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September 26, 2017


Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With a Minor, Trump’s Remarks on NFL and Protests, Mass Shooting at Tennessee Church, North Korea War of Words with Trump, McCain’s Remarks on Brain Cancer, Trump’s New Travel Ban, and Updates with Police Shooting of Deaf Man Magdiel Sanchez




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, September 25. Ready for news? 




Anthony Weiner, the former New York Congressman (D) who is known for his sexting controversies, was sentenced to 21 months in prison because he sent obscene material to a minor, a 15-year old girl from North Carolina. He had pled guilty in May and was sentenced today in federal court.


Weiner’s lawyers pled for no prison time, saying he had a deep sickness and blamed the girl — saying she contacted Weiner because she wanted to profit from the publicity (saying she got over $30,000) and to influence the presidential election. 


But federal judge Denise Cote said this was a serious crime that deserves serious punishment, especially because he was a former politician, then ordered him to go to prison for 21 months. He also must register as a sex offender wherever he lives or work for the rest of his life. 


Weiner said in court that this crime was his rock bottom, he had no excuses because he victimized a young person that deserved better.


Now he’ll be going to federal prison. It’s the biggest blow for him yet. 


His soon-to-be-divorced wife, Huma Abedin, was Hillary Clinton’s main aide during her time as Sec. of State and last year’s presidential campaign. 


Some blame Weiner for ruining Hillary Clinton’s chances for winning the election — because last year, a week before the November election — the former FBI Director Comey said they were re-opening the investigation in Hillary’s use of a private email server because they found some of Clinton’s emails in Weiner’s laptop (that were forwarded by Huma.) 


That brought a fresh wave of criticism and suspicion towards Hillary. But then two days before the election, on November 6, Comey said there was no new evidence to indicate Hillary did anything criminal.


When Trump won, many felt Weiner ruined Hillary’s chances with those who were on the fence on who to vote. 


We’ll never really know how much impact it made, but that’s what happened. 




Last Friday, President Trump had a speech in Alabama on different subjects — then out of the blue — he started to call out athletes that kneeled during the national anthem — calling them a son of a b**** for doing that. Trump said he wants the NFL and the owners to do something about it by suspending them or by firing them from the roster immediately.


The purpose of this kneeling protest — this was all started by Colin Kaepernick and others in 2016 — they wanted to stand up for injustice for people of color in this country. 


But from Trump’s perspective, he feels that if a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our country and should stand for the national anthem. 


So, after Trump’s attacks to the league and players during the speech and through Twitter, there were big protests before each NFL game on Sunday with many NFL players kneeling and locking arms with some standing up during the national anthem. 


Even there was some teams that didn’t get out of their locker room for the national anthem. There was some coaches and owners that joined the players by protesting too. The protest started early morning at the Baltimore Ravens matchup with Jacksonville Jaguars game in London then it spread to other NFL games all day on Sunday. 


Last week, there was only 10 NFL players who protested— now compare this to yesterday’s games. They did that to show unity and to speak out against the recent attacks by President Trump. Those who protested yesterday strongly believes that every American has a right to speak out, to protest and wants to show that this is unacceptable behavior from the President of United States.


Trump tweeted at times on Sunday after seeing the protests during the games — he said he strongly encourages NFL fans to start refusing to attend games until the players starts to respect our flag. Also, Trump targeted the NFL by saying that NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN. Later, he tweeted that he approves people stranding up with locked arms but said that kneeling is unacceptable.


We should expect more protests tonight before the Monday Night Football game between Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. And we will see how this goes on between President Trump and NFL. You can see many of NFL players and owners’ comments by clicking the link in the transcript.


Also, it was not only the NFL that President Trump has targeted recently. Trump targeted Stephen Curry on Saturday after he voted “no” for the Golden State Warriors’ visit to White House as NBA champions on Friday. Without an formal invitation from White House, GSW did a voting session with their players to see if they want to attend the White House. 


There was a no vote from Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and others. After Trump found out that there was many who didn’t want to go, he tweeted and said because of Curry’s hesitation on visiting White House, that invitation is now withdrawn! There was many criticism of Trump’s comments on Twitter by athletes and others — that includes LeBron James — he called Trump a bum and that it was an honor going to White House until Trump showed up.


In other news, the Pittsburgh Penguins announced they will visit President Trump by attending the White House to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory. Trump tweeted praises for them going and called them a great team.


The University of North Carolina’s national champion men’s basketball team will not visit the White House because of a scheduling conflict. Would Trump tweet about that soon? Let’s see. We will see how it goes with President Trump and sports from now and on.




Yesterday morning there was a mass shooting small church in Tennessee (near Nashville) when a man wearing a mask carried out a mass shooting with two handguns just when church was ending at 11:15 a.m. 


The gunman, Edward Samson (25), shot and killed a 39-year old woman in the parking lot. He then went inside the building, into the sanctuary and fired multiple rounds at around 40 people inside, wounding six people including the church’s preacher and his wife. Five of them seems like they will recover fine, but one is in critical condition. 


A church usher, Caleb Engle (22), confronted the gunman and got into a struggle with him, getting himself was pistol-whipped. The gun ended up discharging, firing a bullet into the gunman.


Caleb then went outside to his car, got his own gun, went back in the church, and held Edward at gunpoint until police arrived. Police took Edward to the hospital to treat his wound, then transported him to jail.


The FBI will investigate the shooting. The Department of Justice say they are considering opening a civil rights investigation (as this is a possible hate crime). The motive is not clear. Police found a gun and a rifle in his SUV.


The gunman, Edward, was originally from Sudan and immigrated to the U.S. in 1996 and is a U.S. legal resident (green card holder). He was not a church member, but attended a year or two years ago. 


He has Instagram and FB accounts, his posts are mainly about weightlifting — he also shares some of his political views — but nothing to suggest he was planning to do a shooting. His last posting, yesterday morning, was this: 


“Everything you've ever doubted or made to be believe as false, is real. 

& vice versa, B.”


It’s a sad time for the Nashville area. There will be vigils and gatherings today.




Some quick news updates: 



The war of words between North Korea and Trump continues. On Saturday Trump tweeted that North Korea and their leader, Kim, or “Little Rocket Man” as Trump has called him, won’t be around much longer. 


Later on Saturday, U.S. military jets flew close to North Korea’s airspace in an exercise and show of strength. 


North Korea’s foreign minister recently said Trump declared war on his country and that they now had the right to shoot down U.S. military jets. 


The White House said they have not declared war on North Korea and that it was absurd to suggest it. 


So the tension just keeps on and on. 



Sen McCain (R, Ariz) said he has a very poor prognosis from his doctors about his brain cancer. He said he does feel afraid of what will happen, but said he is very grateful for a great life. 


He said he often thinks of late Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died from the same kind of cancer in 2009 — that he inspired him because he continued to work as a Senator even with cancer. 



Yesterday the Trump administration issued a new travel ban before the previous one expired yesterday.


The new ban has restrictions on people coming from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. The administration says those countries do not do enough to identify people and determine risk factors. 


Each country has varying restrictions, some altogether suspend any entry, others target government officials and their family, and some only allow student or exchange visitor visas. 


Sudan was previously under restriction, but they are no longer on the ban because they met the Trump administration’s new criteria. 


North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad are newly-banned countries. 


This new ban will go into effect October 18. 




Updates with the Oklahoma City police shooting of Deaf man Magdiel Sanchez:


— Police went to Magdiel’s home because there was a truck at the address that was involved in a recent hit-and-run accident. Magdiel’s father was driving the truck at the time. Local news released a surveillance video that showed the truck apparently running a stop sign, being hit on the side and flipping over, but landing on its wheels — then it drove off. This was just before the shooting. 


— Magdiel’s father was in the front yard (apparently inside of the truck) at the time of the shooting. It seems like He will be charged with a misdemandor. 


— Neighbors say Magdiel was deaf and also developmentally disabled. He was standing with a metal stick that he often carried to ward off stray dogs — it was this stick that spooked the officer who shot and killed him. Neighbors say Magdiel often used the stick to make gestures. So he could have been trying to understand the police, and I imagine they shone a bright flashlight on him. 


— The OKC police chief Bill Citty said Magdiel was holding a metal pipe that was designed as a weapon. He said both police officers who approached Magdiel were clearly police officers who came from police vehicles, that it was impossible for Magdiel to not realize they were officers.


— The police chief also said they have a lot of concerns about police interactions with deaf people or those who are non-verbal, and that he plans to meet with advocates.


— The Sanchez family said they are devastated and wants the officer, Christopher Barnes, to be arrested immediately. They criticized the police chief for tainting the investigation by making statements that are not supported by facts. 


— The family has hired an attorney — Melvin Hall. He is the same lawyer who represented Terrence Crutcher’s family. Crutcher was shot and killed by a Tulsa (OK) police officer in 2016. The officer was later acquitted of any crimes, but is facing a lawsuit from the Crutcher family. 


— The family will give a press conference in the future. 


— The Oklahoma Association of the Deaf and DGMU Oklahoma hosted a rally at the OKC police department yesterday. The OAD president, Renee Sites, gave a speech that was posted on Facebook. You can watch the full speech at the link below, but here are some highlights. 


— She said the NAD supports them in their statements — then said they are heartbroken and furious over something that could have been prevented. She said they support the Sanchez family in their search for justice. She said OAD is asking the OKC police department to work with them to make sure this tragedy will never happen again.


— Renee brought up another Oklahoma Deaf person who had a bad experience with police — Pearl Pearson in January 2014. She said this must stop, that the OKC police must change their approach to all of us. She said all of us feels pain, that we must honor Magdiel by making sure this never happens again. She said OAD stands ready to work with police. 


— Renee said earlier in a live video on OAD’s Facebook page that she wants OAD to set up a task force team to address concerns with police.


OAD: ///


OAD Rally Speech by President:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 



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