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September 20, 2017



Deaf Man Holding Stick Shot and Killed by Oklahoma City Police Officer, Category 4 Hurricane Maria Makes Direct Hit on Puerto Rico, 227 Dead from Mexico Earthquake as People Search for Many Missing in Rubble, Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey Top Contender in AGT Finale Tonight, Republican Senators Try Again to Repeal/Replace Obamacare




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, September 20. Ready for news? 




A deaf man was shot and killed by Oklahoma City police last night. 


The deaf man’s name is Magdiel Sanchez (35). 


What happened according to the police: last night police officers were investigating a hit-and-run and was told that a green truck was invovled and got the address of where it would be parked. 


A police officer went to the truck’s location, which was at a home. Magdiel was outside, on his porch, holding a 2-foot metal stick with a leather loop at the end. He then walked forward, on the front yard. 


The officer at the scene called for backup. A second officer arrived. Both ordered verbally for Magdiel to drop his pipe, but he continued to walk towards the second officer. 


The first officer deployed his taser, while the second shot him. Magdiel died on the scene. 


Witnesses told media that there were several people yelling at the police officers alerting them that he was a deaf man. 


Police said they found out that he was deaf after the shooting when his father confirmed it. 


Magdiel’s father was also the one who drove the “green truck” at the time of the hit-and-run. The father said he hit something and then drove off, and that his son was not with him at the time. 


The officer who shot and killed Magdiel is Christopher Barnes. He is now placed on paid administrative leave (routine police practice after a shooting) and this will be investigated. 


There is no body camera footage. I’m not sure if there is dash-cam footage. 


The police captain said he was shot because he did not obey officers’ commands. He said he is not sure if the officers heard the others alerting them that Magdiel was deaf or if they understood what they said.


As for the stick, witnesses told media that Magdiel usually carried the metal stick to protect himself from stray dogs. 


The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office will take over the investigation and they will determine if the shooting was justified.




KOCO5 News :


OKC Fox:


Daily Mail:




Category 4 Hurricane Maria made a direct hit on Puerto Rico starting this morning with 150 mph winds, knocking out the power to the entire island. 


Before Puerto Rico, it brushed across the southern part of the U.S. Virgin Islands and hit St. Croix. 


The eye of the hurricane cut across Puerto Rico and when the eye left, its bands still pounded the island for hours after — around 20 inches of rain. There is a storm surge of 9 feet. There might be flash flooding from all major rivers and mud slides on mountainous slopes. The entire island is without power. 


Governor Rossello said this is going to be the most devastating storm in the history of our island. 


There are already reports of entire neighborhoods around the San Juan area that are destroyed. Many of homes are either buckled or no longer have a roof. Many of them were damaged by falling trees, electric poles, debris, and flooding water. 


One person who had a concrete home with a concrete roof said his building trembled when the winds blasted it. 


Rep. Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon said they got a call from VP Mike Pence and the FEMA last night that assured them they would get federal help. They said their electricity is fragile because when Hurricane Irma passed by, it knocked out a lot of the power and they were still rebuilding it when Maria hit. 


Puerto Rico will need a lot of help after the storm passes. 


Back to Dominica, which was hit by C5 Maria on Monday night — the death count is at 7 people. All of the island’s telephone services are knocked out. There are thousands homeless.


I was in touch with Dario — the Deaf man from Barbados, which is south of Dominica. He said his island is okay after Maria, but confirmed that there was a lot of damage in Dominica. 


He said there are around 300 Deaf people living on that island, but he is not able to contact them yet. 


Another island that was impacted is Guadeloupe, which is north of Dominica. There are two deaths there and several missing after a ship sank. 


There will be more updates from Puerto Rico. 




There are now 227 people who have died from the earthquake in Mexico. 


Yesterday afternoon there were many videos posted on social media that showed tall buildings shaking with pieces crumbling off it, with people running out of it. Some buildings collapsed quickly. There were hundreds of people walking on the streets, all trying to help survivors.


One elementary school collapsed, killing 20 children and two adults. There are still at least 30 2nd grade students and 8 adults who are missing, possibly somewhere in the rubble. 


There is still a number of people who are trapped in collapsed buildings (44 of them) and the death toll could continue to climb into the hundreds. Many are looking for their missing family and friends.


Last night people used big spotlights to look for people in the rubble, If they heard someone bring out, they shoveled and picked through the concrete with a line of volunteers carrying out the pieces until they got to the person. 


Mexico City is built on an ancient lake, and that makes the ground shake more when there is an earthquake — like jello. 

Very sad, and there will be more news coming out of Mexico City as the search and rescue efforts continue.




Deaf singer Many Harvey performed on “America’s Got Talent!” finale last night. She is competing with 9 other acts to win the grand prize of $1 million and get a contract to do a Las Vegas show. 


Tonight at 8 pm EST, “America’s Got Talent” will reveal the winner who got the most fan votes. 


I read an article on GoldDerby that had “odds” for each of the top 10 contestant, and it had Mandy Harvey at third place. They predicted either ventriloquist Darci Lynne (12) or singer Angelica Hale (10) would win, but Harvey is listed in third place, so definitely she’s a strong contender for the prize. USA Today had the same prediction. 


So watch tonight’s live show to see who won. Also heck out DPAN TV’s Tru Biz — they have been at the scene and done interviews with Mandy and other celebrity judges.







Republican Senators are trying again to pass another healthcare bill to repeal Obamacare. This proposal is from Senators Graham (SC) and Cassidy (La). 


Their bill wants to “lump together” the federal money that is used on subsidies for lower-income people to buy private insurance and the funding for the Medicaid expansion program — to set up a block grant program where states will get a certain number of funding and they would apply it to their own health care needs. Some states would have a Medicaid spending cap. 


The individual mandate to buy insurance would be repealed. It would also repeal the mandate that employers provide coverage. 


People with pre-existing conditions would still be covered, but could see higher costs and have a harder time to get access to medical benefits such as mental health or prescription drug coverage. 


Then this health care spending would end in 2027 and will require reauthorization by Congress. 


It would impact millions of people — a previous estimate of a similar proposal said 15 million people would lose health insurance over 10 years. 


Why now? There is an opportunity for Republican Senators to pass a bill with just 50 votes (instead of the 60 normally needed), but the deadline is September 30. 


So there is a similar scenario as previous healthcare votes — Republicans only have 52 senators and they need at least 50 to vote. Sen. Paul (Ky) is against it. Four are still undecided. 


The last vote failed because Senators Collins (Maine), Murkowski (Alaska), and McCain (AZ) voted against it. We’ll see what happens in the next 10 days. We also should keep an eye on the CBO for their predictions on the impact of this bill. 


Previous President Obama said it was aggravating to see people trying to undo Obamacare’s progress since 2010. He said it was frustrating to have to come together every two months to prevent our leaders from causing human suffering. 


Jimmy Kimmel also criticized the bill, calling Sen. Cassidy a liar. Why? The Senator went on his show in May after Kimmel revealed that his son went through a heart surgery after his birth. 


Sen. Cassidy at the time told Kimmel he would not support any bill that would deny medical care from a family because they couldn’t afford it, calling it the “Jimmy Kimmel test.” But with this new bill, Kimmel said Cassidy should stop using his name and that he had a new test for him — a lie detector test. Cassidy had defended himself by saying the coverage gives better benefits to people and said Kimmel did an personal attack. 


President Trump endorsed the bill on Twitter, saying it was GREAT! because it ends Obamacare and will send money directly to states. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 






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