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October 10, 2017



Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, October 9. I’ll go LIVE today. 




I posted the $15,000 fundraising goal around noontime. It’s been just over 5 hours now and there is $5,000 raised  with over 120 donors. Amazing! Thank you so much for your support. Let’s keep on until we reach $15,000.


Hey — here’s an announcement — if $15,000 is raised — I’ll bring back Deaf Bing! So let’s keep on until we reach this goal. 




The controversy with NFL and players kneeling during the national anthem has exploded. 


Yesterday Vice President Mike Pence flew to his home state of Indiana to watch the NFL team Indianapolis Colts play against the San Francisco 49ers. 


He was up in a box seat with his wife, who was wearing a Colts jersey. When the anthem was played, around 20 players from the 49ers kneeled. All the Colts stood up and locked arms. 


VP Pence and his wife then left the stadium. Pence said they left because they refused to “dignify” any event that disrespects U.S. soldiers, the Flag, or the anthem.


President Trump later tweeted that he asked Pence to leave if anybody kneeled — that he was proud of him. 


Now there is pressure on NFL players and NFL owners. 


Several NFL players told The Root that they were pressured by their teams’ management to not kneel. 


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he knew Pence left because the teams tolerated disrespect of the flag. He said the his Cowboy players would stand for the flag — or “we won’t play.” 


Miami Dolphins owner Ross also said he wanted his players to stand for the anthem. During yesterday’s game, three players stayed in the field during the anthem, apparently because the coach made it a rule. 


A few hours later, a woman, a model from Nevada, a black woman, posted a video of a Dolphins coach, Christopher Foerster, snorting lines of what looks like cocaine inside of the Dolphins offices. The woman had the video because the coach sent it to her in the past. She said she leaked the video because she was against the Dolphins team’s rule of no kneeling and said the Dolphins team was hypocritical in not allowing players to kneel while their coaches were involved in bad behavior. The coach has resigned today. 


Another controversy related to this is ESPN host Jemele Hill. She was suspended two weeks because she tweeted that Cowboys owner Jones had created a problem for his black players because if they don’t kneel, others will look at them as sellouts — and said if you rejected what Jones said, the key is the advertisers. 


ESPN said they suspended her because this was her second violation of their social media guidelines. 


Hill’s first controversy was in September when she tweeted that President Trump was a white supremacist who surrounds himself with white supermacists. 


So this is going to be a big controversy that will continue, since the NFL season will be here from now up to February — and President Trump has shown he’s going to be a crusader for the issue.




Updates with the Las Vegas Shooting:


— The security guard that was shot in the leg during the shooting — it was previously reported that he was there during the shooting. But he was actually there 6 minutes before the shooting. It appears he was responding to an “open door alarm” — which could have been triggered when the shooter broke the glass windows. 


— Police officers who entered gunman Stephen Paddock’s room were not SWAT officers as previously reported — they were just four uniformed officers. 


— They said the stairwell door was screwed shut with metal and that they had to bust it open with equipment. The said his door was full of bullet holes (from when he shot at responding security)


— They said they saw Paddock’s body on the floor, with blood in his mouth and a gun with blood near to it — it looked as if he shot himself. Officers said they were cautious when they were in the room, because they weren’t sure if there was another person there. They also avoided windows because they didn’t want to be mistaken as the shooter and end up being shot. 


— Police said no evidence of second shooter. 


— When they entered Paddock’s room, they saw a note. It had calculations of the projected shooting trajectory from the hotel to the festival. So it shows Paddock was thinking of how to effectively kill or hurt as many people as possible. 


— FBI has continued to search Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada. Police has not yet released the suspected motive. 


— CNN released details of a court paper from a previous lawsuit that stated Paddock had a habit of gambling on video poker — 14 hours a day, everyday — gambled all night and slept all day.





A lot of people sent me messages pointing to a viral video of a man in Parkville, Maryland who climbed on the front of a school bus, clinging on it as the bus wheeled forward. This was last Thursday. 


The man appeared to be angry, pounding on the hood and mouthing for the driver to “open the door.” When the bus continued to move forward slowly, the man signed, “Call the cops!” twice. 


A lot of people asked me if the man was Deaf, understandably so since he signed.


An ABC News article identified him as Leverne Doran (68). 


The video was posted by a Facebook user named Susan C. See her posting. 


“This nut jumped on the hood of Eli and Ivy's bus. Started holding on while the bus was going down the road then when the bus stopped, the guy pried the doors open and got on screeming at the driver and panicking the kids all because one of the kids on the bus threw a Gatorade bottle out the window. Could have been very dangerous" 


A spokesperson for the Baltimore County police department said he tried to stop the bus and pounded on the door to get in because a student threw a bottle out of it, striking his vehicle.


The driver said he was slowly driving to a local police station. There was an off-duty officer who showed up and separated the man from the bus.  


Leverne was later arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, destruction of property, and two other charges. 


Now, I can’t can’t tell you if he’s Deaf or not. I’m seeing a lot of discussion on Facebook, but it seems nobody knows for sure. I see that he has a hat with the NRA logo on it (short for National Rifle Association). I looked his name online and saw comments on an ultra-conservative, anti-Democrat forum called “Patriots for America” under the same name, but nothing that revealed why he knows ASL. 


I’ll update in the comments if I know more.


Comments on Forum:




There are several dangerous wildfires in the Santa Rosa, California area (near Sacramento and San Francisco, in wine country). One person has died, two people were hurt, and 20,000 people are ordered evacuated from their homes. The fire has already burned through over a thousand buildings.


The fires started last night and spread quickly with 50-mph wind gusts, sending residents scrambling to escape. Two hospitals in Santa Rosa have evacuated. 


Scary. The fires are still burning. I’ll keep on watching the news.




Update with the Chicago woman who died in a hotel freezer last month: 


— It is ruled an accident. There was hotel video footage that showed her walking alone through an empty kitchen. 


— An autopsy said she had alcohol and medication in her system, which might have influenced her decision-making. Her cause of death was cold exposure. 


— This was previously cast as a “mystery” — with some suggesting she was killed. But it appears the investigation has ended with it being a terrible, freak accident.





Some time ago a DeafBlind man in Pennsylvania — Paul McGann — sued a movie theater company — Cinemark — saying they violated his ADA rights because they did not provide a tactile interpreter for a movie in 2014. 


According to a news article about the lawsuit, McGann had frequented another movie theater that provided him with tactile interpreters. 


He went to the Cinemark theater, in Pittsburgh, because he wanted to watch the movie, “Gone Girl” — which was not available at his “home” theater. 


Cinemark said they found that there needed to be two interpreters at the rate of $50 to $65 per hour, and apparently declined Paul’s request. The theater said it was the first request for a tactile interpreter they got. 


So Paul, represented by Disability Rights Network of PA, sued Cinemark in federal court. 


Last year, the U.S. district judge said McGann’s request exceeded the requirements in the ADA. 


The case was appealed to the third circuit court of appeals, a higher court with a three-judge panel. 


The panel determined that McGann’s request did not exceed the ADA and sent it back to the district judge. 


This means the case will be looked at again, and the case is now “leaning” in favor of McGann. 


But the panel said Cinemark can argue that McGann’s request places an “undue burden” on the theater. 


So the case moves forward. The impact is already made — if I understand this right — this ruling means that providing tactile interpreting in movie theaters is now considered a part of required accommodations under the ADA. The question is whether those places are able to afford it or not. Cinemark earned $257 million in 2016.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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