Deaf Business Spotlight: Eaffers and Max

October 13, 2017



ALEX: Hello, today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… Eaffers and Max, an Etsy store started by Vicki Campos-Hamilton that makes homemade, custom necklaces, bracelets, and others. Check it out!




SARAH: Hi! This is Sarah Gordon, Community Curator for Rochester. I’m here at Eaffers and Max. Come with me!


VICKI: Hello, my name is Vicki Campos-Hamilton. I established this business, Eaffers and Max.


It’s named Eaffers because when my son was born 13 years ago, my mother held him and wanted to come up with an affectionate name: Eaffers. That’s been his name since. As for Max, that’s our dog’s name.


I’ve finally pursued my passion at 51 years old.


A Deaf customer recently contacted me to inform me that their cat passed away. It’s sad. It was a beautiful cat with green eyes, too. They asked me to make a keychain with the picture of their cat. So right now I’m making it. Come and see.


You have to press it firmly so the glass doesn’t slip.


This other customer wanted a labyrinth design. I noticed there was some blank space in the center, so I thought of putting the I Love You handshape in it. I asked the customer their thoughts, and they said, “Yes!” So I found the handshape and I’ve added it here.


This must be created by laser printing so that the colors don’t bleed.


This is Kari Campos-Hamilton. She is my wife and also the owner of this business. She manages the shipping and technical issues like with this printing problem that just happened now. She’s now trying to solve the problem.


KARI: Hello.


VICKI: The Deaf Ecosystem is about us Deaf businesses supporting one another. Here’s an example here.


They were made by Marina Barnum who lives here in Rochester. She made and sewed those things. She works from home like I do. I hired her to make those bracelets and pillons. There is another business owner named Sharon (she is Deaf) and designed the zentangle art here. Here’s what they look like. We split the profit on those sales because it’s her art with my crafting of necklaces.


Amelia Hamilton - a fantastic photographer who takes pictures of my wares to be posted on my Etsy account. Her pictures are beautiful!


I’ve lived here in Rochester for a short time. I moved here about 2-3 years ago. Look at the center of this necklace. That’s the Rochester logo. People who live in Rochester… just love Rochester. They love everything about Rochester, including the rollercoaster weather. They don’t mind the cold winters. I love the food and people here. The Deaf community is fantastic and united. This necklace is our high seller. It’s the number one seller.


Another top seller is the I Love You handshape with the Rochester logo. It’s hard to see it, so hopefully, you can see it in the video. Come close.


People love this one and buy it. Our third top seller is here. You can see the I Love You silhouette with the LGBT rainbow that I support. I am myself a lesbian. I have a wife, my partner, who is standing over there.


KARI: Hello.


VICKI: So these are our 3 top sellers.


If some customers would like to order something as a gift for friends and family, they can. They just put down their addresses and I will ship them directly. This is what the gift box looks like.


It’s pretty!


SARAH: I love bracelets. Pretty. Look at this.


I like that one.


You can get them online from Eaffers and Max on Etsy.




ALEX: Wow, those are beautiful necklaces and bracelets, and it’s interesting to see the process they are made. If you want to buy them, you can check out her Etsy shop at She also has a Facebook and Instagram @eaffersandmax.


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