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October 12, 2017



California Wildfires Deaths Increase to 21 as Threat Continues, WSJ Released Report About Russian Gov’t Working with Kapersky Lab Software to Spy on U.S., Boy Scouts of America Announces Girls Can Join, President Trump Slams NBC and Shows Disagreement with Sec. of State Tillerson on North Korea, and Interview with Team Behind “Hedy & Heidi: The Lost Sister” Feature Film




Hello! Welcome to the Daily Moth. It is Wednesday, October 11. Ready for news? 




The California wildfires are still burning — and sadly the death toll is now up to 21. There are still strong winds and dry weather that will only help the fires. It is possible new fires will spark.


There are more than 20 wildfires that are still burning with 170,000 acres already burnt. Around 8,000 firefighters are out there. 


Weather forecasts for the area say there will be a reduction in winds tomorrow afternoon, but by Friday night, the winds will increase. The threats to people are obviously the fires themselves — but smoke inhalation can also cause health issues — to protect yourself, use masks that are called a “particulate respirator.” Regular paper/dust masks will not protect you. 


There are still over 100 people missing. 


Yesterday I interviewed with a Deaf man who had his home completely destroyed by the “Tubbs fire.” That same fire has killed at least 11 people, burned entire neighborhood blocks, destroyed a mobile home park, and damaged a Hilton hotel.


Those in the Bay Area can see haze. Here is a short video clip from Kana Kortuem who filmed herself in Hwy 4 in East Bay Area.


[Video clip]


Very concerning situation for those in the area. Be on the alert if wildfires or winds are coming your way, be ready to evacuate.  


I am in touch with other Deaf survivors of the fire and I will share their stories in upcoming news.


Particulate Respirator:





The Wall Street Journal released an investigative report saying the Russian government has used a popular antivirus software made by Kaspersky Lab to infiltrate computers worldwide that uses their software. Kaspersky is a Russian company with their headquarters in Moscow.


The software, when installed in a computer, works by scanning files to see if there are viruses or cyberthreats. It appears that it also looks for the words, “top secret” — which can be on top secret government documents. This ability shows that it was purposefully designed by Kaspersky engineers. 


Kaspersky Lab has denied helping the Russian government with spying and said it would hurt their business. 


The Israeli government said they warned the U.S. about Kaspersky because they managed to hack into Kaspersky’s networks in 2014 and saw that it was used to collect U.S. government secrets.


In 2015, there was a NSA National Security Agency employee who removed classified files from his workplace to his personal computer at home — and it was hacked. His computer had Kaspersky software on it. The information hacked was about how the NSA spies on other countries and protects themselves from data breaches, probably one of the most critical pieces of information. 


After the 2015 hack, U.S. intelligence agencies focused on Kaspersky and did experiments on it. 


But they didn’t order federal agencies to stop using Kaspersky — nothing until last month (September) — the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ordered all federal agencies to identify and remove Kaspersky Lab software within three months.


Kaspersky software is popular and competes with other big names such as Avast, Symantec, or McAfee. This will have a big impact on the Kaspersky business, because more than 85% of its revenue comes from outside of Russia. 


But in Germany, their federal cyber agency BSI said they had no evidence that showed Kaspersky Lab was used by the Russian government to spy on others.




The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced that they will allow girls to become scouts, starting next year for their Cub Scout program (for young children) and then in 2019, start a new program for older girls to be able to become an Eagle Scout. 


The organization said they will not make the groups co-ed — rather they will have it all boys or all girls. 


The BSA said they are doing this because American life is changing and that families want to be able to sign up for all of their children. 


The National Organization for Women (NOW) had advocated this year for the BSA to start accepting girl scouts because there were girls that wanted to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. 


The Girl Scouts, a separate organization, does not support this idea — as they’ve preferred the BSA to focus on only boys, but they’ll now have to “compete” with them to attract girl scouts.




President Trump has threatened to use the federal government’s power (via the FCC) against NBC — to strip away their license to broadcast after NBC released a report this morning that Trump wanted 10x increase in nuclear weapons during a meeting in the summer — a request that surprised the U.S. military. Trump tweeted that this article was fiction — fake news. 


The NBC article said Trump wanted an increase because he was shown on a slideshow that the U.S. military had steadily reduced its arsenal since the 1960’s — something that Trump didn’t agree with — he wanted the numbers to go back up. Military officials then explained to Trump that an increase would have legal and foregin relations issues, and said that the U.S. military was stronger today than in the 1960s. 


NBC said after the meeting, the Sec. of State Tillerson called Trump a “moron.” That made news last week, especially because Trump had criticized Tillerson for trying to have a diplomatic solution with North Korea. Trump had tweeted that Tillerson shouldn’t waste his energy because he would do what has to be done. 


So— did Trump want an increase in nuclear weapons or not? NBC says yes, Trump says no. Second — did Tillerson call Trump a moron? Tillerson was asked about it last week and he said he wouldn’t discuss it because it was an effort by the media to divide the administration. Thirdly — all this shows that Trump and Tillerson appear to be increasingly at odds on how to deal with North Korea, with Trump strongly hinting of a military response. 


Just today he was asked about him and Tillerson — with Trump responding that he has a different attitude on North Korea than Tillerson, that he feels stronger and tougher, and that his attitude is the one that matters.




I will show you an interview with three Deaf people who were invovled with the making of a new feature film — “Hedy & Heidi: The Lost Sister. It will premiere at a red carpet event in the Los Angeles area on November 11… and I’ll be there to provide LIVE coverage! 


Here is the interview. 




Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. For more information about the red carpet event (you can buy tickets) or about the movie and how you can either host a showing or watch one, go to Bad Cats Entertainment’s Facebook page or at For the Daily Moth LIVE coverage, I’ll provide more details as time nears. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 








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