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October 4, 2017


Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Underway, Interview with Deaf Survivor of Las Vegas Shooting (she was at the concert), Trump Visits Puerto Rico, Sorenson Reaches $3 Million Settlement with FCC for Last Year’s 3-Day Service Outage Due to Expired Domain Registration, and Deaf Woman Killed in Road Accident 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, October 3. Ready for news? 




There is now a big investigation in what motivated the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to carry out his attack. 


Authorities have found at least 42 different guns legally owned by Stephen. Around half of them were at the Mandalay Bay hotel room and another half was at his home in Mesquite, 80 miles away. 


Police said Stephen brought more than 10 suitcases in his hotel room on Tuesday and it was not noticed by hotel staff.


When Stephen was shooting Sunday night, the smoke from the gun barrel set off an alarm. That’s how the SWAT team was able to zero on in his location on the 32nd floor. 


Stephen had set up a video monitor with a “secret” camera that filmed the hall so he would know when police were coming. He also seemed to have barricaded his door because the SWAT team had to use explosives to get inside. 


When SWAT officers were right outside of his door, Stephen fired at the door, hitting a security guard in his leg. He then shot at himself in the mouth with a small revolver.


In the room police found various AK-47 type rifles, some of them fitted with stands in the front to hold them steady when firing. At least one of the guns was automatic. Some of the guns had scopes. There were hundreds of rounds of bullet casings and rounds of ammo that were already loaded in magazines. 


Police say they believe Stephen acted alone and was not working with any other organization. They want to talk with his partner Marilou Danley, who lived with him in Mesquite. She was out of the country at the time of the shooting in East Asia — police said they want to talk with her to understand more about Stephen. 


It appears Stephen transferred around $100,000 to someone in the Philippines before the shooting — possibly to Marilou — as it is her home country. 


There are still many people recovering from the shooting in hospitals — they were either hit by bullets or injured from the stampede of people trying to escape. The Governor of Nevada Sandoval declared an emergency to allow medical personnel who are licensed in other states to come to Nevada to treat patients. 


On Sunday night and early morning Monday, local hospitals said they were overwhelmed with shooting victims with injuries that ranged from serious brain injuries, chest, abdomen and bowel wounds, to broken bones and major blood loss. 


One hospital said they just focused on saving lives rather than fixing all of their wounds. They called in for support by medical staff from nearby Nellis Air Force Base. 


The names of the 59 people who died and their stories are starting to emerge on media. 


There is one sad story — a survivor, Heather, said she held the hand of a man who was shot — Jordan — and held his hand until he died. She then answered his phone when it rang and told Jordan’s girlfriend and mother that he was gone. Jordan was from British Columbia, Canada.


This is Denise (50) — she was from West Virginia and went to the concert with her husband. She was shot and died in her husband’s arms. 


This is Sonny and Heather Melton — a husband and wife who went to the concert together. Heather survived, but Sonny (29) didn’t. She said she felt him get shot in the back as he pushed her away. 


This is Angela Gomez, who graduated from high school in Riverside, California two years ago. 


Those are just some of those who died. There are many more on various articles. It’s very sad to see this level of lives lost in a matter of minutes.




I was able to reach out to a Deaf woman who was at the country music concert in Las Vegas Sunday night when the shooting took place. Tara will describe the experience — but I must warn you — it is very frightening and graphic. Here it is. 






Today President Trump flew to Puerto Rico to see the damage from Hurricane Maria and to observe the recovery process. 


It was somewhat tense because Trump had been criticized by San Juan’s Mayor Cruz about the slow response from the federal government, and Trump fired back on Twitter saying she was following other Democrats’ advice to criticize him, that she was a poor leader, and that Puerto Ricans wanted everything done for them.  


When Trump landed, he did meet with Mayor Cruz and shook hands with her. Trump said, “how are you?” Cruz told him that this was not about politics but about saving lives. That seems to be the only words exchanged. 


When Trump sat with government and military representatives, he said every death is a horror, but that they should be proud because Puerto Rico only had 16 deaths compared with thousands of people who died during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 


(Here’s a note — 1,800 people died in Katrina, so it was not in the thousands). 


Trump said Puerto Rico caused the federal budget to be out of whack because they spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico, but that it was fine. 


Mayor Cruz later told media that Trump’s comment didn’t make her feel good, that Trump had a lack of sensibility. 


When Trump was in a room with hurricane survivors — he did a basketball-style motion where he threw rolls of paper towel. Trump also handed out food and said there’s a lot of love in the room, that there were great people. People there took pictures of him. 


Trump then went to some neighborhoods and interacted with people at their homes. He is expected to take a helicopter tour of the island to see the widespread damage. They’ll leave the island at 5 pm. 


A big Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, just arrived in Puerto Rico. It will be used to support survivors. 


Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló said they want a federal aid package similar to what people in Texas or Florida got. 




Last year between June 6 to 8, Sorenson Communications (who runs Sorenson VRS) had a service outage that caused Deaf customers to be unable to make calls. If you remember, it was a big issue at the time. 


Last Friday the FCC Federal Communications Commission issued a press release saying it was because Sorenson did not renew their domain name — to maintain ownership/control of


Because the domain name was deactivated, Deaf customers couldn’t make calls that were to be routed through That’s what caused the interruption in service last year. 


The FCC said this mistake could have been prevented. They have settled with Sorenson  for $3 million for the service outages —$2.7 million of it in reimbursements to the TRS Telecommunications Relay Services Fund and a $252,000 penalty. 


The FCC said they have specific quality requirements for TRS services — that people with hearing or speech disabilities are able to stay connected with friends and family and have access to critical services such as 911 in a manner that is similar to (hearing) people.


In the settlement, the FCC said Sorenson immediately took steps to fix the problem last year and to notify callers, and that it took some time because each caller’s ISP had to take steps to be sure their calls were routed through 


So now we know what the cause of the service interruption was. This is being reported on several tech websites, you can read them at the links in the transcript. 

FCC Press Release:


Naked Security:




The Register:




Several people sent me messages about a Deaf woman who died on Sunday early morning at 2 a.m. — her name was Kimmie Reyes (22). She was a little person (LP). 


What happened: she was a passenger on a motorcycle on the 91 freeway in Long Beach, somehow she fell off and was struck by a vehicle. When first responders arrived, they pronounced her dead. 


Very sad. There are multiple Facebook posts in the Deaf community that are mourning her loss, saying RIP Kimmie Reyes, that she was a sweet, down-to-earth person and a good friend.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


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