s name is Bruce Paddock and he is not the one who interviewed with media — that one is Eric. 


Bruce had not interviewed with media after the shooting and is not a suspect in the shooting. His case was already pending before the shooting.


Las Vegas police said a laptop computer in Stephen’s room at the Mandalay Bay hotel had its hard drive removed — it is not known where it is. This means police have even less clues on what his motive is. 


Chinese President Xi Jinping (64) was recently announced as a leader for another 5-year term, and it looks like he will be the sole leader for beyond that. 


How it works in the Communist Party — every five years, they announce a lineup of 7 leaders. Sometimes there will be a younger person to signify a possible future successor, but the recent lineup had the other six men over 60 — which shows Xi has all the power for now and the future. People are staring to compare him with previous powerful leader Chairman Mao Zedong.



The Trump administration has directed the Dept. of Transportation to start a program on drones, to make it easier for cities to test various models of drones to see how they can be used for delivering items or other purposes. The FAA has since set many strict rules that slow down innovation, and this program will speed up the process to change regulations — which will benefit tech companies. 


An actor, Heather Lind, said former President George H.W. Bush groped her and said a dirty joke when she stood next to him as he sat in a wheelchair four years ago. She said his wife, Barbara, was there and just rolled her eyes and the security guard said Heather shouldn’t have stood next to Bush. A Bush spokesperson said he apologizes. 




A Deaf man, Dominic Lacy, who is the Board President of the Deaf Action Center (DAC) in Dallas, TX (I visited earlier this year and filmed their Deaf-friendly apartment building) — is now a top-five finalist for the Dallas Foundation’s “Good Works Under 40” People Choice Award to recognize outstanding civic or business leaders in Dallas. 


The contest prize is $10,000 — and Dominic has pledged to donate it to DAC. 


People are encouraged to vote using your email address once per day until the contest closes on November 3. You can use multiple email addresses to cast more votes daily. You have to confirm your vote to make sure it counts. 


You can support him and the DAC by going to the link above or in transcript to vote.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 












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