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September 28, 2017



Sec. of Defense Mattis Targeted in Rocket Attacks at Afghanistan Airport, Republican Alabama Senate Candidate Endorsed by Trump Loses in Run-Off Election, Saudi Arabia Allows Women Drivers, Southwest Airlines Calls Three Police Officers to Remove Woman With Dog Allergy from Flight, Woman Convicted of Felony Abuse For Locking Deaf and Disabled Sister in Closet for 7 Years, and Update with Deaf Man Refused Service at Burger King Drive-Thru 



Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, September 27. Ready for news? 




Today the U.S. Sec. of Defense Jim Mattis flew in Kabul, Afghanistan to meet with Afghan government and NATO officials — the airport was attacked with rockets in an apparent attempt to kill Sec. Mattis.


But the rocket attacks started after Mattis had already left the area and was in a secure compound at the presidential palace.


The rockets were fired from at least two locations close to the airport — the attacks lasted for 6 hours with 20 to 30 rockets. 


Most of them landed into in open area, but one of them hit a house, killing one Afghan person and injuring 11 others. It forced the airport to close down. 


Both the ISIS and Taliban claimed responsibility — which means it’s not clear who did this. 




Last night in Alabama there was a run-off election for the Republican ticket for the upcoming December election to fill the empty Senate seat left behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


The run-off was between Luther Strange and Judge Roy Moore. President Trump had been very active the past week endorsing Strange, flying to Alabama last Friday to campaign for him and has tweeted often for people to vote for him.


Sen. Majority Leader McConnell was also involved in the race, pushing more than $10 million in ads in support of Strange. 


But Judge Roy Moore, who was backed by former White House strategist Steve Bannon, won decisively, with 54% of the vote. 


Trump has deleted three tweets where he encouraged people to support for Strange. He also tweeted congratulations to Roy Moore and told him to win in December. 


Roy Moore will campaign against Democratic nominee Doug Jones, a former federal prosecutor. 


Roy was a justice on the Alabama State Supreme Court and was controversial for his strong religious beliefs. He was removed from the court twice because he refused to remove a 10 commandments statue from the courthouse in 2003, then again last year because he encouraged Alabama’s judges to ignore federal orders about same-sex marriage.


Roy said in his victory speech that he put his campaign in the hands of the Almighty — and said, “don’t let anybody in the press think that because Trump supported my opponent that I do not support him.” 


Roy will have a good chance to win because Alabama is a known Republican state. 




Saudi Arabia yesterday announced they were ending the ban against women driving — women will be allowed to drive starting next year (June). 


It was a big victory for many women’s rights activists who have fought the government for this right for many years. Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world that banned women from driving. 


Women will be allowed to get drivers licenses without getting permission from a male relative. For a long time, women had to use Uber, use male chauffeurs (if the family can afford it), or rely on male relatives to get them around. 


The changes seem to be influenced by the Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who will succeed his father King Salman to rule the country. He has a vision to modernize the economy. 


Even though this is a big step, women there still face many barriers — such as being unable to get a passport, go out of the country, or marry if they do not have the permission of a male relative. 






Yesterday afternoon a woman on a Southwest Airlines plane was forcibly removed by three police officers — it was recorded on video.


The woman has not been identified. What happened — when the woman got on the plane, she saw that there were two dogs on the plane, a pet and an emotional support dog. 


The woman then told (flight attendants) that she had a serious, life-threatening allergy to the dogs and asked for them to be removed. 


But this request prompted an order for her to deplane, because of a Southwest policy that required her to have paperwork to show that she could stay on the plane with the serious allergies. 


Apparently she didn’t want to get off the plane. That’s when three police officers were filmed dragging her across the aisle as she fought back by grabbing on seats. 


The woman said she was a college professor was flying to see his father, who was set to have surgery (today).


She was eventually removed and charged with disorderly conduct and other charges. 


The Baltimore-Los Angeles plane later departed.  


Southwest Airlines has apologized publicly to the woman and said they would contact her. 


This incident naturally brings back memories of David Dao, who was dragged off a United Airlines flight in April. Dao and United later resolved the issue with a confidential settlement that could be worth millions of dollars.


We’ll see what happens with Southwest and the woman.




In Michigan, a woman, Candy Lawson (46) was convicted of felony abuse for locking her deaf adult sister, Dianna Churchill (42) in a closet for seven years while she collected her Social Security money. Diana is deaf and has other cognitive and physical disabilities.


Diana was adopted into the family by Candy’s mother, and when the mother died 10 years ago, Candy became the caretaker. But she left Dianna in a locked closet with a mattress and a bucket for her to urinate in — for seven years.


She was found in 2015 by a handyman who saw her when he did work in the house. He alerted police, who went to the home to find Dianna weighing 70 pounds, malnourished, very dirty, and she had a large bump on the back of her head. 


Candy was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment, vulnerable adult abuse, and embezzlement. 


During the trial last week, Candy denied that she mistreated her sister — saying she had to lock her room because she would wander away, but did allow her to walk inside of the home and in the backyard.  


During the trial, police from Kentucky gave testimony that Candy, when she lived in Kentucky, had another adopted special needs brother who died in 2009. He weighed just 60 pounds at the time of his death. That case had no charges, they could come later. 


On Monday, the jury deliberated for less than 2 hours and found her guilty. She will be sentenced on October 27 and faces 13 to 15 years in prison. 


As for Dianna, the sister — she is reported to be under the care of the state and is doing good.


WKYT News:


Daily Mail:




Here’s an update with Deaf man Chris Driscoll, who filmed himself being denied service at a Burger King in Ohio.


A Burger King executive emailed Chris an attachment of an image of an apology letter from the employee, who’s name is Randall Jackson. 


The letter addressed Chris and said said he didn’t know what got to him, that he is usually a nice person. He that it was unacceptable and that he is so sorry for what happened on that day. 


The BK executive told Chris that the restaurant was a family owned and operated franchise, that they were sorry they did not meet Chris’ expectations, and that they would re-train employees to prevent future misunderstandings. 


She also added that some in her family were hearing impaired who had also experienced miscommunication. 


The letter closed with an invitation back to the restaurant for a free meal for him and a guest. 


I read in ABC6 news that a BK employee said Randall was no longer working there, but no reason was given.


[Chris has emailed the BK executive to ask about the status of the employee, but has not received an immediate reply.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 












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