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October 4, 2017



President Trump Visits Las Vegas, Updates on Las Vegas Massacre, Audio Recording of Police Response Released, Updates on Edmonton Knife and U-Haul Attacker, Puerto Rico Death Count Increases to 34 and Updates on Recovery Process, and Tropical Storm Nate Forecast to Become Cat. 1 Hurricane




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, October 4. Ready for news? 




Today President Trump visited Las Vegas to meet with local politicians, first responders, and survivors. 



Trump visited a hospital to meet with doctors and survivors. He said he invited survivors to go to the White House. He praised doctors and nurses, saying they did an incredible job.


He was asked about gun violence in the U.S. and possible gun law changes — Trump said he didn’t want to talk about that today. 


Trump told first responders that he is a fan of them and that they showed what professionalism is all about. 


Trump said investigators haven’t determined Stephen’s motive, but that they are looking very hard. He called Stephen a very sick and demented person.


Trump then gave a presentation with the Las Vegas sheriff Lombardo standing behind him. He said the mass murder fills America’s heart with grief and mourning. 


He said he met with survivors who were healing from their wounds in the hospital and asked God to help speed their recovery. He said those who died are in heaven. He applauded people who saved other strangers from the gunfire. He said we would endure the pain together and overcome it as Americans. 


Updates with the Las Vegas massacre:


— Over $8.5 million was raised for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting on a GoFundMe site set up by a local government official. 


— The death count has been said to be 59 dead — but that includes the gunman Stephen Paddock. So it is 58 that were killed, while the 59th person is Stephen, who killed himself. So going forward I’ll say 58 people died, not 59. 


— The guns Stephen used are not automatic weapons — they were semiautomatic weapons that were fitted with “bump stocks.” They are placed on the back of the weapons and uses the gun’s recoil to guide the trigger to pull again and again, which makes the gun function like an automatic weapon. 


— There are some Democratic lawmakers that want to ban bump stocks, which are legal to buy.


— Stephen’s girlfriend, Marilou Denley, is back in the U.S. — she landed at the LAX airport last night and met with FBI agents. She was sitting in a wheelchair escorted by security. They will talk more today about what she knows about Stephen and the shooting and whether she was involved in any way. 


— Marilou has two sisters who live in Australia — they said Stephen sent her away to the Philippines so he could be alone with planning the shooting. 


— The two met when Marilou was working as a hostess for a casino in Reno. 


— Daily Mail newspaper released pictures of the hotel room — it showed a huge assortment of guns. Officers said they were top-of-the-line weapons that were worth at least $20,000 total. 


— Authorities say they saw videos of him bringing luggage to his room in Mandalay Bay more than 6 times. He also asked housekeeping to not come in his room. 


— He gambled with more than $150,000 during the past few weeks. It doesn’t seem like he was in debt — but was a “professional gambler.” 


— Stephen used to work as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, as an IRS agent, and an auditor for the U.S. government. In the years since he has made money from real-estate investing. He was twice divorced. 


— Stephen’s father was a bank robber who escaped from prison twice. 






The audio recordings of police officers responding to the shooting has been released, and it helps us to understand the police response to the shooting. 


The first is at 10:06 pm, with an officer saying it sounded like an automatic firearm. 


One minute later an officer said he saw gunfire coming from Mandalay Bay somewhere halfway up. 


Then another officer said there was an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. 


At 10:10, an officer says he has a rifle ready in front of Mandalay Bay. Another officer said the shots were coming from either Mandalay or Luxor. 


At 10:12, an officer said he saw multiple flashes in the middle of Mandalay Bay. 


At 10:13, an officer said he was on the 31st floor of Mandalay bay and could hear the automatic gunfire from one floor above. 


At 10:13, an officer said they had to stop driving their police cars on Las Vegas Boulevard because he was shooting this way — no cover. 


At 10:14 an officer at the corner of the fairground said he was crouching with 40 and 50 other people with gunfire coming right above their heads. 


At 10:15 an officer said there was a gunshot victim. Another officer said they can’t worry about victims, that they had to stop the shooter to prevent more victims. 


At 10:17 an officer said he had a team of four and was going to the 32nd floor. Other officers said they would go to give support. 


At 10:23, an officer said it was room #135 on the 32nd floor and that they needed SWAT. 


At 10:26 an officer said they had 8 officers on the 32nd floor, that there were at least two shooters with fully automatic weapons. 


At 10:54, officers said they were in the stairwell and would make entry into floor 32. Another officer warned of booby traps. 


At 11:09, an officer said he would peek in the hallway and advised other officers at the other end of the hall not to fire. 


At 11:19, the SWAT team set explosives and detonated it. 


At 11:23 an officer said they see one suspect down and are clearing the room. 


At 11:30 pm an officer said the room is clear and that they didn’t need more officers coming. He said there is one suspect down and there are multiple firearms. 


Stephen shot for 9 to 11 minutes before killing himself. As previously reported, he shot at a security guard (not a police officer) in the leg before killing himself. Then it took around 40 minutes for the SWAT team to break in his room, but by then he was already passed away.




Here is an update on the Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) knife and U-Haul attack last weekend. 

The suspect is Abdulahi Hasan Sharif (30). He is from Somalia. 


He once “lived” in the U.S. — in 2011, for four months, he was detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in California. He was ordered deported to Somalia, but released in November with a supervisor order. He was supposed to meet with ICE in January 2012, but he disappeared. 


He crossed into Canada in 2012 and claimed he was a refugee — and later got refugee status. 


In 2015, someone made complaint to Canadian authorities that Sharif was an extremist. There was an investigation but nothing was found. 


He appeared in court in Edmonton yesterday. He faces 5 counts of attempted murder and other charges. He had a Somali interpreter with him, but he didn’t speak. He will remain in custody until his next court appearance.




The death count in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria has increased to 34. This was updated after their governor Rossello told President Trump that there were 16 dead. 


Three people died from failed oxygen delivery due to electrical outages. Others died by heart attacks, drownings, and suicide. 


Gov. Rossello said they are monitoring the public health situation closely to prevent any disease outbreak — and said it has not happened so far. 


The situation is still very serious because the island is mostly without electricity, which affects almost everything, especially those who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill. 


Volunteers and government agencies are continuing to deliver food and medicine to those who need it.


A challenge is communicants, because as of Sunday, 88% of cell service was still out from the hurricane — and even if they were operational — they would need to use generators since there is no electricity. 


This brings a big challenge because when there is someone who needs a specific thing, they are unable to get the message out. ‘’There are various cell phone services that are working to set up temporary cell towers that are powered by generators. 


Trump said on Twitter yesterday that his administration would continue to work with Gov. Rossello.


The San Juan Mayor Cruz has continued to criticize Trump — today she wore a t-shirt with “NASTY” on it in an interview with Univision. She said it was because Trump called her a nasty mayor a few days ago, but said Trump is the one who is nasty for turning his back on the Puerto Rican people.




There is a tropical storm named Nate that is brewing off the Central America coast. Weather forecasters are warning it could turn into a Category 1 hurricane as it moves up into warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. It will certainly go upwards somewhere on the U.S. coast. We’ll have to keep track of it and hopefully it doesn’t intensify too much. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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