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October 19, 2017



Gunman Kills 3 at Maryland Business Park, Wildlife Biologists Say Alligators Eat Sharks, Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban, Controversy About Trump’s Comments to Widow of Green Beret Killed in Niger, LA Police Department To Launch Police Drone, and Security Guard at Mandalay Bay Shooting Shares Details in Ellen Interview




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, October 18. Ready for news?




This morning in Maryland a gunman shot at five people at a business park, killing three and seriously wounding the other two. This was at a business park north of Baltimore.


The suspect is identified as Radee Labeeb Prince (37). He is now on the run and there is a big manhunt for him.


The five people shot were employees at the business — Advanced Granite Solutions. It appears the gunman used to work for the business and purposefully targeted the people he shot at. He used a handgun.


Maryland police say he drove away in a 2008 black GMC Acadia SUV and is armed and dangerous.


Hope they catch him soon. Sad to see another mass shooting.




Wildlife biologists published a study saying American alligators do attack and eat small sharks and stingrays when they swim in estuaries — areas where rivers meet the ocean.


Biologists said they pumped the stomachs of more than 500 live alligators to see what they were eating. They put GPS transmitters on them and saw that they went to estuaries and saw some alligators eating small sharks.


Biologists say alligators are able to swim in salt water when there is heavy rainfall, because they can sip fresh water from the surface. Sharks also do swim into freshwater areas. so that’s a recipe for one of them getting eaten — depending on who’s bigger.


There are reports that in the 1800’s, people saw big battles between schools of sharks and congregations of alligators after they were thrown together by flooding and high tides.




Yesterday a federal judge in Hawaii blocked most of the Trump administration’s latest travel ban against 8 countries — Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Chad, Somalia, North Korea, and government officials in Venezuela.


The new ban was supposed start today, but with this judge’s decision, people from six of the countries, excluding North Korea and government officials in Venezuela, can obtain visas and come.


In court before U.S. District Judge Watson, lawyers for those who sued the Trump administration argued that the ban exceeded the White House’s authority and that it was related to Trump’s call for a shutdown on Muslims entering the U.S. during his campaign in December.


The Trump administration’s lawyers argued that the travel ban was necessary because those countries did not comply with U.S.’ minimum security requirements for immigrants.


The judge, ruling against the Trump administration, said the executive order discriminated against people based on their nationality, that the ban was flawed because people from Iraq were exempt, even though the country did not meet U.S. security requirements.


The White House said they would appeal.


Today another federal judge in Maryland, US District Judge Chuang, also ruled against the ban, saying it was discrimination based on religion (against Muslims) and allowed those with a bona-fide relationship to a U.S. person or entity to come.




On October 4 (two weeks ago), four U.S. soldiers — Green Berets — died in the border between Niger and Mali when they were ambushed by an unknown group, possibly al-Qaeda or ISIS, who fired RPGs and machine guns at them. The U.S. soldiers were there to train and work with Nigerien soldiers and the details of the ambush are still vague. Two other soldiers were injured.


The four soldiers who died’s names are: Bryan Black (35), Jeremiah Johnson (39), Dustin Wright (29), and La David Johnson (25).


On Monday, a reporter asked Trump why he did not yet mention anything about the soldiers’ deaths.


Trump responded that he had written personal letters to the families and then said previous president Obama and other presidents before him rarely contacted deceased soldiers’ families.


That caused some controversy with pictures surfacing of Obama and Bush either saluting coffins with soldiers’ remains or meeting with their families — which refuted Trump’s statements.


Then there was more controversy when Trump called the widow of La David Johnson as his family was riding in a limo to be present when his remains arrived in Florida.


Rep. Frederica Wilson (D, Fla) was in the limo and the call was on speakerphone — she said Trump told the widow, Myeshia, that “he knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.” Rep. Wilson said when Trump said this, Myeshia broke down in tears.


There are sad pictures and video of Myeshia, who is currently pregnant with her third child, standing over the coffin draped with an American flag.


This morning Trump tweeted that Rep. Wilson lied and that he had proof. He has not yet shown what that proof is.


Then later this morning, the soldier's mother Cowanda, who was also in the limo, said Trump did say this and that he disrespected her son and her family — adding that Trump did not remember La David’s name.


This is a controversy that has shifted attention away from the four soldiers who passed away and discussion on the ambush itself.


The Pentagon is now opening an investigation on why the soldiers were not prepared for this kind of attack.


There is a GoFundMe to provide scholarship money for the family of La David. It’s already raised almost $400,000 in one day.




The security guard at the Mandalay Bay hotel who was the first to respond to the shooting — Jesus Campos — did an interview on the Ellen show. Campos had a cane and was seated with a hotel engineer, Stephen Schuk.


Campos said he saw an alert for an open door on the 32nd floor. He used the stairwell from the 31st floor to the 32nd floor but couldn’t get in the hallway because the door was blocked by a metal bracket.


So he found a different way to get up on the 32nd floor hallway then opened the door into the stairway room (which had two doors, one that led to the stairs and one that led to the hallway) — he saw the metal bracket blocking the stairway door — and called the hotel engineers to look at it.


Campos said he heard drilling sounds and as he walked into the hallway, the door closed loudly behind him, possibly getting the shooter’s attention. He then heard rapid gunfire and felt a burning sensation in his leg and saw that he was shot.


He then radioed that shots was fired. He saw the engineer Stephen walking and yelled for him to take cover. Then bullets flew by them. One female came out in the hallway but took cover when Campos yelled at her.


This was before the gunman started firing on the crowds at the music festival.  It appears there was not quick communication between hotel security and the police department, who arrived 12 minutes after the shooting started (two minutes after the shooting stopped). The Las Vegas police has changed their story of the shooting several times.


We’ll know more of the puzzle of the circumstances before the shooting in the future.




The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will start a year-long test of using drones. There are people who are very opposed to it, protesting the decision.


LAPD say the drones will help protect offices by collecting important information about high-risk situations, protect responding officers, and that the drones will not have weapons or facial-recognition technology.  


But others say the drones will be an invasion of privacy and fear that this is a slippery slope — that the drones later could become weaponized and have facial-recognition technology.




That is all for today. I am flying out of town tonight and will not do a news report tomorrow, but there will be a sub-moth. Have a great week/end and stay with the light.




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