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September 27, 2017



Parents of Otto Warmbier Describe Son's Condition When He Arrived from North Korea, Equifax CEO Retiring, Senate Republicans Fail Latest Effort to Repeal Obamacare, Federal Agents Arrest 10 People in Adidas/NCAA/Agents Bribery Scheme, Trump to Visit Puerto Rico, El Paso Community Mourns Death of CODA Interpreter from Motorcycle Accident, Deaf Man Charged With First-Degree Murder of Deaf Woman in Maryland, and Deaf Man Refused Service at Burger King Drive-Thru 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, September 26. Ready for news? 




Here’s some news briefs: 


The parents of Otto Warmbier, the American college student who died after being imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months, recently opened up to explain what he looked like when he was airlifted to his home state of Ohio in June.


The parents said they thought Otto would be simply sleeping in a coma and that he possibly would wake up after good medical care. 


But when they walked into the plane where Otto was, they said they heard howling and inhuman sounds — and they saw Otto jerking around violently. He was blind and deaf. His teeth was messed up. 


The parents said North Koreans kidnapped and tortured him, destroying him. They think North Korea sent him home because they knew he would die. 


The parents have called North Korea a “terrorist country.”



The CEO of Equifax, Richard Smith, has retired — he is leaving the company after the massive hacking that stole 143 million Americans’ personal information. Equifax’s board has now appointed other people to lead the company. 


Richard, who has been CEO since 2005, said he is leaving the company because he believes it’s the best for the company — that he wants to make “it right.” He will still be involved with Equifax, serving as an unpaid adviser while they look for a new CEO.



Senate Republicans have given up on their recent plan to vote on a new Obamacare repeal bill after three Senators said they wouldn’t vote for it. 


President Trump said he was disappointed in several senators — but said there will be a repeal/replace at some point in the future. 




The FBI charged an Adidas executive, financial advisers, and basketball coaches from various top colleges, including Auburn, U of Arizona, U of Louisville, U of Southern California, and Oklahoma State University — accusing them of a bribery scheme in which they directed players to pick certain colleges that had a contract with Adidas, or to steer them to work with certain agents and financial advisors. 


Adidas and the colleges involved issued statements saying they were surprised by this, that they did not know there was a scheme going, and would cooperate with the investigation.




President Trump said he would visit Puerto Rico on October 3 (next week). He tweeted last night that Puerto Rico, before the hurricane, had bad infrastructure and massive debt and after the hurricane, is in trouble because its old electrical grid was devastated. Trump said Puerto Rico owed billions of dollars to Wall Street. Trump said food, medicine, and water are top priorities for the island.


There was some who criticized Trump for talking about Puerto Rico’s debt after they were hit by the worst storm in their history. But Trump will be visiting the island next week, and hopefully there will be plenty of federal help for them just like what Texas and Florida got. 


The island was hard very hard by Hurricane Maria, and half of the island doesn’t have electricity or phone service. At least 10 people have died — two of them died at the hospital in the ICU unit after a generator ran out of fuel. 


Their main airport was damaged by the hurricane and have limited flights coming out and in. 


Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello said they need more support and resources.


I will continue to reach out to Deaf people in PR to see how they are doing and what we can do to help. 




Many in the Deaf/ASL community in El Paso, Texas are mourning the death of an ASL interpreter and CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), Eddie Quintana (25). 


He was riding on a motorcycle on Saturday night and crashed head-on into the front of a truck around 7 pm. 


Investigators told ABC7 news that Eddie was going fast, southbound, and weaving through traffic, while the truck did not yield when it turned to the west across the opposite lane. 


A person tried to give him CPR on the road, while he still had his helmet on. He was taken to the hospital but died of his injures. 


Fox14 news showed an image of a crashed white Ford F-150, its hood crumpled and front windshield broken. A sport motorcycle was lying on its side underneath the front of the truck.


El Paso police told Fox14 that the crash is still under investigation. 


ABC7 did interviews with several people in the Deaf community who said they are going to miss him a lot, that he had a big personality, was a fun person, and was an advocate for the Deaf community.


I reached out to a Deaf person from El Paso who knew Eddie. His name is Mariano. He was willing to share a video comment. 


[Video by Mariano — he explains that Eddie worked at PRIDE Industries as an interpreter and job coach, was a CODA, a friendly person who helped both the Deaf and hearing communities, and that people are grieving for him. He asks for prayers to be sent to Eddie’s family. He announces there will be a vigil tonight for him.]


Thank you for sharing. There was a GoFundMe set up help with Eddie’s family’s funeral expenses. It raised over $3,700 in two days from almost 100 different donors. 


Family and friends of Eddie are planning a vigil tonight at a park. 


ABC7 News:








Recently a Deaf man, Kenneth Kyle Quick Jr. (44), was arrested by the Baltimore County (MD) police department and charged with first-degree murder.


He is accused of murdering a Deaf woman, Athena “Tina” Dardamanis (63) at her home in Baltimore County on Wednesday morning. 


I read several articles and was in touch with a Deaf couple who were acquaintances of Tina on what happened. I will share it now. 


Tina had a roommate who lived upstairs — she said she didn’t see Tina for a while and that her dogs were left uncared for — which was out of her character. Her van was not parked near the home. When they looked through her home, they didn’t find her. 


Ennis told me Tina’s friends and roommate tried to report her missing to the police on Wednesday but was not successful in getting an investigation started. 


When Tina was still missing on Thursday, her friends reached out to Tina’s hearing mother, who was able to speed things up with the police investigation. 


Police found Tina’s van a short distance from her home. They were able to get video surveillance footage that showed another person exiting the van — the person was not Tina.


Police then got a search warrant for Tina’s house and when they went inside on Friday, they found her body hidden in the basement. 


An autopsy said she died by injuries to her upper body (by strangulation or asphyxiation) and concluded it a homicide.


When police did their investigation, they found out from Tina’s friends that Kenneth allegedly owed Tina a large sum of money — around $30,000 — that Kenneth stole from Tina in February. 


Ennis said Tina had recently started confronting Kennth about it, that there was a dispute between the two about it. Here is an image of both Tina and Kenneth video messaging each other. 


Friends told police that Kenneth had stayed at her home recently.


Police determined that Kenneth was the main suspect, arresting him on Friday. He is now in custody without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center and will appear in court October 20. 


I looked at Athena’s Facebook page — her last profile picture was of her sitting with her two dogs. She listed herself as retired from the U.S. Postal Service and as an alumni of MSSD, graduating in 1972. 


Kenneth had a prior criminal history with arrests for indecent exposure, burglary, and theft. If convicted of murder, he faces life in prison. 






CBS Baltimore:




A Deaf man from Ohio, Chris Driscoll, had a bad experience at a Burger King drive-thru last Thursday. When he pulled in to order a Whopper, the employee at the window refused to take his order, instead speaking for several minutes. It was all recorded on video. Here it is:


[Videos of Chris trying to order through the drive-thru window but is refused by the employee, who speaks to Chris and gestures for him to go inside] 


I reached out to Chris so he could explain more of what happened. Here are some of our interview. 



[Chris explains that he is from Columbus, Ohio and has four different jobs, all related with teaching people on how to interact with Deaf people or sign language. He said last Thursday he had to go to work, wanted to eat at Cane’s, but saw that their drive-thru was full, so he decided on a Whopper from Burger King. When he wrote his order, he was refused service with the employee speaking to him for several minutes. Chris said he recorded it on his phone and watched his phone the entire time to make sure the shot captured him speaking. He said he gave up after several minutes and drove to an adjacent restaurant — Tim Horton — which was not as good as BK. He said at that moment, he had his “priorities” mixed up — he wanted food, but he had to go to work, and was he supposed to fight back and stand for his rights? He said he reached out to Burger King later and was offered a free meal. He said this situation was very serious and suggested the manager to look at the videos. Later he said he followed up, but did not get a response. He is hoping to spread the message through local news and is willing to train other employees, as it is already his job to provide training on how to interact with Deaf people. He said he got a message that suggested the employee might have special needs, but was not sure — and that this would affect the seriousness of the situation, whether it warranted legal action or another avenues of meditation. He said he would wait and see how things go in the future. He closed the interview by saying the symbols on his shirt represented “Deaf Power.”] 



I reached out to BK’s office headquarters yesterday and they said they were not aware of it and would look into the matter. I’ve tried to call the BK restaurant but did not get an immediate response. 


Chris will interview with local news today (ABC 6) and hopefully we can see comment from the BK restaurant on what happened. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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