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October 13, 2017



Pakistan Military Rescues American Woman and Canadian Husband with Three Children After 5 Years of Captivity, Hollywood Fallout From Weinstein Sexual Harassment Accusations, Trump Signs Executive Order To Weaken Obamacare and Allow Cheaper Insurance Plans, and Interview With Deaf Woman Who Had Her Ranch Destroyed by California Wildfires




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, October 12. Ready for news? 




Today the Pakistan military announced they have released an American woman married to a Canadian man and their three children — they were held captive by the Taliban and their allies for the past five years in areas around the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


The woman’s name is Caitlan, the man Joshua. They were backpacking and was abducted when they crossed into Afghanistan. Caitlan was pregnant at the time and they had their children while in captivity.


There has been complicated geopolitical issues in the region between the U.S., Afghanistan, and Pakistan on who is responsible for the abduction and how much they are doing to help the family. 


In August, when Trump announced a new military strategy in Afghanistan, he did call on Pakistan to do more against militants. Today President Trump said he wanted to thank Pakistan for working hard on this, that they are starting to respect the U.S. again. 


The rescue was yesterday. The Pakistan army got a tip from U.S. intelligence that the family was being moved in a vehicle from Afghanistan into Pakistan. 


Pakistan troops tracked the vehicle and tried to stop it, but it didn’t, so they shot out the vehicle’s tires — I read two different articles about this — one said soldiers killed at least five captors, but another article said they ran away unscathed. The family was left behind in the vehicle — they were recovered by Pakistan soldiers. 


The Canadian government said they were also involved with the rescue operation, working with the U.S., Afghanistan, and Pakistan governments. In Richmond, Ontario — where James’ family is from — people are overjoyed to see the news that the family is safe.'




The story about the sexual harassment accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has continued with increasing fallout for others connected to him. 


Actor Ben Affleck apologized last night for inappropriately touching actress Hilarie Burton in 2003 on a tv show. He had earlier released a statement condemning Weinstein (who he was close with) — but was quickly called out by others that he did the same to Burton. 


Burton herself tweeted that she didn’t forget, prompting the apology from Affleck. 


Actress Annamarie Tendler said Ben groped her butt at a Golden Globes party in 2014, and said she kept it to herself, but have thought about what she would say if she saw him again. Another woman said she knows of others who went through the same thing. 


Many are saying that this has been a problem in Hollywood for a long time, and that now is the time when those issues are brought out to the open. 


Now, back to Weinstein — on Tuesday the New Yorker published a report with more details about Weinstein. Italian actress Asia Argento said Weinstein raped her 20 years ago and she “allowed” it and still met with him again and again because she was afraid Weinstein would “crush” her.


The article detailed a more recent incident in 2015 involving model Ambra Gutierrez — she said in a meeting with Weinstein, he forced himself on her, touching her inappropriately. She reported it to the NYPD — who placed a wire on her as she went back to meet with Weinstein again. 


The NYPD audio recording was released — and it shows Weinstein repeatedly badgering her to go in his hotel room, while Ambra said she didn’t want to. She then confronted him, asking why he touched her breast yesterday, Weinstein said, “I’m used to that.” 


That NYPD investigation was dropped because of “insufficient evidence.” 


The article had many more instances of serious sexual harassment and rape, and some of the women said although they said no at first, they later allowed themselves to interact and work with Weinstein because of his filmmaking power. 


Weinstein’s spokesperson said he denies the rape accusations — saying that all of his interactions were consensual and never retaliated against women for refusing him. 


Yesterday Weinstein told TMZ that he was going to go and get help. Apparently he’s now somewhere in Arizona at a treatment facility. 


Police in the U.S. and U.K. have started new investigations of Weinstein-related sexual assaults. 


Recently two male actors said they were also sexually assaulted —  Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek.  


There are many new controversies and conversations on who knew about this, how this kind of behavior was allowed to go on for so long, and what changes needs to happen.


New Yorker:




Today President Trump signed an executive order to start a federal process that will look at options on how small businesses and people can “band together” to create associations so they can buy cheaper health insurance that has less coverage than ACA/Obamacare plans. 


Trump wants for there to be more access to short-term insurance — which Obama restricted. The new vision is also for employers to be able to deposit money in special accounts that employees can use to purchase their own insurance plans (which is different from the current Obamacare rules). 


Trump said this was so there could be more competition, choice, and access to low-cost and high-quality healthcare options. 


But critics say this can have a negative impact — as younger and healthier Americans will buy those cheaper plans, reducing customers for insurance companies that offer more comprehensive plans for older and sicker people — driving up their prices — and when those younger Americans become sick,  they may see that their insurance doesn’t cover everything. 


Trump is doing this as a part of his effort to dismantle Obamacare, which Republicans in Congress has not been able to do in several tries. This executive order will not have an immediate impact, but it shows Trump’s long-term strategy on health insurance.




Ready for sports news? Here’s an update with NFL anthem issues. Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, sent a letter on Tuesday to 32 teams saying he wants the players to stand for the anthem. Then, President Trump tweeted on Wednesday (yesterday) saying that “It’s about time that Roger Goodell is finally demanding that all players stand for our great National Anthem - RESPECT OUR COUNTRY”. The NFL issued a statement {clarification) — perhaps in response to Trump's tweet later on Wednesday morning. The NFL clarified that some of media were inaccurate — that while the NFL has not ordered and demanded the players to stand — they wanted to make progress from protest to unity and the issue will be discussed during the NFL's regularly scheduled fall meetings in New York next week. It looks like President Trump tried to put the pressure on NFL while the NFL is trying to deal with this step to step and think of these players’ rights. One of NFL players — who plays for Buccaneers — Gerald McCoy said that it's going to be an uproar if players are forced to stand for the anthem because they are basically being taken away from their constitutional rights to freedom of speech. We’ll see how this goes on after the meeting in New York.

Here’s an update with MLB Playoffs. There’s many exciting matches and I can’t wait to see who goes to the World Series because it’s difficult to predict. For ALDS (American League Division Series) Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros; Astros won the series 3-1 and New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians; Yankees won the series 3-2 — Now for NLDS (National League Division Series) Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angeles Dodgers; LA Dodgers sweeps 3-0 and Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals; Series tied 2-2, so whichever loses goes to home and the game is tonight.

The United States men’s national soccer team failed to qualify for next year’s World Cup finals after their 2-1 loss to Trinidad & Tobago Tuesday night. Also, Fox News paid $400 million dollars for the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. Now, will the TV ratings be down since the U.S. aren’t in the 2018 World Cup or would many of us would still watch because we love many different international teams? Let’s see.

What’s on TV tonight? Thursday Night Football! It’s going to be Philadelphia Eagles playing at Carolina Panthers at 8:25 PM ET and both teams are 4-1 so who do you think will win tonight?



Here is an interview with a Deaf woman who had her mountain ranch destroyed by the northern California wildfires on Sunday night.




Wow, what a scary story, and it is a relief that she was saved just in time. It is concerning that Deaf people are the last ones to know of emergencies — and there definitily needs to be a change in how we receive emergency alerts. 


If you want to help her with her recovery process, you can donate at her GoFundMe: 





That is all for today. I’m happy to say that I’ve earned over $9,500 since announcing the $15,000 fundraiser on Monday. Thank you so much for your support! You can still donate at Check out the Deaf Business Spotlight tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light! 

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